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The Best Way to Store and Preview Your Documents Online

Docstoc MyDocs is the best place to keep your documents online. With Docstoc MyDocs, you can store ALL your documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf) in your own customized, personal online folders for anytime, anywhere access. Access your private documents, and manage public documents you can publish to Docstoc from one location. Docstoc MyDocs is the fastest and easiest way to preview and access your documents. Effortlessly sync all the documents on your personal computer with Docstoc MyDocs. To get your documents uploaded to MyDocs faster, try our Docstoc Sync application.

  • Access your important docs from any location
  • Quickly Preview any doc with the Docstoc Viewer
  • Search through all your documents
  • Display in Thumbnail View or List View
  • Unlimited online file storage
  • Add any doc on Docstoc to your MyDocs folders
  • AutoSync your computers’ docs with Docstoc Sync

About MyDocs

Docstoc MyDocs is the fastest and friendliest way to store, preview and manage your documents – there’s virtually no load time to preview your documents because MyDocs is tailored specifically for documents. With several different options for viewing your documents, it’s never been easier to organize and view your documents. Since all your documents are stored online with MyDocs, you can access them from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll first need to be a registered Docstoc user. Registration is free and quick, join here. Once logged in, click the "MyDocs" tab located in the top navigation bar. Here you will find any documents you’ve uploaded to Docstoc. If you haven’t uploaded any documents to Docstoc, try our Bulk Upload Tool, the Docstoc OneClick application, or Docstoc Sync.

Using MyDocs

Thumbnail and List Mode: MyDocs offers two views for your documents. Thumbnail mode will show the first page of each document. List mode will display list of your documents with additional attributes. Click the button to switch between views.

Preview Documents: Effortlessly preview all of your documents by clicking the document thumbnail (in Thumbnail mode) or double clicking the document name (in List mode).

Showing and Hiding Folders: Click the "Show/Hide" button to display or hide your personal folder tree. The folder tree is displayed in the left column of MyDocs.

Full Screen Mode: See more of your documents by switching to over to full screen mode. Simply click the "Full Screen" button in the top right corner of MyDocs. To return to normal view, click the "close" button also located in the top right corner.

Mark Documents Public/Private: Quickly make documents private or public by clicking the checkbox in the lower left corner of each document thumbnail followed by clicking the "Make Private" button located in the top menu.

Edit Document Meta Data: Organize your documents into your own personal folders and edit document information such as titles, tags and more.

Download, Email, Create Folders: Quickly download or email any of your documents by selecting them (clicking the checkbox next to each document) and clicking the appropriate button located at the top of MyDocs.