Docstoc Private Documents

Upload Documents Privately and Monitor Who Views, Downloads, and E-mails Your Content

Docstoc’s Private Document feature allows you to track who views, downloads, and emails your documents. Private documents cannot be accessed by the community at-large. Only people with whom you share an encoded private document link with may access the document.

  • Track who views and downloads your documents
  • Enable your contacts to view but not download your content
  • Identify recipients your document has been emailed to
  • Generate leads from the contact information of those third parties
  • "Guest Book" ensures no one can view your content anonymously

Making Documents Private

To create a new private document, visit the upload page and select the "private" checkbox, or use Docstoc OneClick. You can also mark documents private directly from your profile page. Simply click the profile tab at the top of any page, locate the file in your document listings and click the private checkbox.

Document Activity Log

Each private document has its own document activity log. Here you can see who viewed the document, when it was viewed, and if that document was emailed to other people. You can see the email addresses of all the recipients your document was sent to. This log can only be viewed by the user that uploaded the document.

Your Private Document Guestbook

Users who are logged into Docstoc automatically have their identity added to the document activity log. Recipients who are not logged-in will have to disclose their identity before viewing your private document. The Document Guestbook is a great way, to track who views your document without inconveniencing your recipients. Only the document owner can see the information added to the guestbook.

Copyright Protection

Marking your document as copyright will prohibit any recipient from downloading the document. To enable this feature, select Traditional Copyright when uploading your document. This features offers you the ultimate protection for your document, by ensuring that your digital content cannot be distributed, downloaded or re-posted without your permission.