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I solve wicked problems... well not all problems. I excel at delivering strong performance on strategic business initiatives in challenging environments by asking the tough questions, engaging interdisciplinary teams, and putting forward 'win-win' proposals. While at Showtime Networks I extracted $54 million in value from an unprofitable, dying business. This is a perfect example of how I exploit unique opportunities. But not at any cost – my analytical skills, forward thinking, and creative nature give me the unique ability to bridge the gaps between strategy, execution, and performance. A combination that produces results that matter… enhanced revenue models, stronger alliances, and clarity of purpose. Simply put, organizations realize strategic initiatives that deliver. That’s just me; Number Guy (finance & engineering) by training, Business Development + Strategy (revenue models, partnerships, technology) by experience, and creative at heart. I’m also an avid bicyclist, so if you need any tips on riding 100 miles let me know.


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