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Darren Chaker is an avid blogger on criminal just, record sealing and First Amendment issues and recent posts can be seen at http://darrenchaker.org/seal-court-record, http://darrenchaker.org/california-expungement-12034 and http://darrenchaker.us/fifth-amendment-password Darren also enjoys promotes non-profit organizations such as the ACLU and various domestic violence shelters. Darren also litigated a cutting edge First Amendment case for 7 of its 10 year lifespan. In Chaker v. Crogan, 428 F.3d 1215 C.A.9 (Cal.),2005, Cert. denied, 547 U.S. 1128, 126 S.Ct. 2023, invalidated a statute on First Amendment grounds and overruled the California Supreme Court‘s unanimous decision in People v. Stanistreet, 127 Cal.Rptr.2d 633. My case is a leading case on viewpoint discrimination. The case has been cited over hundreds of times as authority, and written about extensively: * Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation s 2:28, Denial of First Amendment rights (2009) * Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech s 3:11, Viewpoint discrimination--Cross-burning reprised: Commonwealth of Virginia v. Black--Heavy presumption against viewpoint discrimination (2010) * Smolla & Nimmer on Freedom of Speech s 10:22.50, Brandenburg v. Ohio: Intent and imminence standard--Bond and Watts decisions--"True threats" (2010) * CHAKER V. CROGAN, 5 Cardozo Pub. L. Pol'y & Ethics J. 425, 444+ (2007) My case is active, living and breathing—forever helping people who once felt oppressed.


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