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									                 The Connection
                            Fair Housing Council of the San Fernando Valley

This Issue is Dedicated to the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Drum Major for Justice.

        Fair Housing & Families with Children:

           In 2010, The Fair Housing Council of                                 In these complaints, it was not
  the San Fernando Valley investigated a total of                    uncommon to find children who were ter-
  105 complaints based on familial status discrimi-                  rified of the manager and who experienced                 Summer 2011
  nation. The majority of these complaints were                      physical & emotional distress, directly at-
  from in-place tenants who alleged that as fami-                    tributed to the housing discrimination.
  lies with children, they are treated differently                             A sad reality is that parents often
                                                                                                                      "Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?'
                                                                                                                      Expediency asks the question, '
  than tenants that do not have children.                            tolerate the discriminatory treatment of
                                                                                                                      Is it politic?'
            Most of the complaints alleged overly                    their children because they fear being evict-
  restrictive rules that ban children from playing                   ed and financially can’t afford to move.         Vanity asks the question,

  outside in the common area; rules requiring                        This creates additional stress and tension in    'Is it popular?'

  parents take their children to the park to play;                   the home.                                        But, conscience asks the question, 'Is it
  rules imposing curfews; rules restricting chil-                              Over the past 4-5 years, it was
  dren from using the recreational amenities,                        rare to receive complaints that had written      And there comes a time when one must
                                                                                                                      take a position that is neither safe, nor
  e.g., pool, gym, rec. room; and rules limiting                     discriminatory rules; Management Compa-          politic, nor popular, but one must take it
  the use of amenities to adults only or restricting                 nies and landlords made great strides in         because one's conscience tells one that it is
  the hours of use for children.                                                                                      right."
                                                                     scrutinizing & sanitizing rental documents
            In the more egregious complaints par-                    to remove restrictive rules targeting chil-                   -Martin Luther King Jr.

  ents alleged harassment & intimidation by man-                     dren. However in the last year, the Council
  agers, e.g., yelling, screaming & cursing at their                 has observed the reemergence of written          _

  children, calling the police or child protective                   discriminatory rules and notices.
  services on families and seizing toys from the                              Increased funding for remedial
  children and throwing them in the garbage.                         outreach is needed to address this trend.

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                                 Taken from an actual complaint in North Hollywood, CA (2010)
Council News Corner
        Since 2008, the Council has been an active partner in the Center for Foreclosure Solutions, a coalition of
 community organizations (spearheaded by Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing Services) working to assists home-
 owners at risk of foreclosure negotiate with their lender to save their homes and avoid foreclosure. The Council’s
 program includes providing assistance to homeowners through foreclosure prevention counseling, loan modifica-
 tion assistance and referrals for homeowners who have been victims of foreclosure rescue scams.
         Sandy Couch, the Council’s paralegal; has done a phenomenal job assisting homeowners; since March she has
 successfully negotiated 5 permanent and 1 trial loan modifications for homeowners. Each homeowner was able to
 avoid foreclosure and remain in their home and significantly reduce the interest rate and monthly mortgage payment
 by hundreds of dollars.
         In once such case, Sandy assisted a low income homeowner who has owned his home since 1998, delay the
 trustee’s sale on the house and negotiate a permanent loan modification with a fixed 2% loan for 5 years and a re-
 duction in payment from approximately $1,200 per month (not including taxes and insurance) to approximately
 $800 per month (including PITI) for the first 5 years. After the first 5 years, the remaining payments the homeown-
 er will pay is $750 for 5 years and $650 a month for the last 4 years remaining on the loan.
        Our program to assists tenant includes advocacy and providing one-on-one counseling and direct interven-
 tion to renters caught in the quagmire between the lenders and the former owner of the property, intervention is
 both prior to an eviction being filed and post eviction assistance, when possible..
         This is especially important in monolingual immigrant speaking communities where tenants do not always
 have written contracts or rent receipts because these tenants normally pay their rent in cash and only have verbal
 contracts. Many of these tenants have lived in their current homes for years, but lack the required documents re-
 quested by banks to substantiate their tenancies. The Council has helped these tenants gather alternative documen-
 tation to validate their legal tenancy and intervened on their behalf directly to the lender, investor, trustee or attor-
 ney representing the owner of the property.
        All of the tenants (families with children, individuals with disabilities, immigrants and Section-8 voucher
 holders) that have contacted the Council were unaware of their rights and the laws that protect tenants during fore-
 closure. In 2010, at least 38 percent of residential foreclosures in California were rentals; this figure is expected to
 climb as more people enter the rental market and foreclosures continue. As previous homeowners reenter the rent-
 al market with impaired credit and larger families to search for housing, the Council will need to closely monitor
 & provide increased public education about fair housing (especially terms & conditions) and landlord/tenant is-
        The Council in its efforts to provide increased awareness to the public will be participating in a joint outreach
 efforts with The Center for Foreclosure Solutions at an upcoming event: For homeowners, homebuyers and/or
 tenants who want information about the foreclosure process, home buying, housing counseling and tenant’s right,
 please attend this free event.

             There is HELP available for families in distress & HOPE for families who wish to buy a home
                                               H OMEOWNERSHIP &
                                        F ORECLO SU RE C OUNSELING F AIR
                                        S ATU RDAY , S EPTEMBER 10, 2011
                                                9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
                                         L OS A NGELES M ISSIO N C OLLEGE
                                  13356 E LDRIDGE A VENU E , S YLMAR , CA 91342
Summer 2011                                                                                                              Page 3

Support The Fair Housing Council of the San Fernando Valley!

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  City, State, Zip Code: ______________________________
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                                                                                                       Board of Directors
           There is a tremendous need for       3.   Usable doors (usable by a person in a
 accessible housing in Los Angeles, but
                                                                                                 Rafer Johnson
 there is an even greater need for housing                                                       President
                                                4.   Accessible route into and through the
 that is both accessible & affordable.
                                                     dwelling unit
          Locating accessible housing in the                                                     Loretta Kelly
                                               5.    Light switches, electrical outlets, ther-   1st Vice President
 City of Los Angeles presents a great num-
                                                     mostats and other environmental con-
 ber of challenges, but the Council is com-
                                                     trols in accessible locations
 mitted to expanding opportunity for fair                                                        Winnie Davis
 housing choice for individuals with disabili- 6.    Reinforced walls in bathrooms for later     Recording Secretary
 ties.                                               installation of grab bars.
           “ The Fair Housing Act ( FHA)        7.   Usable kitchens and bathrooms.              Betsy Johnson
 requires all "covered multifamily dwellings"
                                                          There are additional requirements      Recording Secretary
 designed and constructed for first occupan-
                                                for recipients of federal funding; under
 cy after March 13, 1991 to be accessible to
                                                Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of         Donald Bagwell, Jr.
 and usable by people with disabilities. Cov-
                                                1973; newly constructed multi-family hous-
 ered multifamily dwellings are all dwelling
                                                ing or housing that is substantially renovat-
 units in buildings containing four or more
                                                ed must have a minimum of 5 percent of
 units with one or more elevators, and all                                                       Juanita Bankhead
                                                the total dwelling units or at least one unit,
 ground floor units in buildings containing                                                      Wade Rice
                                                whichever is greater, be made accessible to
 four or more units, without an elevator.:                                                       Mildred Stewart
                                                persons with mobility impairments. An
  There are seven basic requirements of         additional 2 percent, or not less than one
 the FHA that must be met to comply with        unit, must be accessible for persons with        ADVISORY BOARD
 the law:                                       sensory im-                       pairments.     Wendy Furth
 1.   An accessible building entrance on an                                                      Debra Levey
      accessible route                                                                           Trudy Sibley
                                                                                                 Dr. Robert Wakamatsu
 2.   Accessible public and common use
      areas                                                                                      Robert Winn
This Issue is Dedicated to the Legacy
of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Drum
Major for Justice.

Fair Housing Council of the San Fernando Valley
8134 Van Nuys Blvd. #206
Panorama City, CA 91402

Phone: 818-373-1185
Toll-Free: 1-800-487-2617
Fax: 818-373-1193

                                                   Equal Opportunity in Housing
                                                   is Your Right!!!

                                                   Mark Your Calendar

                            join us for a Free         SAVE THE DATE                       ALARMING STATISTICS ABOUT
                            Fair Housing Train-                                            CHILDREN……..
                            ing,    Thursday,                    19th Annual
                                                                                           *Approximately 15.5 million American children live
                            Sept. 22, 2011
                            12:00-4:00 pm,
                                                            Fair Housing                   under the poverty line (1 in 5 children—including 1 in
                                                                                           3 Black and Hispanic children, and 1 in 10 White
                            here at our offices,                                           children—lives in poverty) 6.9 million live in extreme
                                                   Laws & Litigation Conference            poverty at less than half the 11,025 poverty level for
                            located at 8134 Van                                            a family of four. One in 4 children in America go to
                            Nuys, Blvd. #206.          February 16-17, 2012                bed hungry each night.
Panorama City, 91402. Refreshments will be pro-                                            * Children’s Legal Defense Fund


            Would you, or someone you know,
                                                                                               The hope of a secure and livable
                                                    The Congressional Black Caucus
like to fight housing discrimination ? Become a           Job Fair Initiative
                                                                                               world lies with disciplined non-
  volunteer by attending a training! Qualified                                                 conformist who are dedicated to
                                                             August 30-31
  participants can earn a stipend $25- $50 per         Crenshaw Christian Center               justice, peace and brotherhood
   test. Please attend our Tester Training,        West 7901 S. Vermont Avenue Los
                                                           Angeles, CA 90044                          Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Saturday, September 17th, 10:00–                Town Hall: August 30, 6:00pm -8:00pm
                    12:30pm.                        Job Fair: August 31, 9:00am – 5:00pm
                                                                                                                                       Sdk 2011

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