Frequently Asked Questions


What is Docstoc?

Does Docstoc have a Blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account?
Yes. Read up-to-date information on Docstoc and various business-related tips and trends by going to our Blog, liking our facebook page, or following us on twitter.

How do I stop email notifications from Docstoc?
Clicking profile settings on the top of any Docstoc page will take you to your account settings. From there, you will have the option to remove yourself from any of our email notifications or you can email us at and ask us us to unsubscribe your email address.


I can’t register or I get an invalid email address?

Please register and sign in using a valid email address before you attempt to download anything from our site. When creating a password, be creative, it has to be at least 8 charecters . If you are receiving an invalid message when registering, it is because your email address has already been registered on our site. Please click sign in, and forgot password and we wil email you a password reset link; you can also call our customer support team at .

How long does it take to upload a document?

The time to upload a document varies depending on various factors: The type of document, the size of the document, the number of documents in front of you in the document queue, and the size and type of documents in front of you in the document queue. Do not worry, your documents will upload.

I'm having trouble viewing a document:

Please make sure that you have the most recent version of Flash installed on your computer for you to actually see the document. Once you ensure that you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer, you may wish to try a different browser.

I registered but now I cannot sign into Docstoc:

Docstoc requires that you enable cookies. You will be unable to sign in until you do enable your cookies.

I cannot upload my document:

The most common problem encountered when uploading a document can be fixed by simply closing the document on your computer and ensuring that any program using the document is also closed on your computer.

I uploaded a document and now it is gone.

This sometimes occurs and the document may have been removed by Docstoc for a variety of reasons. Contact our customer support team at with the following information: your username, the name of the document, and a copy of the document file.

How do I delete my Docstoc account?

If you would like your account to be removed, please send an email to, including the username you would like deleted and the email address you used to register the Docstoc account.

How do I change my Docstoc username?

Docstoc does not currently offer the option of changing usernames.

I can’t find a document

If you're having a hard time finding a document, you may want to try one of these tips for more effective Docstoc searches:

Put your query in quotes. It will only return results in which your search phrase appears in its entirety, and in the order in which you wrote it.

Narrow your findings. At the top of the search results page, you can filter the documents by relevance, as well as those most viewed, most downloaded, and most recent. Additionally, on the left hand column, you can filter by file type (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) and language.

Conduct a title-specific search by starting your search with title: followed by the search term(s). For example, title: business plan, or for even more specific results, use quotes. e.g., title: "business plan." If a title search is proving unsuccessful, try searching by descriptive tag instead. The "search all documents" bar that appears in the top right-hand corner of every page searches both. Search within a specific category. After you click on a category, you'll see a search bar beneath the "search all documents" bar. Category searches will only return results within that section.

I have a question about a specific document that I found in your document library

Docstoc is a community driven site which means that all of the documents found on Docstoc have been uploaded to the site by the Docstoc community members. If you have a question or concern about a specific document, we recommend that you contact the Docstoc community member who uploaded the document with that question or concern if they have their contact information posted.

How do I recover a lost password?

Docstoc has a password retrieval system in place to assist you should you forget your password. Just click on "Sign In' at the top right of any page and then click on the "Forgot Password?' link at the bottom of the popup window. Provide the requested information and you should receive your password in 10 minutes or less. Please be sure to check both your spam and junk mail boxes because sometimes the email ends up there. Unfortunately, to ensure the privacy and security of all Docstoc members, we cannot provide password assistance in any manner other than the sanctioned password retrieval system.

How do I change my password?

Log into your Docstoc account, click on the profile settings link, located at the top right of the page. There, under "Account Settings" you can change your password. Enter your old and new passwords into the pop-up box and click OK.

Why did my account get terminated?

The most common reasons an account on Docstoc is terminated are: uploading copyrighted content you don’t own or have permission to upload and uploading content that features nudity, violence, hate speech, spam or other offensive content. Please review our Terms of Service, to view the full list.

Do I need to complete my profile?

It is highly recommended that you complete your profile if you intend to promote your documents. By completing your profile, you will increase leads for your new business, gain professional connections, get members and users to view your documents and provide feedback- all while contributing to the Docstoc community.

I need specific technical assistance, who do I contact?

If you need technical assistance, please contact our support team. In order to help you the best we can, please include the following information in your request: your username or email address, screenshots of what is occurring, the name and version of the browser you are using, what operating system you are on (Windows or Mac), and a detailed account of what you are experiencing.

My document was removed / deleted, how do I get it back?

Unfortunately, once a document is removed or deleted from our site, we cannot retrieve the document.

I don’t have an account. Can I still download documents?

You must have an account to download a document. Take a minute to register - it’s fast, easy, and free. Additionallly, some documents (such as our professionally created Premium documents) require a subscription before you can download them.

What is a Certified document?

Docstoc Certified documents are small-business focused documents that were drafted in-house by the Docstoc content and legal team to ensure high quality and relevance. If a document is not Certified, then it has been uploaded by a Docstoc community member and we cannot vouch for its quality.

What is a Custom Document?

A Docstoc Custom Document is an attorney drafted contract has been converted into a customizable template that you can edit without ever having to download and open. Custom Documents are accompanied by a completion wizard that will ask questions designed to guide you through the creation of the document, and when you are through you will have a fully customized, professional document that you can use for whatever purpose you intend. Check out all Custom Documents at