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					                         21st Century Instructional Guide for Career Technical Education

                                            Foodservice Management
                                             Human Services Cluster
                                         Hospitality Education and Training

Title:                 Foodservice Management Practices (1016)

Standard Number:       Foodservice Management Roles and Financial Responsibilities
HS.S.FMP.1             Students will demonstrate knowledge and skill in performing foodservice management roles and
Essential Questions:   What are the key duties and qualities to being an effective manager in foodservice?
Objectives:            Students will                                     Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.1.1           outline the qualities of an effective manager.    Discuss the qualities of an effective manager.
                                                                         Cite examples where management has been
                                                                         effective or ineffective.
                                                                         Use various case studies to show examples of
HS.O.FMP.1.2           articulate the concept of leadership.             Discuss the purpose of leadership and the various
                                                                         reasons for leadership.
                                                                         Have the students write a response journal entry to
                                                                         examine leadership and the qualities one must
HS.O.FMP.1.3           create an effective manager’s time                Discuss the purposes of time management for
                       management profile.                               managers in foodservice.
                                                                         Have students make a list of the elements of an
                                                                         effective time management profile.
                                                                         Give students various sample events and have the
                                                                         students prepare a time management profile.
HS.O.FMP.1.4           relate the role of communication in a             Define communication.
                       foodservice operation.                            Cite specific examples of communication needs in a
                                                                         foodservice operation.
                                                                         Discuss various communication barriers that can
                                                                         exist in a foodservice operation.
                                                                         Have students make a plan as to how to overcome
                                                                         these barriers.
HS.O.FMP.1.5    illustrate the management structure in a food        Discuss the titles to all typical management positions
                production and service operation.                    in foodservice operations.
                                                                     Have students chart the positions they are familiar
                                                                     with on a flowchart by chain of command.
                                                                     As a class discussion, add unfamiliar positions in
                                                                     proper command order.
                                                                     Discuss the importance of following the chain of
                                                                     command. Use case studies to review with students
                                                                     each position and its duties.
HS.O.FMP.1.6    demonstrate the use of different types of            Discuss POS software and its purposes.
                foodservice computerized point-of-sale               Have students use the internet to research different
                software programs.                                   software and their selling points.
                                                                     Report all findings to the class.
HS.O.FMP.1.7    compute food, beverage and labor cost                Use proper formulas to compute various food,
                percentages.                                         beverage, and labor cost percentages.
HS.O.FMP.1.8    create a profit and loss statement.                  Discuss the elements of a profit and loss statement.
                                                                     Have students create a profit and loss statement
                                                                     based from statistics provided.
HS.O.FMP.1.9    relate the role of forecasting and breakeven         Discuss the importance of forecasting and
                analysis used in foodservice operations.             breakeven analysis. Define the essential vocabulary
                                                                     to complete a forecasting and breakeven analysis.
                                                                     Describe how the two can work together to achieve
                                                                     success for a foodservice business.
HS.O.FMP.1.10   outline the process used in determining              Discuss the positions in a restaurant that might be
                purchasing decisions.                                responsible for purchasing on a regular basis.
                                                                     Have students prepare a formal request for a bid for
                                                                     regular purchasing for their restaurant.
                                                                     Have students gather information necessary to
                                                                     purchase for an event they will be conducting.
HS.O.FMP.1.11   create a list of criteria used for inspecting food   Discuss the importance of food inspection upon
                at delivery.                                         delivery.
                                                                     Have students create a list of inspection points in
                                                                     Review and create a classroom list.
                                                                     Cite specific examples of CCP that students need to
                                                                     be aware of.
HS.O.FMP.1.12          demonstrate effective inventory control           Discuss various inventory control systems.
                       procedures using an inventory control tracking    Prepare a sample inventory and have students
                       system.                                           remove orders and add delivery’s to maintain a
                                                                         proper inventory tracking.
HS.O.FMP.1.13          articulate the importance of portion control and  Define portion control and its necessity in a
                       how to minimize waste in an operation.            restaurant.
                                                                         Use basic math functions to calculate amount of
                                                                         product to prepare for a meal.
                                                                         Discuss ways to use various food items in other
                                                                         preparations to minimize waste.
Standard Number:       Management Supervision and Training Responsibilities
HS.S.FMP.2             Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in management supervision and training
Essential Questions:   What is the role of management in a lodging facility?
Objectives:            Students will                                     Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.2.1           relate the challenges that managers face daily. Use case studies to respond to various management
                                                                         issues dealt with on a daily basis.
                                                                         As a class, role play management responses to
                                                                         situations as they would happen in a restaurant.
HS.O.FMP.2.2           outline the process used in employee selection Create a job description for a chef in a new local
                       including job description, job applications and   restaurant.
                       interviewing skills.                              Be sure to use specific examples of the qualities
                                                                         needed for this position.
                                                                         Have students compete for a certain position based
                                                                         on a job application and mock interview.
                                                                         Create a rubric to establish criteria.
HS.O.FMP.2.3           participate in a mock interview role play.        Discuss with the students various interview situations
                                                                         and questions that could be asked.
                                                                         Have students prepare for an interview. Have
                                                                         students participate in a mock interview.
                                                                         You can even bring in guest “Employers” to interview
                                                                         your students.
HS.O.FMP.2.4           articulate the importance of positive             Collaborate with a motivational speaker to depict
                       reinforcement and mentorship.                     various qualities needed to be a good manager.
                                                                         Allow the students to collaborate with mentors to
                                                                         establish a good working relationship for a workplace
HS.O.FMP.2.5           articulate the standards of conduct managers     Research, using the internet and interviewing,
                       use in supervising employees.                    various company policies for manager code of
                                                                        conduct and training.
                                                                        Present findings to the class.
                                                                        Discuss issues that can arise from misconduct.
HS.O.FMP.2.6           create an employee work schedule.                Provide students with a blank work schedule.
                                                                        Give a list of requirements such as shift coverage,
                                                                        breaks, operating hours, vacation/time off requests,
                                                                        and restaurant positions.
                                                                        Have students create a schedule according to all
HS.O.FMP.2.7           develop the criteria used when evaluating        Have students write a list of 3 questions/checkpoints
                       employees.                                       to be used when evaluating job duties.
                                                                        Create an evaluation form that could be used for
                                                                        kitchen lab activities.
                                                                        Use the form and critique students for each activity
                                                                        and then re-evaluate the form for ease of use,
                                                                        workability, and clarity of purpose.
Standard Number:       Evaluating Safety, Workplace Design, and Purchasing Practices
HS.S.FMP.3             Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills when evaluating safety, workplace design, and
                       purchasing practices in a workplace environment.
Essential Questions:   What are the relationships between safety, workplace design, and purchasing in a foodservice
Objectives:            Students will                                    Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.3.1           research how workplace design impacts            Draw a floor plan of a kitchen.
                       employees’ performance and success in a          Using a standardized recipe, draw lines to make a
                       foodservice operation.                           product i.e., Draw a line from the counter to the
                                                                        drawer to the fridge back to the counter.
                                                                        Try to think of how and where food is stored.
                                                                        Discuss with the students how many steps are taken
                                                                        in any one activity in the workplace.
                                                                        Design a workspace with a list of specific equipment
                                                                        that might most effectively service the food being
                                                                        Share designs with the class.
HS.O.FMP.3.2           relate the two elements of an effective work    Describe an effective work area in a foodservice
                       area.                                           operation.
                                                                       Discuss each of the two elements individually and
                                                                       differentiate their purposes in the operation.
HS.O.FMP.3.3           chart the six prevention factors.               Identify each of the six prevention factors and their
                                                                       purposes in the foodservice industry.
                                                                       Use a flowchart/Venn diagram to chart their
                                                                       placement and establish their importance.
HS.O.FMP.3.4           discuss management’s responsibility for         Define loss prevention and its function in the
                       implementing loss prevention factors.           foodservice industry.
                                                                       Bring in a guest speaker from a local store with an
                                                                       active loss prevention specialist.
HS.O.FMP.3.5           impart the importance of effective equipment    Take a list of the equipment in your facility and use
                       handling, maintenance and repairs.              the information (model number, brand name) to find
                                                                       an owner manual for each piece on the internet.
                                                                       Have students write a report for each piece of
                                                                       equipment describing its handling, maintenance and
                                                                       Also, have them locate a local company who will
                                                                       service their equipment and call to get quotes.
HS.O.FMP.3.6           conduct a commercial kitchen inspection.        Bring in a guest speaker from the Health Department
                                                                       to inspect the facilities.
                                                                       Have the speaker discuss the importance of
                                                                       safety/sanitation in the workplace.
                                                                       Do a preliminary evaluation on your facility and allow
                                                                       the students to shadow inspector to receive
                                                                       information upon inspection.
HS.O.FMP.3.7           research the considerations of a foodservice    Have students use the internet and telephone to get
                       operation when purchasing business and          information needed to get a quote to insure a local
                       facility insurance.                             business.
                                                                       Talk to local insurance companies to get quotes for
                                                                       an insurance plan to cover the business.
Standard Number:       Food and Beverage Menu Planning and Development
HS.S.FMP. 4            Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills when planning and developing food and beverage
Essential Questions:   What is the role and relevance of menu planning to a foodservice establishment?
Objectives:    Students will                                     Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.4.1   articulate basic menu planning principles.        Gather menus from various locations to evaluate.
                                                                 Ask students to evaluate menus on presentation,
                                                                 color, price, food variations, etc.
                                                                 Discuss with students the process that an
                                                                 owner/operator would have gone through to pick
                                                                 menu specifications.
HS.O.FMP.4.2   summarize the factors that influence a menu.      Describe various restaurant atmospheres and have
                                                                 students describe the type of menu they would
                                                                 expect to see.
                                                                 Identify the factors that might influence the menu.
HS.O.FMP.4.3   research different menu types with their          Divide students into groups and have each of them
               advantages and disadvantages.                     select a menu type.
                                                                 Have them prepare a chart/poster to display the
                                                                 advantages/disadvantages of each menu type.
                                                                 Present them to the class.
HS.O.FMP.4.4   outline the Truth-In-More Guidelines.             Use the internet to define “truth-in-more.”
                                                                 Discuss with students the purpose of these
                                                                 guidelines in the foodservice industry.
HS.O.FMP.4.5   develop a list of effective menu item             Use gathered menus to get menu item names.
               descriptions.                                     Build a verb bank of culinary descriptive terms.
                                                                 Prepare various menu items and use the verbs
                                                                 above noted to describe prepared food items.
HS.O.FMP.4.6   research the element that influences menu         Bring in guest speaker as an entrepreneur restaurant
               style and design.                                 owner/operator and a guest speaker from a
                                                                 Have the two discuss with the students that
                                                                 advantages and disadvantages to these ownership
                                                                 Be sure they address menu development.
HS.O.FMP.4.7   contrast basic menu formats.                      Gather menus from various locations to evaluate.
                                                                 Compare/contrast menu formats for their function,
                                                                 visual concept, and layout.
HS.O.FMP.4.8   create a chart of the basic menu categories and   Divide students into groups and have each of them
               how they are organized.                           select a menu category.
                                                                 Have them prepare a chart/poster to display the
                                                                         advantages/disadvantages of each menu category.
                                                                         Present them to the class.
HS.O.FMP.4.9           relate the influences that affect menu pricing.   Discuss with students the factors of menu pricing.
                                                                         Compare/contrast food costs to various locations,
                                                                         style of restaurant, overhead costs for a location, etc.
HS.O.FMP.4.10          use the factor method and markup-on-cost          Be sure to show the different types of mark-up
                       method of pricing to determine menu costs.        methods.
                                                                         Use receipts for food product purchased to
                                                                         determine cost of recipe using various methods for
HS.O.FMP.4.11          contrast the competitors’ pricing method with     Define each of the methods.
                       the psychological pricing method.                 Have students discuss the two types and each of
                                                                         their purposes.
                                                                         Be sure to describe that each of the methods have
                                                                         their purpose in the industry and can both be used to
                                                                         various reasons.
HS.O.FMP.4.12          create a menu for a foodservice operation         Establish criteria to build a menu for a specific type
                       incorporating; menu influences, menu type,        of restaurant. All elements listed are to be included.
                       menu style and design, menu format, types of
                       meals to be served, menu categories, and
                       menu pricing considerations.
Standard Number:       Management and Marketing Responsibilities
HS.S.FMP.5             Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in management and marketing responsibilities.
Essential Questions:   Which is more important in a foodservice industry, management or marketing?
Objectives:            Students will                                     Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.5.1           report on the purpose of marketing a              Define marketing.
                       foodservice operation.                            Discuss the reasons for marketing a restaurant.
                                                                         Research sample marketing plans to look at
                                                                         frequently used ideas.
HS.O.FMP.5.2           chart the three types of business ownerships      Separate students into three groups.
                       with their advantages and disadvantages.          Have each group define their specific type of
                                                                         ownership and chart the advantages/disadvantages
                                                                         for each.
HS.O.FMP.5.3           analyze location, customer base, competition      Use sample marketing plans to look at all items.
                       and trends used to develop a marketing            Discuss why all of these things are integral parts for
                       strategy.                                         a marketing strategy.
HS.O.FMP.5.4           discuss how positioning, atmosphere and           Have students determine definitions of each of these
                       customer needs influence marketing.               terms. Discuss the differences in each of these
                                                                         terms and how they can change the marketing plan
                                                                         in a restaurant.
HS.O.FMP.5.5           develop a position statement for a restaurant.    Discuss key words used in a position statement.
                                                                         Use the internet to research position statements for
                                                                         restaurants. Develop a concept for a restaurant that
                                                                         might work in your area and create a position
                                                                         statement for it.
HS.O.FMP.5.6           contrast advertising and publicity.               Define advertising and publicity.
                                                                         Discuss the differences in each of them and how
                                                                         they might help/hinder your restaurant.
                                                                         Have students create an ad campaign for
                                                                         Foodservice Management and also a publicity plan
                                                                         for the class.
                                                                         This should be used as a recruitment tool.
HS.O.FMP.5.7           design an ad for a restaurant.                    Create a rubric to evaluate an ad made by students.
                                                                         Establish criteria for the ad to critique its purpose
                                                                         and quality.
HS.O.FMP.5.8           chart advantages and disadvantages of direct      Choose two students to write on large easel paper.
                       marketing.                                        Discuss direct marketing and sort key points into
HS.O.FMP.5.9           create a customer comment card.                   Create a rubric to evaluate a customer comment
                                                                         card made by students.
                                                                         Establish criteria for the card to critique its ease of
Standard Number:       Safe Food Guidelines
HS.S.FMP.6             Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills relative to safe food guidelines.
Essential Questions:   How does safe food impact locally, regionwise, nationally and internationally?
Objectives:            Students will                                     Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.6.1           outline the standards of quality used to evaluate Use the internet to research the standards.
                       food.                                             Be sure to discuss the differences between produce,
                                                                         meats, and dairy products.
HS.O.FMP.6.2           explain the various government agencies that      Have students identify the agencies responsible for
                       regulate the foodservice industry.                evaluation. Use the websites for the USDA, FDA
                                                                         and others to discuss the reasons for the regulations.
                                                                          Bring in a local business that is regulated by the
                                                                          USDA to allow students to become more familiar
                                                                          with the agency.
HS.O.FMP.6.3           describe food grading and food inspection and      Purchase various foods available in your local
                       why they are used.                                 grocery store of food grades i.e. eggs.
                                                                          Compare and contrast the function ability of the
                                                                          products in a foodservice operation.
                                                                          Discuss the importance of food inspection and
                                                                          correlate no inspection with foodbourne illness.
HS.O.FMP.6.4           report on industry standards for handling food     Use the internet to research the standards for safe
                       safely.                                            food handling.
Standard Number:       Labor Rules and Regulations
HS.S.FMP.7             Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills relative to labor rules, worker’s rights and regulations in
                       the workplace.
Essential Questions:   What issues do workers face in the foodservice workplace?
Objectives:            Students will                                    Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.7.1           chart regulations about worker’s rights, safety, Divide students into groups and complete a chart for
                       discrimination, sexual harassment, The           each of the listed after researching on the internet.
                       Americans with Disability Act and how they       Have students present findings to the class.
                       affect all public and private employers.         Be sure to include issues that affect private and
                                                                        public individually and together.
HS.O.FMP.7.2           create a chart listing the employment laws and   Using the internet, research the various employment
                       their provisions.                                laws to understand the limitations they set and the
                                                                        protection they provide.
HS.O.FMP.7.3           examine the three laws that all foodservice      Complete a KWL chart on each of the laws.
                       workers should be aware of and the rights that   Split the students into three groups, each taking one
                       each law protects.                               of the laws and researching it.
                                                                        Have the students present the information in jigsaw
                                                                        puzzle groups. Finish the “L” portion of the KWL
                                                                        chart utilizing the information exchanged.
HS.O.FMP.7.4           use the Internet to research a court case about Find various cases of workers compensation.
                       worker’s compensation.                           Have students research laws, provisions, and
                                                                        potential issues that might arise from these cases.
                                                                        Have students write an essay to display their
                                                                        understanding of these laws.

Standard Number:       Safety Procedures in the Workplace
HS.S.FMP.8             Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills which relate to safety procedures in the workplace.
Essential Questions:   What is the responsibility of the foodservice workplace relative to public safety?
Objectives:            Students will                                     Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.8.1           outline work place safety guidelines and          Discuss work place safety guidelines.
                       needed equipment.                                 Establish the equipment needed to complete these
HS.O.FMP.8.2           report on the eight ways to prevent fires.        Discuss with the students the eight ways to prevent a
                                                                         fire. Have students draw large posters to display in
                                                                         the classroom.
HS.O.FMP.8.3           create a chart identifying class of fire, type of Have students chart/make a poster for the classes of
                       flammable materials and the type of               fires. Design a poster for each type of extinguishers
                       extinguisher.                                     making sure to label the materials that each will work
HS.O.FMP.8.4           demonstrate using a fire extinguisher.            Use the PASS system to show students how to use
                                                                         a fire extinguisher.
HS.O.FMP.8.5           demonstrate fire emergency procedures to be       Review with students the proper ways to exit the
                       used in the event of fire.                        room in case of a fire.
                                                                         Discuss the importance in checking the exits and
                                                                         securing the form of cooking heat in the kitchen.
HS.O.FMP.8.6           compile a list of emergency phone numbers.        Review with students the emergency procedure for
                                                                         phone calls/radio contact.
                                                                         Be sure to include directions on 911 or other local
                                                                         emergency personnel.
HS.O.FMP.8.7           outline first aid measures for burns and          Bring in a guest presenter from the American Red
                       wounds.                                           Cross or other local first aid organization to present
                                                                         basic first aid to each student.
                                                                         Have the certification test at your location and
                                                                         present each student with the certification.
HS.O.FMP.8.8           determine eight ways to prevent falls.            Review basic first aid with students making sure to
                                                                         emphasize fall hazards in the workplace.
HS.O.FMP.8.9           demonstrate the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR. Bring in a guest presenter from the American Red
                                                                         Cross or other local first aid organization to present
                                                                         CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver to each student.
                                                                         Have the certification test at your location and
                                                                         present each student with the certification.
HS.O.FMP.8.10          perform a safety audit in a commercial kitchen.   Using the internet, obtain a safety audit form to
                                                                         complete in your facility.
                                                                         Have each student complete a safety audit on the
                                                                         kitchen and evaluate the audit to repair items in the
Standard Number:       Food Safety Hazards
HS.S.FMP.9             Students will demonstrate knowledge and skill about food safety hazards in the workplace.
Essential Questions:   What food service hazards do foodservice workers face?
Objectives:            Students will                                    Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.9.1           compare sources of cross contamination and       Have students define contamination and cross
                       direct contamination.                            contamination. Identify food sources that are most
                                                                        common causes of infection.
HS.O.FMP.9.2           classify biological, chemical and physical       Have students make posters, one for each type of
                       hazards by definition and types of hazards.      hazard, and identify specific hazards to sort into
                                                                        each type.
                                                                        Be sure to define each hazard.
HS.O.FMP.9.3           chart foodborne illnesses, their symptoms and    Use the internet to identify common foodbourne
                       the foods involved.                              illnesses. Have students create a report and a
                                                                        display board presentation to present their illness to
                                                                        the class.
HS.O.FMP.9.4           outline the necessary procedures to be followed Discuss the procedures needed to respond to a
                       when responding to a foodborne illness           foodbourne illness outbreak.
                       outbreak.                                        Research a recent outbreak in the industry.
                                                                        Look at the way that the company responded and
                                                                        evaluate what were the positive and negative
                                                                        aspects of their response.
HS.O.FMP.9.5            report on the function of a sound pest          Define pest management program.
                       management program.                              Discuss with students the purpose(s) of a proper
                                                                        program and how it can benefit your facility.
                                                                        Also discuss ways that your facility can be hurt
                                                                        including loss of customers, money, and license.
HS.O.FMP.9.6           research a safety manual for a foodservice       Establish a name for your foodservice operation in
                       operation.                                       your school. Have students collaborate to create a
                                                                        safety manual for your operation.
                                                                        Use another manual for a guide to aid you in
                                                                        assuring that you include all necessary elements.
Standard Number:       Employee Personal Hygiene Responsibilities
HS.S.FMP.10            Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills when applying good personal hygiene responsibilities
                       in the workplace.
Essential Questions:   What role does the employee’s personal hygiene play in a responsible foodservice market?
Objectives:            Students will                                    Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.10.1          demonstrate appropriate grooming practices for Discuss with students the procedure for proper
                       the workplace.                                   grooming in the kitchen.
                                                                        Have students trace a life size outline of one student
                                                                        and in groups label the key points for proper
                                                                        grooming for food production/service.
HS.O.FMP.10.2          determine when and why gloves are used in the Articulate the importance of wearing gloves in the
                       workplace.                                       kitchen for food production.
                                                                        Have students trace their hands on a large sheet of
                                                                        construction paper and name one reason for each
                                                                        finger as to why you should wear gloves and when
                                                                        you should change them.
                                                                        Assure that students understand that gloves are by
                                                                        no means any replacement for proper hand washing.
HS.O.FMP.10.3          demonstrate proper hand washing procedures. Discuss the proper procedure for hand washing.
                                                                        Use the ServSafe standards for hand washing. Use
                                                                        “Happy Birthday” 2x or “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”
                                                                        to show the length of time to scrub your hands.
                                                                        Setup a kitchen activity to grade students on proper
                                                                        process and procedure to be graded by a rubric.
Standard Number:       HACCP
HS.S.FMP.11            Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills about HACCP in the food safety process.
Essential Questions:   What is HACCP’s role in food safety?
Objectives:            Students will                                    Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.11.1          Articulate the concept of HACCP.                 Cover the hot topics of each one of the letters of
                                                                        HACCP. (what they stand for, what are their
                                                                        regulations, their purpose, and why they exist).
HS.O.FMP.11.2          outline the seven steps necessary in setting up Review HACCP.
                       a HACCP system.                                  Give students a scenario of a lunch menu. Have
                                                                        students analyze the HACCP guidelines for the
HS.O.FMP.11.3          determine food safety hazards.                   Define food safety hazards.
                                                                          Make a class list of food safety hazards.
                                                                          Be sure to include what they are, why they are
                                                                          hazardous, who they harm, and how they can be
HS.O.FMP.11.4          relate the purpose of a critical control point.    Define CCP’s.
                                                                          Discuss with the students the potential harm that can
                                                                          come from any of these points having a violation
                                                                          listed at it.
                                                                          Establish a response plan to fix a problem at any of
                                                                          the CCP’s.
HS.O.FMP.11.5          create an HACCP analysis chart, illustrating the   Have students make this chart in groups.
                       flow of food with potential hazards, control       Use large poster paper to be visible in the
                       points and corrective actions.                     classroom.
                                                                          Have the students then create posters for potential
                                                                          problem areas with key check points and place them
                                                                          in the appropriate areas in your kitchen.
HS.O.FMP.11.6          chart the safe internal cooking temperatures       Have students make posters for each of the areas of
                       and times for poultry, meats, fish and eggs.       food products and their temperatures.
                                                                          Place these over top of the stove or other
                                                                          preparation areas for ease of reference during food
HS.O.FMP.11.7          Research the role of thermometers in keeping       Have students use the internet to find lawsuits or
                       food safe and how they are calibrated.             restaurant complaints for illness related to
                                                                          Time/Temperature abuse. Present findings to the
                                                                          Create a kitchen activity to demonstrate thermometer
                                                                          calibration and then allow the students to work with
                                                                          the thermometers in an ice water bath and boiling
Standard Number:       Maintenance and Sanitation
HS.S.FMP.12            Students will demonstrate skills and knowledge in the maintenance, sanitation, and food safety
Essential Questions:   What roles do maintenance and sanitation play in the foodservice industry?
Objectives:            Students will                                     Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor:
HS.O.FMP.12.1          inspect all food products for damage and          Use ServSafe text and posters to establish
                       spoilage when they are received.                  guidelines for recognizing problems in receiving.
HS.O.FMP.12.2          outline the potential problem areas when           Discuss with students the potential problems areas
                       receiving food.                                    for receiving.
                                                                          Have the students take notes on these specific
                                                                          Be sure to verify notes for completion and
HS.O.FMP.12.3          chart the twelve general preparation and           Discuss the twelve preparation and cooking
                       cooking guidelines.                                guidelines.
                                                                          Design a flowchart to show the process for these
                                                                          steps inside the kitchen. Also, students can identify
                                                                          all equipment used in each one of these steps.
HS.O.FMP.12.4          demonstrate the correct procedures for holding     Identify temperatures and equipment needed to
                       foods, serving foods, cooling foods and            complete each one of the steps in the foodservice
                       reheating foods.                                   procedure.
                                                                          Have students participate in kitchen activities that
                                                                          allow them to practice each one of these steps.
HS.O.FMP.12.5          show the proper procedure for setting up a         Have students design a poster to describe how to set
                       three bowl sink for manual dishwashing.            up the three bowl sink.
                                                                          Choose the best poster to display over the three
                                                                          bowl sink for a reminder.
                                                                          Create a kitchen activity to have students complete
                                                                          the setup of a three bowl sink and verify the
                                                                          accuracy of their completion.
HS.O.FMP.12.6          chart types of sanitizers and their advantages     Use the internet to research various sanitizers.
                       and disadvantages.                                 Chart them according to their standards.
HS.O.FMP.12.7          demonstrate the proper way to use, clean and       Obtain an owner manual for the dishwasher at your
                       maintain a commercial dishwasher.                  facility. Use the manual to show students the proper
                                                                          way that the dishwasher functions.
HS.O.FMP.12.8          create a safety poster illustrating where          Review HACCP. Have students draw a poster
                       potential problems can occur in receiving,         illustrating each of the steps in HACCP. Be sure to
                       storing, preparing, cooking, holding and serving   include temperatures, times, and specific food
                       food.                                              examples.
 21st Century Skills          Learning Skills & Technology Tools                  Teaching Strategies            Evidence of
                                                                                  Culminating Activity            Success
                       21C.O.912.1.LS1     Student recognizes                  Students in ProStart can      Completion of
Information and                            information needed for              develop presentations in      presentations.
Communication                          problem solving, can efficiently   various units utilizing
Skills                                 browse, search and navigate        technology and a variety
                                       online to access relevant          of resources.
                                       information, evaluates
                                       information based on
                                       credibility, social, economic,
                                       political and/or ethical issues,
                                       and presents findings clearly
                                       and persuasively using a
                                       range of technology tools and

                    21C.O.9-12.2.TT2 Student collaborates with            Team work, group work,     Product production
Thinking and                         peers, experts and others to         use of technology          and group work
Reasoning Skills                     contribute to a content-related      Use of charts, graphs,     observation
                                     knowledge base by using              visual organizers,         Correct evaluation of
                                     technology to compile,               spreadsheets, reports      technical data
                                     synthesize, produce, and
                                     disseminate information,
                                     models, and other creative
                    21C.O.9-12.2.LS2 Student draws conclusions
                                     from a variety of data sources
                                     to analyze and interpret

                    21C.O.9-12.3.LS3 Student demonstrates                 Use of technology to Finished
Personal, and                        ownership of his/her learning        prepare     presentations, presentation        or
Workplace, Skills                    by setting goals, monitoring         portfolios,           and product
                                     and adjusting performance,           demonstrations
                                     extending learning, using what
                                     he/she has learned to adapt to
                                     new situations, and displaying
                                     perseverance and
                                     commitment to continued
                         Learning Skills & Technology Tools            Teaching Strategies      Evidence of
                                                                       Culminating Activity     Success
                   D.08               Make oral presentations       Technology and software     Presentation
Entrepreneurship                                                    usage to prepare and
Skills                                                              present oral presentations.
                                                       Culminating Assessment:
                   Chapter and unit assessments
                   End of Course Exam
                   Project Presentation
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