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I am a Brand Strategist and contracted Chief Marketing Officer based in Boise, ID. Over the past 20 years, I have co-owned two marketing/branding firms, plus worked in sales and marketing for both small businesses and large corporations. I have conducted over 300 workshops and seminars - including as far away as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition to my expertise in strategic branding, I consult, speak, and write on the impact of generational and cultural shifts - especially related to the influence of Gen Y, social media, and technology. My first book, “Oatmeal v Bacon: Differentiating in a Generic World” is out May 2011. Outside of work, I am a husband, father, football geek, Texas music aficionado, a shrinking former fat guy, and an avid student of everything. As a Brand Strategist, I work with high integrity organizations that want to create or maintain a meaningful, relevant presence in the marketplace. My work focuses on internal culture, differentiation, messaging, and business development planning. While my work is quite broad, I do specialize in helping established brands regenerate by attracting younger audiences. Whether employed as a contracted CMO or as a Brand Strategy consultant, I usually work with three kinds of brands: • Aging brands that need a fresh re-introduction to the marketplace. • Established brands that are dealing with disrupted business models or industries. • Start-ups that are trying to take that next step in brand maturity


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