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					                             Red Lobster
                       8012 Concord Mills Blvd
                         Concord, NC 28027
                                  (704) 979-1160
  The staff is very friendly. The Hostess had a beautiful smile on her face and we did not
have to wait long to be seated. We were whisked away to a table and it was packed in the
restaurant. We went to eat on a Sunday afternoon after church so you know all the
church crowd was out and about. Our server was Sara and she was very helpful and
knowledgeable of the foods on the menu
Food and Beverage:
  The food and drinks were awesome. I ordered a Malibu Hurricane which was very
pretty and quite tasty. They have their annual Crab fest going on so you know I ordered
from their Crab fest menu. I had the Ultimate fest which had fried shrimp, shrimp
scampi, lobster tail, snow crab legs, and a baked potato. I also had the side salad with
baby shrimp on top. The drinks and food came out to the table in a timely manner and it
was hot and fresh. I did have to send my snow crabs back because they had a lot of
barnacles on them. The next ones were better and they too came out to the table in a
timely manner and were hot and fresh.
  The inside was clean and the restrooms were stocked well and very clean.
  The restaurant is like every other Red Lobster in the country. . The inside of the
restaurant is very vibrant and gives you the feel as though you are on a ship or away on
some tropical island.

 The prices are reasonable. They offer daily lunch and dinner specials. They do have
their Crab fest going still and if you are a shrimp lover they do have a shrimp fest on
Mondays and Tuesdays. They always give you plenty of food so you know you will
leave full and satisfied.
                                           Our Scale
                                             1 poor
                                           5 on point

                                       Service 5
                                    Food/Beverages 5
                                      Cleanness 5
                                        Décor 4
                                        Price 5

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