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Honorable Rev. David Kayode is a native of the Ijero Kingdom, Ekiti state in Nigeria. He came to the United States in 1977 to pursue his interest in management studies and attended West Virginia university of technology where he received both a bachelor of science degree in management studies, and honors as the ambassador of goodwill from the West Virginia Secretary of State. He also received a Master of arts degree in educational administration and organizational development from Keane University, New Jersey. The Rev. is married to Adunni, and they are blessed with three girls and two boys. Two of his children have also earned their graduate degrees. Profession & Service to the community in 1983, Rev. David Kayode received his ordination from the gospel of fellowship ministries and church international. He worked hard with families and many communities to interact and understand their challenges with a view to linking them to both counseling and resources that will resolve their spiritual, social and economic challenges. After working with communities and families on a number of community projects for seven years (1983-1990), the Rev. increased his professional and community service scope by joining the New York City Department of Homeless Services (NYCDHS) as an outreach team leader. He tirelessly made a huge contribution and soon became a new york state credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor (CASAC) and has been practicing since 1996 at the NYCDHS at Bedford-Atlantic Men’s assessment center in the borough of Brooklyn. Therefore the Rev. has been conversant of all the social, economic, educational, housing, medical and public safety problems that plague our communities and had been in the battle field for many years working hard to combat them. He has been a social and activist warrior of the people. His experiences from working at New York City Department of Homeless Services (NYCDHS) has seasoned him and prepare him to be ready to play a larger role in helping others to tackle their various problems in the society so as to improve themselves, be successful, healthy and happy. INTERESTS: politics, community services, improving public schools in New York, creating jobs, improving healthcare in New York and America, fighting crimes in our communities, public safety, care for senior citizens, helping more students to get college education, creating drug rehab programs, creating new, low income and affordable housing in our communities, helping the down and out, the less privileged and fighting to end homelessness and hopelessness in New York and America


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