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Case Study - Equity


									                                  EQUITY ONE
                                  CASE STUDY
                                  Real Estate Investment: Shopping Centers

                                  The Customer                   pays long distance fees
                                  Equity One is a real estate    between these sites. Addi-
                                  investment and manage-         tionally, inbound callers
                                  ment company specializing      may be transferred between
                                  in community shopping cen-     the cities without having to
                                  ters. Equity One is publicly   hang-up and call that office
                                  traded on the New York         separately. By selecting the
                                  Stock Exchange with a          Prodigy PBX, Equity One
                                                                 was able to continue to util-       CUSTOMER PROFILE
                                  $2bln market cap under the
                                  ticket symbol EQY.             ize their digital phone hand-             INDUSTRY
                                                                 sets while not having to re-         Real Estate Investment:
                                  The Problem                    invest in expensive phones              Shopping Centers
      “The Xoasis VoIP            Equity One wanted to con-      or employee training on
   platform enabled Eq-           nect their existing Miami,     new, unfamiliar equipment.
                                                                                                      YEARS IN BUSINESS
                                  Atlanta, and Houston phone
   uity One to stay in                                           Survivability                               13 Years
                                  systems to enable call
                                  transfer and direct dialing    During Hurricane Wilma,
   contact with all cus-
                                  between offices.               Equity One lost both power              STOCK SYMBOL
   tomers during Hurri-                                          and phone lines at their
                                  The Solution                                                              NYSE: EQY
   cane Wilma when all                                           Miami location. With the
                                  Equity One deployed the        help of power generators, a
   other phone lines              Xoasis Prodigy VoIP PBX        wireless connection, and                 MARKET CAP
                                  product in each city. The      Xoasis’ Prodigy PBX units,                  $2 Billion
   were down in a 5 mile
                                  Prodigy PBX units are di-      Equity One was able to
   radius from our Miami          rectly connected to the ex-    route all phone calls over           PRODUCT DEPLOYED
   office. Xoasis VoIP            isting legacy PBX units.       the VoIP network, allowing
                                  Each VoIP unit is then con- their Miami offices to oper-               Prodigy VoIP PBX
   saved the day.”                figured to speak with the      ate and immediately ad-
                                  VoIP units in the other cities dress customers’ critical               APPLICATIONS
      Ilan Zachar
                                  in order to pass and receive needs. In effect Equity One                 Voice Over IP
      VP & CIO
                                  calls over the Internet.       had restored the ability to
      Equity One, Inc.
                                  Cost Reduction                 place and receive calls
                                                                 while other businesses in
                                  With the ability to dial be-
                                                                 the area had no telephone
                                  tween their three major of-
                                                                 connectivity for days.
                                  fices, Equity One no longer

                                    Equity One Was Able to Keep Existing                       Equity One Web Site
      Xoasis Networks               Phones While Receiving The Benefits
                                                  of VoIP

      (1) 800-972-1831

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