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					                           Migration of US and Canada: Web quest
Migration of the United States:
   1. When did the first settlers cross the Bering Strait?

Colonial History
   2. What three countries colonized the Americas?

Westward Expansion
   3. Which major cities existed in 1850 on land gained through the Mexican Cession?
   4. What were 4 examples of new technology that aided western expansion and migration?

Industrial Revolution
    5. How was water important for the Industrial Revolution?
    6. Why was the Northern United States an ideal location?
    7. Why did the Northern United states get to be so heavily populated?

Suburban Growth
    8. What are two things that led to the growth of suburbs?

                                      Migration & Settlement Patterns: US
US Regions: Northeast
 First major settlements and home to major cities (megalopolis).
 What region of the US was the center of the American Industrial Revolution?

Northeast Migration:
    9. Starting in the 1500s, original settlement along major waterways and forests along the East coast creating many of
         the largest population centers.
    10. Which physical feature provided a natural barrier against the western expansion of the colonies?
 During the 1600s, The northern colonies had a thriving system of trade and all major cities were located mostly in the
    northern colonies
US Regions: South
 Moist subtropical climate with fertile soil.
 Increasing population due to increasing industries and international migration.

Sunbelt: Migration
    11. Where is the sunbelt?
    12. What are two reasons why people move to the sunbelt?

US Regions: Midwest
 Agriculture rich region with excellent soil and large plains.
 Less densely populated with the exception of a few central areas and the Great Lakes.
    13. What is this region known as? Why?
    14. Why is the lifeline of the Midwest? Why?

Great Plains Migration:
 Early in American history the central region of the U.S. was considered to be undesirable for agriculture, and many
    bypassed the region and headed west. Eventually the fertility and climate of the Great Plains proved to be desirable
    and people moved into the region to establish agriculture.
    15. Why is Chicago the Hub of the Midwest?

US Regions: West
 Greater changes variety in climates, include deserts, highlands, and subarctic climates far north.
 Resources rich, especially along mountain chains.
 Large Economic Growth

    This region borders Mexico resulting in Hispanic influences

                                      Migration & Settlement Patterns: Canada

Migration & Settlement Patterns: Canada
 Canadian populations tend to concentrate along the East/West coasts and the U.S. border due to climate and
    transportation features.
 Most people live within 200 miles of the US Canadian Border
    16. What makes Quebec different from the rest of Canada?

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