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Aujas is a Global Information Risk Management (IRM) services company. Aujas provides technology life-cycle services including strategy and design, control integration, sustenance and optimization services in the area of information risk. Aujas was founded by a core team of accomplished Information Risk and Business professionals and focuses on providing service excellence to global clients.
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Implementing Identity and Access Management Solution is a Necessity
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 9/6/2013  | Views: 37

According to Bob Blakley, VP and Analyst at Gartner, businesses today need to give more focus to identity and privacy projects that can attain fast... ...  more>>

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Importance of Data Encryption Solutions in Securing Enterprise Data
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 8/28/2013  | Views: 51

Data encryption is a process of modifying data in a manner that it is incomprehensible to anyone other than the ones approved to access it. more>>

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Virtual Security Office – Align with Leading Security Practices
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 8/28/2013  | Views: 5

Aujas virtual security office(r) (VSO) team addresses information security needs of an organization & assists them with specific skill sets based on... ...  more>>

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Aujas Launches New Line of Service- The Virtual Security Office (VSO)
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 8/21/2013  | Views: 8

Aujas today announced the launch of a new line of service - ‘Virtual Security Office’ aimed at addressing the need for a focused support structure... ...  more>>

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Enhancing Enterprise Security with Identity and Access Management Solutions
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 8/20/2013  | Views: 21

To protect ongoing business operation and to maintain compliance with statutory regulations, most enterprises invest, a significant amount of... ...  more>>

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Event - Aujas @ 4th Annual BankSec India
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 8/18/2013  | Views: 5

Join us @ 4th Annual BankSec India on Aug 22, 2013, one of the most comprehensive business & information security conferences to checkout our... ...  more>>

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Comprehensive Solution for Effective Identity Access Management
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 7/26/2013  | Views: 15

According to Gartner’s Executive Programs’ CIO Agenda survey, “IAM processes and technologies make significant contributions to the business... ...  more>>

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Identity and Access Management in a Globalized Environment
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 7/10/2013  | Views: 22

The technological innovations and enhancements have had a great impact on the present day business environment. more>>

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Understand Security Vulnerabilities with Mobile Application Security Solutions
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 6/28/2013  | Views: 17

Recently the security companies have been publishing detailed reports on the research conducted on the major cyber threats detected in 2012 and the... ...  more>>

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Identity Access Management to Manage Risks and Comply with Regulations
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 6/4/2013  | Views: 72

Today with enterprises being technologically advanced, they are having a hard time trying to manage a large user base and application base. They are... ...  more>>

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Aujas to participate in the GISEC 2013 as a Silver Sponso
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 5/31/2013  | Views: 12

Aujas announced today its participation in the Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference (GISEC) 2013 as a Silver Sponsor. The Conference and... ...  more>>

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Why Companies Should Focus on Information Risk Management?
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 5/28/2013  | Views: 75

Today with advancement of internet technology, information security risks have been increasing. To steer clear of this several enterprises are... ...  more>>

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Minimize Subjectivity and Improve Consistency with Risk Management Frameworks
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 5/6/2013  | Views: 68

In today’s business environment where advancement in technology has led to increased risks, enterprises need to employ effective risk management... ...  more>>

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Manage Identity and Access Risks with a Flexible and Comprehensive Solution
From: AujasNetworks | Date: 4/26/2013  | Views: 114

For any enterprise, managing a large user base and application base is something that is critical as well as arduous. Not only do they have to manage  ...  more>>

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