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At Career Press, we publish general non-fiction that addresses real, practical human needs. Our useful, accessible, "how-to" books reach a broad market of average Americans - people grappling with universal issues relating to job-hunting, career management, education, money, and personal goals.
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Your Inner CEO
$16.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 2754

To succeed in the top job, people must attain grounding, a confident and accurate self-awareness that can guide them through all the tough situations  ...  more>>

2,754 views language: English
Unleashing Leadership
$16.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 1102

How would your organization perform if everyone accepted leadership responsibility? What if leadership were an expectation of everyone, not an... ...  more>>

1,102 views language: English
Play to Your Strengths
$14.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 3920

“With Play to Your Strengths, Andrea and Carol are opening doors for leaders to find greater satisfaction and success by applying a new philosophy of  ...  more>>

3,920 views language: English
More Than a Minute
$15.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 702

“Holly’s an indispensable reference guide for today’s leaders and managers.” —Paul Brown, President, “Holly takes all the... ...  more>>

702 views language: English
Management Mess-ups, Revised Edition
$14.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 1049

Although big scandals grab headlines, it is often the little mistakes which managers make that impact a business's bottom line. Eppler does a... ...  more>>

1,049 views language: English
Leader Mentoring
$15.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 1036

Mentoring differs from instruction, teaching, and coaching in that it emphasizes not talents and skills used in executing a project, but the... ...  more>>

1,036 views language: English
How to Hire a Champion
$14.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 834

Meticulously outlining an arsenal of cutting-edge tools and strategies tied to predicting performance and a “passion for excellence,” David Snyder... ...  more>>

834 views language: English
Hands-Off Manager, The
$16.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 2563

The number one reason cited in exit interviews for an employee quitting is “my manager.” Most managers and executives not only aren’t aware of this... ...  more>>

2,563 views language: English
Essential Supervisor's Handbook, The
$14.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 2159

The key to a good business is good employees. The key to good employees? A great supervisor. The Essential Supervisor’s Handbook provides a guide... ...  more>>

2,159 views language: English
Creating Passion Driven Teams
$15.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 1367

Can passion be taught? Can it be fostered? The answer is yes. But perhaps more accurately, a team leader must create the right conditions for passion  ...  more>>

1,367 views language: English
Control Freak Revolution
$16.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 1284

“The Control Freak Revolution is a must read, must put into action, must pass on book. If every leader had this book BEFORE they started, it would... ...  more>>

1,284 views language: English
Climbing the Corporate Ladder in High Heels
$14.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 2014

“Regardless of what kinds of shoes we wear, Kathleen Archambeau’s book is an essential tool for American women who want to succeed in business... ...  more>>

2,014 views language: English
Celebrating Failure
$14.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 1057

“People from every walk of life can learn something from Celebrating Failure. Encouraging originality, responding to changes, and thinking big are... ...  more>>

1,057 views language: English
Better Than Perfect
$17.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 844

“Dauten’s work clearly soars ahead of his time. He is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of business consultants.” —Steve Chandler, author of 100 Ways to Motivate... ...  more>>

844 views language: English
151 Quick Ideas for Delegating and Decision Making
$12.99 From: CareerPress | Date: 9/4/2009  | Views: 1147

Research and experience demonstrate two areas with which many new managers are completely unfamiliar: delegating tasks and work, and making... ...  more>>

1,147 views language: English