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From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 6/30/2008  | Views: 102

Death penalty report table of contents more>>

Tags: loc state
102 views language: English
Death penalty report
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 6/30/2008  | Views: 2437

California should either consider scrapping the death penalty or undertake drastic reforms to its costly and "dysfunctional" capital punishment... ...  more>>

2,437 views language: English
Viacom vs. Youtube court opinion and order
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/3/2008  | Views: 325

Dismissing privacy concerns, a federal judge overseeing a $1 billion copyright-infringement lawsuit against YouTube has ordered the popular online... ...  more>>

325 views language: English
State of California vs. Sandra R. Woodall
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/7/2008  | Views: 26148

Complaint for arrest warrant for Sandra Rachelle Woodall. more>>

Tags: loc val
26,148 views language: English
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/10/2008  | Views: 3212

This space for binding National Transportation Safety Board NTSB ID: LAX08FA203 Occurrence Date: 06/28/2008 Occurrence Type: Accident Most... ...  more>>

3,212 views language: English
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/11/2008  | Views: 2590

Contra Costa Times TV guide for 7-12-18 more>>

2,590 views 1 likes language: English
Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association v. Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/14/2008  | Views: 5343

The California Supreme Court on July 14 struck down a special fee on Santa Clara County homeowners used to pay for open space acquisition, possibly... ...  more>>

Tags: loc val
5,343 views language: English
Transcribed communications
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/20/2008  | Views: 14285

A transcription of communications of fire call on July 21, 2007 during which two San Pablo firefighters died. more>>

14,285 views language: English
Kendra Zanotto's letter to the Chinese consulate general
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/23/2008  | Views: 14443

Kendra Zanotto is a big believer in the power of the Olympics. But the 2004 bronze medalist has been shaken after the Chinese government denied her... ...  more>>

14,443 views language: English
Assembly Bill 3021
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/23/2008  | Views: 82

Assembly Bill 3021 by Pedro Nava focuses on establishing a network of toll roads in northern California. more>>

82 views language: English
326 views language: English
ICE Assistant Secretary's letter to Mayor Newsom
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/24/2008  | Views: 1180

ICE Assistant Secretary Julie Myers' letter to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. more>>

1,180 views language: English
From: BayAreaNewsGroup | Date: 7/30/2008  | Views: 13134

Backgrounder Center for Immigration Studies July 2008 Recent Immigration Enforcement and the Decline in the Illegal Alien Population By Steven A.... ...  more>>

13,134 views language: English