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					                                                                                     5 May 2010
                                                                                         Issue 4

                       Cairns Ukulele Festival Newsletter
Tickets on sale this Friday!

We're pleased to announce that festival tickets for the 4th of July will go on sale this Friday
(the 7th of May). The 4th of July is the day that all headline artists will be performing at the
Tanks Arts Centre. You can purchase your tickets through Ticketlink online
( or by ringing them on 1300 855 835. Tickets are $40 for adults, $35
for seniors and $15 for children aged 5-12 (booking fees apply). Capacity at the Tanks is
strictly limited and this will sell out, so grab your tickets today! Entertainment starts early in
the morning (10.30am) and doesn't stop until 8pm at night! Markets start at 9am.

The Melbourne Connection

Home to the first official Australian ukulele club, Melbourne seems to be the heartland of the
ukulele in Australia. Melbourne Ukulele Kollective, or MUK, was conceived back in 2004. In
this newsletter we are announcing three (!) more acts that you will be able to catch at the
Tanks, all from Victoria. By the way, members of MUK will be performing on the Esplanade
on the 3rd of July.

Mike Jackson

Internationally acclaimed and vastly experienced family entertainer, Mike Jackson has been
performing Nationally and Internationally for over 30 years. He has performed at schools
and kindergartens, arts venues and prominent children’s/music festivals across Australia
and in the UK, New Zealand and Canada.

Mike, an ‘ABC for Kids’ recording artist, is well known for his numerous recordings (some
Platinum and Gold) and is most famous for his release of children’s
favourites "Bananas in Pyjamas", "Dr Knickerbocker" and "One Man
Went To Mow". Many will have grown up with his music. Mike
Jackson has also published many music resources for children,
including the Rig-a-Jig-Jig series, Dances for Little Kids, Bush Dance
Kit and 101 Children’s Songs for Buskers and his new Uke’n Play
Ukulele (book/CD) series, published by ‘Music Sales Ltd’, is
distributed Australia wide and sells in the UK, Europe and America.
The Uke 'n Play series of books are the biggest selling music books
in Australia, outselling many guitar and other music books!

Thanks to festival sponsors Kala Ukuleles, Mike will be conducting a free workshop for
beginners of all ages for festival ticket holders at the Tanks Arts Centre. His method is tried
and tested and within 40 minutes he will have you playing songs! If you are considering
taking up the ukulele, or if you have just started, this workshop is sure to get you going! This
workshop is very suitable for children so bring the family and start making music together!

                               AJ Leonard duo

                               A.J Leonard has charmed audiences around Australia and in
                               Hawaii with his evocative and captivating performances. A.J.
                               has been a songwriter/performer for more than 30 years. As a
                               composer A.J. has formed a respect and appreciation for the
                               skill and beauty of the music from the 1920’s and 30’s where
                               the template for the modern pop song was forged and
                               arguably never surpassed.

                               Influenced by many decades of music, the music of A.J.
                               Leonard is original and at the same time tantalizingly familiar,
                               reinventing elements of romance and nostalgia, including the
                               Shadows, Beach Boys, Hawaiian music to contemporary
                               trance (!). It is ukulele music for the 21st century.

A.J. will be performing at the Cairns Ukulele Festival and also share his skill and knowledge
July 4th at the Tanks Arts Centre at a 60 minute workshop. His workshop features a modern
take on old songs colouring them with varied inversions strumming and finger picking
patterns; he'll help you spice up your uke-playing! During his performances, he will be joined
by his partner Jenny on cello. Tickets to this workshop and others will go on sale very soon
(stay tuned!).

Rose Turtle Ertler

Rose Turtle Ertler has almost become a household name among uke players in Australia.
Her style is unique and original; Rose is not scared to test the boundaries of what is
possible on a ukulele! Rose performed in Cairns at the Tanks Arts Centre and Sapphire Bar
(now Vibe Bar) some years ago, and returns this with a new album under her belt, and a
book, "What do ukulele players eat?". Both will be available for sale at the Cairns Ukulele
Festival, when she performs on the 4th of July.

And there's more!

Not only does the festival ticket for the 4th of July allow you to attend all concerts (including
those by international stars such as Grammy award winning Daniel Ho and Canadian
ukulele virtuoso James Hill), and a workshop by Mike Jackson, it also gives you access to a
beginner / intermediate session with seasoned teacher John Chandler and an "Ask Azo"
session. In this session Australia's best known ukulele player Azo Bell (from the Old Spice
Boys) will share his knowledge of the ukulele as an instrument and as a performer with you.
All for free once you have purchased your general admission ticket!

Other workshops will be ticketed separately and tickets for these sessions will go on sale

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