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A graduate of Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, Eleni Demetriou entered Seton Hall University’s Stillman School of Business while employed at Chase Manhattan Bank. Eleni Demetriou excelled academically and received numerous accolades for her performance, including membership to the international honor society Beta Gamma Sigma and a Stillman School of Business Leadership Award. Eleni Demetriou graduated from Seton Hall University with an MBA in Finance and a certificate in International Business. Eleni Demetriou’s career in finance spans almost 20 years in several high-level capacities with globally successful banks. Among the firms which Eleni Demetriou has served are Chase Manhattan Bank, ML, Prudential, and JPMorgan Chase & Company. Most recently, Eleni Demetriou held the position of Vice President of Institutional Marketing at Prudential Financial. Highly experienced in U.S. Business, Eleni Demetriou was responsible for acquiring investment opportunities and monitoring working relationships between clients and consultants. Eleni Demetriou rejoined Prudential Financial in 2008 after working with the company from 1990 to 1997. In her first position at Prudential, Eleni Demetriou was employed as a Trading Assistant in the Prudential Capital Management Group. Eleni Demetriou received subsequent promotions, culminating in her role as an Associate Manager in Prudential Investments in 1997, before returning to Prudential 11 years later. In addition to her status as a prominent financial figure in New Jersey, Eleni Demetriou is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and is listed in the Cambridge Who’s Who. Eleni Demetriou brings many unique talents to her career, including fluency in Greek and proficiency with numerous computer programs like Yield Book, Bloomberg, and Shaw Data. Eleni Demetriou is a Level II Chartered Financial Analyst candidate.


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