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Why Your Brand Needs Consistency
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/20/2011  | Views: 2546

When developing a positive image for your brand, it's important to remember consistency is key. Deviating from the central message of your brand... ...  more>>

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5 Simple Internet Security Tips for Your Business
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/20/2011  | Views: 13786

We are so far into the internet age that operating on the web has become a given. However, this doesn't mean that internet security no longer needs... ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
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Coast Guard Aff
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/16/2011  | Views: 48

Dartmouth Debate Institute 2006 - MC Lab Coast Guard Affirmative Case. For the resolution: Resolved: The United States federal government should... ...  more>>

48 views language: English
Netflix Employee Culture and Expectations
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/16/2011  | Views: 144

Reference Guide on Netflix Freedom & Responsibility more>>

144 views language: English
Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/16/2011  | Views: 158

front: "How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity" Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig more>>

158 views language: English
When Should You Become a Consultant?
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/14/2011  | Views: 4719

Many corporate employees believe they could have a more rewarding and independent career as a consultant. However, it is difficult to know the right... ...  more>>

Categories: Jobs & Careers >
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The Top 7 Accounting Software Programs for Your Small Business
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/13/2011  | Views: 2710

Unless you have a horde of scriveners working for you small business, paper bookkeeping has become obsolete. There is an abundance of free and paid... ...  more>>

Categories: Technology >
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Understanding Your Market and Economic Conditions
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/12/2011  | Views: 9597

Businesses do not exist in a vacuum. A clear knowledge of the current market and economic conditions is essential to maximizing the effectiveness and  ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
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4 Ways to Look Good to a Lender
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/11/2011  | Views: 793

Loans are necessary for a variety of personal and business investments. As a loan is an investment for the lending institution, lenders ensure that... ...  more>>

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Main Purposes of a Business Plan
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/11/2011  | Views: 8556

Creating a proper business plan is essential for small business success. Not only will most investors require a well-structured business plan, but... ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
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10 Ways to Develop Your Cold Calling Techniques
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/11/2011  | Views: 7175

“It's not what you know it's who you know” is an oft-used adage in the business world. Whether you own a business or are looking for a job, chances... ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
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What is a Cost-Plus Pricing Strategy?
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/11/2011  | Views: 4586

Cost-plus pricing is a simple and easily controllable pricing strategy that can be used to boost profits in almost any business. Cost-Plus Pricing... ...  more>>

Categories: Business >
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3 Ways to Protect Your Personal Assets When Starting a Business
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/7/2011  | Views: 2170

Many new business owners don't understand legal the risks involved in starting their own businesses. In the case of a successful lawsuit against your  ...  more>>

Categories: Legal >
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How Real Estate Investors Can Take Advantage of Inflation
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/7/2011  | Views: 5283

In the current economy, it’s possible to get better investment yields from real estate than from some stocks and bonds. But look to the long term to... ...  more>>

Categories: Real Estate >
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How to Attract College Campus Talent to Your Business
From: edgodfrey | Date: 7/7/2011  | Views: 2169

Any business relies on good employees to thrive. With the exception of positions that require exclusive experience or a management background,... ...  more>>

Categories: Education >
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