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How to hire top sales people
From: adam25 | Date: 11/4/2009  | Views: 49

Hiring Top Sales People - Your Personal Check List Resumes and Job Applications • Do not dismiss an unstable job history. • Look for themes and links  ...  more>>

49 views language: English
77 views language: English
The headline in marketing
From: adam25 | Date: 11/4/2009  | Views: 13

Your headline is the first thing your readers will see, so make sure you make a great first impression by choosing a headline that is appealing and... ...  more>>

13 views language: English
23 Killer questions to use with your prospects
From: adam25 | Date: 11/4/2009  | Views: 200

23 Killer Questions To Use With Your Prospects Asking quality questions and really listening to the answers are in my book two of the most important  ...  more>>

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66 ways to increase your sales
From: adam25 | Date: 11/4/2009  | Views: 184

Ver y useful e-book from MTD Sales Training. Check their website for more tips on sales more>>

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Leaflet Distribution Report
From: adam25 | Date: 11/3/2009  | Views: 180

That's a distribution report, which you give to the client, after you have distributed the leaflets, so the client can clearly see, where his flyers... ...  more>>

180 views language: English
Terms and conditions for Leaflet distribution company
From: adam25 | Date: 11/3/2009  | Views: 142

Those are standart terms&conditions for leaflet distribution company. Fell free to use it for your own company, all you need to do, is to change the... ...  more>>

142 views language: English
Confirmation Bookings
From: adam25 | Date: 11/3/2009  | Views: 83

This is a booking order for a leaflet distribution company. You can easily adopt adress box, and letterhead/footer as you wish. Use it as you want -... ...  more>>

83 views language: English