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ElBaradei: Nuclear Israel is Number One Threat
From: curierulconservator | Date: 10/6/2009  | Views: 54

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, about the nuclear pirate state Israel. *** ElBaradei de la IAEA, despre piratul... ...  more>>

Categories: Current Events >
54 views language: English
Jerusalem´s Archbishop Atallah Hanna condemning terrorism act against mosque
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/28/2009  | Views: 26

Maan News Agency: Jerusalem archbishop: Israel targets mosque today, church tomorrow About us | Services | Advertise | Contact us ‫עברית /... ...  more>>

26 views language: English
The Bilderberg Group Meetings - When & Where 2009
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/22/2009  | Views: 209

The Bilderberg slime trail. more>>

209 views language: English
Les prophéties de Van Rensburg et H von Bingen
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/22/2009  | Views: 686

Europe en guerre. Les prophéties des Nicolaas van Rensburg (Afrique) et Hildegard von Bingen (Allemagne). *** Profetiile lui Nicolaas van Rensburg... ...  more>>

686 views language: French
Horowitz, Kane & FBI: Who is behind the pandemic flu operation?
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/20/2009  | Views: 1197

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane, an investigative journalist, have released evidence in legal affidavits that leaders of a private global... ...  more>>

Categories: Medicine >
1,197 views language: English
CFR and the Single Global Currency Roadmap
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/16/2009  | Views: 283

Trashing the Dollar and all other currencies. Fasten your seatbelts as the dollar will leave together with your wealth and financial freedoms. CFR... ...  more>>

283 views language: English
New World Order Social Engineering
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/16/2009  | Views: 1186

1969-2009: About NWO (New Age) masters and puppets, and their salami tactics, cutting our freedoms and wealth one slice at a time. Social engineering  ...  more>>

Categories: Science >
1,186 views language: English
Apelul Asociatiei 21 DECEMBRIE 1989 - 09.2009
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/16/2009  | Views: 19

Apelul cátre o administratie republicaná neo-marxistá caracterizatá de rea vointá, incompetentá, coruptie si abuz putere. more>>

19 views language: Romanian
The Obama Not Qualified for President Case
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/14/2009  | Views: 84

The Obama Not Qualified Case Executive Summary – When one looks at the facts it seems Obama is not qualified to be President. Let's see some of the... ...  more>>

84 views language: English
American Suicide- A Speech by Gov. Dick Lamm
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/14/2009  | Views: 156

Eye popping speech. Eight "good" methods to destroy the only credible and working democracy. Next stop: New laws, rules, taxes and confiscations... ...  more>>

Categories: Current Events >
156 views language: English
Tocqueville on Socialism 1848
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/13/2009  | Views: 23

Obama�s neo-marxist methods: not new and not working, rather the short way to ruin and social unrest. Tocqueville�s speech from 1848 tells it all... ...  more>>

23 views language: English
Decembrie 1989 Lovitura de stat în România
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/11/2009  | Views: 342

Despre terorismul evreiesc în România. *** December 1989 Terrorism in Romania and the Jewish marxist leaders. more>>

342 views language: Romanian
Project Blue Beam, the New Age, Satanism and HighTech
From: curierulconservator | Date: 9/5/2009  | Views: 432

This Serge Monast document is worth a second look; almost prophetic if we consider the developments 1994-2009... *** Documentul lui Serge Monast... ...  more>>

Categories: Education >
432 views language: English
The Problem of Free Energy by Bruce DePalma
From: curierulconservator | Date: 8/29/2009  | Views: 43

Short explanation about the real reasons for the agonising and fading of this civilisation. *** Explicaţie concisă despre motivele reale ale... ...  more>>

43 views language: English
Poemes par Mihail Eminescu
From: curierulconservator | Date: 8/27/2009  | Views: 36

Eminescu more>>

36 views language: French