Docstoc Private Documents Example Scenario

Entrepreneurs! Securely Share Your Business Plans/Decks

You are an entrepreneur trying to secure financing for your business and would like to send your business plan or private placement memorandum to potential investors. It is important that the investors review your document, but you don’t want the materials being circulated to outside parties.

How can Docstoc Private Documents help you in this situation?

  • Find out if an investor even looked at your plan!
  • Easily send large files without having attachment troubles
  • See who the investors shared your business plan with
  • Gather email addresses of anyone who views the document

Share the Document without Sharing the Document File

To create a new private document, first visit the Docstoc upload page. While entering your document information, select the Private checkbox on the Upload page. To upload your private documents even faster, be sure to check out Docstoc OneClick

See Any Activity on Your Document

Every private document on Docstoc is given its own activity log, where you can see how recently the investors have viewed the document.Keep track of any other activity on the document such as the document being shared with other parties. Big brother has never been a more effective business tool.

Capture Contact Information Through the GuestBook

Any recipient of a private document (who is not logged into Docstoc) will be required to fill out the guestbook. This guest’s name is then included in the activity log which can only be viewed by the document owner. You can also keep track of who views your document and capture the email address of anyone whom the document is shared with.

Ultimate Protection of Your Content

Mark the document as a copyright on Docstoc and the investors will be unable to download the actual document file. The parties you send the document to directly will be the only parties able to view the document.