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Original editorial and informational articles on topics pertinent to small business owners & operators. Included in each article is an accompanying set of documents to utilize.
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Small Business Stats Info-graphic
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 9/10/2013  | Views: 5146

Here at Docstoc, our mission is to make every small business better. We compiled this comprehensive infographic to showcase the current key... ...  more>>

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Employee Handbook Essentials
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 9/9/2013  | Views: 4901

An Employee Handbook is a resource that delineates company policies, procedures and expectations with the intent of avoiding potential conflict. Its... ...  more>>

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The Best Resources for Outsourcing
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/30/2013  | Views: 4759

Considering the price of hiring and managing employees, outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution to small business growth. In today’s digital... ...  more>>

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The Cost of a Bad Hire: The Painful Truth
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/30/2013  | Views: 10947

Most employers have been there; in their eagerness to fill a position, they hire a candidate who appears just peachy on the surface but turns... ...  more>>

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Complete Guide to Business Leadership Titles
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/28/2013  | Views: 4007

Chief leadership titles can be confusing; CCO, CDO, CLO—what do they all stand for? What about mid-level positions, like Director, Manager, VP—how  ...  more>>

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Understanding the Different Forms of Intellectual Property
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/23/2013  | Views: 10400

Intellectual property (IP) is a creation of the mind. They are intangible assets for which exclusive rights are granted by law. These assets include... ...  more>>

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Understanding the Different Types of Business Entities
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/23/2013  | Views: 4552

There are several types of business entities recognized by the United States. Each type offers certain benefits to companies and industries. Some... ...  more>>

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How to Form a Board of Directors
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/23/2013  | Views: 23118

A Board of Directors is a group of elected or appointed individuals who oversee the activities of a business or organization. The role of the board... ...  more>>

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How to Form a Limited Liability Partnership
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/19/2013  | Views: 2359

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is essentially a combination of General Partnerships (GPs) and Limited Partnership (LPs). Like a General... ...  more>>

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How to Start a Limited Partnership
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/14/2013  | Views: 3456

While similar to General Partnerships (GPs), Limited Partnerships (LPs) have some distinct advantages. A General Partnership is a for-profit venture... ...  more>>

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Does Signage Matter? Stats Show It Can Seriously Affect Sales
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/14/2013  | Views: 6361

A beautiful sign seems a little gimmicky; it’s nice, but the real purpose of a sign is to tell people what your business does. Even if attractive... ...  more>>

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How Do People Really Interact With Brands Online? Massive Consumer Study Reveals All…
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/9/2013  | Views: 26563

Most brands today have some form of online presence, whether through a website, social media or e-commerce. In spite of that fact, many... ...  more>>

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Understanding and Protecting Trade Secrets
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/9/2013  | Views: 3838

Part of becoming a successful business is developing unique methods and products. To gain a competitive edge in any industry, you need to utilize... ...  more>>

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10 Steps to Start an LLC
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/8/2013  | Views: 5825

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) combines the liability protection of a corporation and the flexible business options of a partnership. There... ...  more>>

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Form an S Corporation in 4 Steps
From: DocstocArticles | Date: 8/2/2013  | Views: 4098

An S Corporation is essentially a regular corporation that has applied for “S Corporation” tax status. It provides protection against personal... ...  more>>

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