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									         Training on Microfinance Games & Simulations
                      2nd November 2011

        About the Event
        In the context of the European Microfinance Week, ADA and SBFIC would like to invite
you to a special presentation workshop dedicated to simulations of Microfinance and banking
activities in MFIs, regional banks and with Micro-entrepreneurs. The objective of the workshop
is to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of three simulation games – SIMFI &
SBFIC Business games, created by ADA and SBFIC.


09:00                                       Welcome Coffee
                                     Introduction into Simulations

09:30                                         Workshop 1:
                                         Micro Business Game
                                The board game for Micro Entrepreneurs

10:45                                         Workshop 2:
                                 Sales and Market Penetration Game
                      A PC-based Business Game for regional banks and larger MFIs

12:15                                         Lunch Break

13:15                                         Workshop 3:
                               Microfinance Institution Simulation Software

16:30                                         Get together
                                  Time for Questions & Discussions

       About SIMFI
       The intention to develop a microfinance simulation program has been taken jointly by
ATTF (Agence de Transfert de Technologie Financière) and ADA (Appui au Développement
Autonome). This decision was a consequence of the Microfinance Round Table held in
Luxembourg in December 2006, where one of the conclusions of the Risk Management
Workshop was the development of training programs focused on this area of microfinance
business. As simulation games for the banking sector are already frequently used with success by
ATTF a similar tool was developed for Microfinance. No such extended solution for
microfinance has existed until now.
       SIMFI has been developed jointly by three partners – ADA, ATTF and Stachanov. For
more than two years experts from different fields worked together in order to create a solution
that will give the best training experience for MFI practitioners that a simulation game can offer.
       Negotiations with ADA and ATTF were finalized in 2009 in a global agreement between
the three institutions to create a real partnership to commercialize the simulation. The name
SIMFI has been chosen as brand name.
       Stachanov is an Amsterdam based software engineering company that specializes in
databases and simulation models for the financial industry. The firm has developed a line of
simulation models that are used within financial institutes to train staff in the fields of Asset
Liability Management (ALM), Credit Risk Management (CRM), swap trading, insurance activities
among others.
       The company has a staff of eight and provides, along the engineering activities, also full
service hosting solutions for the applications it has built. Clients include ING Bank, ABN-
AMRO Bank, F. van Lanschot Bank, Fortis, Institute of Canadian Bankers, Belgian
Bankers'Academy, UWV (Dutch Social Security Bank) and many more.

       About SBFIC Business Games

       SBFIC has more than twenty years’ experience in business simulations worldwide. Based
on this experience with a classical business simulation for banks, SBFIC decided three years ago
to develop five new strategic business simulations for banks, microfinance institutions and their
clients, which have been developed in the meantime. Today SBFIC offers five computer based
simulations, which were developed jointly over the past two years by SBFIC and TOPSIM. In

addition SBFIC promotes a board game, which was realized in cooperation with BTS. Both
TOPSIM and BTS are leading companies for the development of simulations.
       These training models are a particular favourite with our partners around the globe
because they give them the chance to actively take control of a bank or MFI. This experience
enables them to see first hand how the decisions they make directly influence the development of
the institution under their leadership. The interactive approach makes business simulations a
highly effective learning tool. By playing the simulation games, participants gain a practical in-
depth understanding of complex topics and interdependencies of management issues.
Sparkassenstiftung has training experience across a wide range of very different target groups,
from MFI employees in Rwanda and Mexico to managerial staff at the Bank of China. This
learning approach generates enthusiasm – and hence results – amongst all participants, partners
and training centres.


In 1992, Germany’s Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe established the Sparkassenstiftung für
internationale Kooperation (Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation –
SBFIC). Right from the outset, SBFIC has been a pro-active supporter of financial-service
providers whose focus is on the general public and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
SBFIC aims to enhance the professional capacity of its partner institutions, empowering them to
better meet the needs of their target groups. Focusing business operations on the SME and
small-customer sector actually gives benefit to the partner institutions themselves: serving small
businesses and private clients allows generating stable and sufficient profits.

ADA has for over 15 years been a leading player in the field of microfinance in Luxembourg and
abroad. ADA is a partner of choice for the assistance of the autonomous development of
populations excluded from traditional financial services. As a pioneer and expert in microfinance,
ADA initiates and develops news inclusive financial products (such as saving products, credits,
insurances, money transfers), helps microfinance research, and builds partnerships to best assist
microfinance institutions (MFIs) in their process of professionalization.
       ADA is coordinator of the Microinsurance Network, the African Microfinance
Transparency Forum and the Rating Initiative Program. ADA is advisor for the Luxembourg

Microfinance and Development Fund and member of Etika, Luxflag, the Luxembourg Round
Table on Microfinance, IMS, EVPA, and the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP).

        Practical Details
Seminar Venue
Centre Culturel de Rencontre
Abbaye de Neumünster
28, rue Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg
(G.-D. de Luxembourg)

The workshop will be held in English.

The number of participants is limited to 18 persons. The places will be distributed on a first
come first serve basis. The registration will be closed on October 15th, 2011. One participant per
institution will be accepted.

To register, please follow this link:

Participation to the European microfinance Week

A participation in this workshop is free of charge and does not include the registration to the
European Microfinance Week conference held from November 3rd to November 4th. The theme
for this year’s event is ‘Inclusive Finance for Excluded People – Microfinance refocusing on the
underserved, unserved and vulnerable’.

If you are interested to participate to the European Microfinance week, you can register online
on the European Microfinance Platform Web-site:

Registration fee: 400 €


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