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A skilled Analyst who has the creativity to get messages across.

A sharp and colourful character, I combine over 20 solid years of varied I.T. experience
with a strong practical and creative flair.

Fully Adobe ACE CS Certified, I first become involved in digital publishing in the mid

My experience is fully underpinned by key analysis skills in the areas of data, systems
& business processes, combined with illustration, reporting and presentation skills.

A very experienced I.T. professional I first started using computers way back in 1974.

I have travelled widely and worked in a variety of enterprises and organisations.
I have an honours degree in Computer Science providing me with a thorough
understanding of the principles and issues involved in Software Engineering and Data        skills

Self motivated, I like to use my initiative, am hard working and good at what I do.
I have strong abilities in the areas of analysis, illustration, design and documentation.   experience
A lot of my early experience was around the development of database applications.
I understand data and the essential principles underpinning it’s effective management.
I believe data and its clear understanding, in its particular domain detail, is the key
precursor to any successful software activity.                                              desires
I am also a great believer in engineering solutions and in quality.

As well as having a thorough technical I.T. background I have for many years been very
interested and involved in the arts, particularly the visual arts.                          interests
I have exhibited my work on a number of occasions, including several solo exhibitions.

<< Happiness is

       the full use of your particular talents

       along lines of excellence. >>
personnal details
Address:         3 Ave Weber         Phone:                +41 (022) 735 3828
                 GE 1208
                 Switzerland         E-Mail:     

Date of Birth:   21/09/57.           Degree:               BSc (Eng) Honours in Computer
Nationality:     Born London, U.K.                         Imperial College,
                                                           University of London,
                 Native English.                           1976 - 1979.
Languages:       Speak & Read
                 French well.

Passports / Permits:                 Hold a UK Passport and an Australian Passport.
                                     Hold a Swiss Permis C.
                                     Held a U.N. Carte de Legitimation for over 3 years.
                                     Have lived in Geneva for over 10 years.
Infographism & Digital Publishing.   Adobe Certified Expert
I*Net & WebDesign.                   - Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, GoLive CS,
                                       InDesign CS, Acrobat Pro 7
                                     CIW Certified
                                     - WebMaster, JavaScript
                                     PHP /MySQL
                                     Internet & Intranet Website Design.
                                     Some Flash Animation.
Analysis & Design.                   RUP (Rational Unified Process).
                                     SADT (Structured Analysis & Design Technique).
                                     SSADM (Structured Specification & Design Method).
                                     IE (Information Engineering).
                                     Relational Database Analysis and Design.
                                     JSD (Jackson Structured Development).
Database Implementation.             ORACLE 7, LOTUS NOTES 4.6,
                                     Some DOCUMENTUM.
Database Development Tools.          SDS (Software Development System).
                                     SDD (Sequel Design Dictionary).
Form Production.                     SQL FORMS.
Report Writing.                      SQL, SQR, SQLPLUS, RPT.
Development Environments.            UNIX/C, PC WINDOWS / NT / DOS,
                                     VAX/VMS, some APPLE MACINTOSH.
Programming Languages.               PASCAL, C, CORAL, ADA, MASCOT,
                                     FORTRAN, ALGOL, BASIC, SIMULA,
feb 2005 to may 2006
Spent 15 months as infographist and web
designer at e-Reality SA - Geneva - Switzerland.

Successfully completed a poly-valent mission primarily supporting the marketing of doQ,
e-Reality’s innovative Enterprise Reporting Solution.

Delivered the following key marketing elements :-

•   Product Branding - Name & Logo realignment.
•   Drafting of ideas, and key copy slogans for Advertising Campaigns. through to publication.
•   Establishment of various Public Websites (,
•   Implementation of various internal Web Applications based on PHP / MySQL.
•   Variety of Brochures, Flyers and Cards.
•   Provision of Exhibition materials.
•   Supporting Animations.
•   Application Icons.
•   Responsible for all English copy concering the product.
•   Translations (French to English).
•   General inputs and ideas for marketing strategy.

sept 2003 to sept 2004
Spent a year studying infographism and web design
full time at IDForm - Geneva - Switzerland.

Successfully completed the 7 module Course leading to the following industry recognised certification :-

• Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW).

• Adobe ACE Certification in the full CS Creative Suite
  of Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive & JavaScript (CIW),
  InDesign and Acrobat, covering both Print and Web domains.

• Dynamic Web Application development with PHP / MySQL.
sept 2002 to sept 2003
Creative projects - Geneva - Switzerland.

Whilst waiting for my Permis C to be granted, I worked on a number of creative projects includ-
ing a video for entry to the 10th Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement, hosted by the Centre pour
l’image contemporaine, Saint-Gervais, in Geneva.

The resulting 35 minute video, Corridor - the Image in Movement,
attempted to present the image in movement, across 3 mediums, video, paint, and animation, with
the 3 phases wrapped together in a mysterious journey into the “image” itself.
may 1999 to aug 2002
World Intellectual Property Organisation
Geneva - Switzerland.

Employed as a direct consultant in the role of senior systems analyst by W.I.P.O., a renowned United Nations organisation.
A wide variety of analysis roles within a large and complex Document Processing and Management development project

Specifically involved for over 3 years on the IMPACT project, W.I.P.O.’s major I.T. project to automate the manual processing of all patent applications it
handles under the PCT System.
This is a large scale automation project, which involves over 300 man years of effort.
A core W.I.P.O. team currently directs a development team of around 50, drawn from both a system developer and other directly contracted specialists.

The IMPACT system is based on an HP Technical Infrastructure, and involves browser based Java applications, deployed against Oracle managed attribute
data and Documentum managed document images.
Key challenges facing the system are performance, intricate business rules, high document volumes, multilingual requirements, 3 levels of archiving and
business as usual during an extended parallel run period for a user base of over 300 exigent staff.

I was involved from the initiation of the project, through deployment of the global technical HP infrastructure, up until the completion of detailed require-
ments gathering and analysis.
The project is currently in final development and deployment phases.

Initially I was a key player in the rigorous bidder evaluation process and subsequently contributed to the establishment of the project structure and the
working and contractual relationship with the selected system developer.

My first key analysis activity was to undertake a thorough analysis of the existing, currently used, though undocumented, database application, whose
eventual decommissioning is envisaged upon successful deployment of the new systems.
This analysis was done from the perspectives of both data, and the related online and batch applications.
Key results were to produce a normalised model of the data, extract representative sample sets of data into Oracle, perform relevant data analysis and
reporting, to identify data distribution and integrity issues, and to provide some initial structure for existing application code.

I also oversaw the deployment of certain key infrastructure elements for system monitoring of the technical infrastructure based upon HP’s Vantage Point
suite of utilities.
I also contributed to realigning the overall project development methodology, and facilitated an external security auditor’s review of the project.

Most recently I was responsible for a key business analysis activity gathering and documenting business and functional requirements from users in the key
areas of PCT publication, fees processing as well as defining the global non-functional requirements for the key business applications.
sept 1998 to may 1999
At Home Parenting,
Geneva - Switzerland.

Took full time care of my new baby daughter, Lucy, from the age of 4 months, when her mother
returned to work after maternity leave.
march 1994 to sept 1998
Petroconsultants S.A., Perly - Geneva - Switzerland.

Full time position as a senior application developer within the leading data services company for the international oil industry.
Substantial database applications work followed by a move into the evolving Internet technologies.

Initially I was involved in a variety of projects involving Oracle forms and report development work for Petroconsultants IRIS21 Database.
This work included :-
- developing a number of data loading systems to import various data from other databases;
- upgrading the IRIS21 database applications with new functionality and upgrading to new versions of Oracle;
- developing new areas of the datamodel;
- mapping the IRIS21 data model to the POSC Epicentre Model;
- developing the first application data model for IRIS21 and producing an interface to it using Microsoft EXCEL.

I was then involved in establishing the companies first centralised Desk Top Publishing Group for the Foreign Scouting Service.

Subsequently, as the web broke onto the scene, I became involved in most of Petroconsultants initiatives to exploit the evolving I*Net tech-
Specifically I was involved in developing electronic publishing solutions for the company’s varied information and data services.
This included developing the company’s first generation website and intranet as well as evolving traditional paper based products, via proto-
types, into electronic web based information services.
A key achievement was to convince the company to adopt Lotus Notes as the delivery engine for it’s online data services, using Oracle as the
legacy database engine.

The culmination of this work was in providing the key data feeds, access to legacy databases, for PetroNET , Petroconsultants first I*Net

                                                These systems were developed within the Lotus Notes 4.6 / Domino environment using Lotus-
                                                Script and ODBC.
                                                As well as being responsible for all the data feeds development work I was involved in rolling
                                                out the system, documenting it and providing end-user training and support.

sept 1992 to april 1993
Roads & Traffic Authority - Sydney - Australia.
Independent Contractor maintaining and enhancing existing production database applications, within the public sector.
The work involved liasing with users to identify requirements, and database developers to identify data navigation pathways.
The reports were rigorously tuned for performance, and restartability was incorporated where appropriate.
Due to data integrity problems and political sensitivity of reporting results a defensive approach to programming and testing also had to be adopted.

jan 1991 to march 1991
Telecom - Brisbane - Australia.
Independent Contractor maintaining and enhancing existing production database applications, within the telecommunications sector.
Contracted by Telecom to work on the ‘Key it in Once’ system an Oracle database application running under Unix.
Involved in the enhancement, correction and testing of forms using SQLFORMS, and reports using RPT and SQLPLUS.

dec 1999 to april 1990
Roads & Traffic Authority - Sydney - Australia.
Independent Contractor maintaining and enhancing existing production database applications, within the public sector.
Contracted by the RTA to work on the ROCOND road condition database an Oracle database application running under Unix. Tasks undertaken
included modifying the database from version 5 to version 6 of Oracle; developing an enhanced version of the database to deal with both urban and
rural roads; testing, correcting and documenting the system; reorganising and rationalising the directory structures; rewriting reports in SQR and solv-
ing user problems on an adhoc basis.

june 1988 to feb 1989
Dept of Main Roads - Sydney - Australia.
Independent Contractor maintaining and enhancing existing production database applications, within the public sector.
Contracted by the DMR to develop a Fleet Management System for its Regional Works Offices. Responsible for the analysis and design of the system
using the Information Engineering methodology; the capture and checking of this information using the Sequel Design Dictionary; and the implemen-
tation of a prototype of the system using Oracle - SQLFORMS, SQLPLUS and RPT.

aug 1986 to may 1997
Infolink - Sydney - Australia
Independent Contractor developing new database applications for a small independent company.
Contracted to produce a PC version of the Manplan Personnel System using Oracle.
Involved in all stages of the redesign and initial reimplementation of the new system under a 4GL database package called DataEase.
The resulting system, STAHR, went on to be successfully marketed in Australia and overseas.

march 1991 to aug 1992
Epicentre - Byron Bay - Australia.
Worked as a resident artist as part of the Epicentre arts project on the far north coast of NSW, Australia.

march 1989 to nov 1989
Wilderness Foods - Byron Bay - Australia.
Spent six months working with a friend helping him establish Wilderness Foods, a Native Food plant Nursery
based in Byron Bay.

july 1987 to may 1988

Australian Travel.
Travelling in Australia. Casual Work.

aug 1985 to april 1986
Overseas Travel.
Overseas Travel, broadening horizons.
oct 1980 to july 1985
Scicon - London - U.K.

Full time position as an analyst/programmer within a large software house, gaining valuable experience on a variety of proj-
ects in software engineering and relational database application development.

Involved in a wide range of projects during my 5 years at Scicon including the following.

Development of a VAX/VMS based Programming Support Environment for use on a large 200 man year development project.
Particularly involved in the development of database tools to analyse, extract, store and report design information expressed
in a Program Design Language based on a subset of ADA. This involved the design and implementation of syntax analysers
together with a large design database initially using SDS and later using Oracle.

Involved in Scicon’s Software Engineering Section which was responsible for coordinating the use of software development
methodologies within the company and developing automated tools for supporting such methodologies.
Particularly involved in developing and evaluating Oracle databases to store and manipulate the analysis and design informa-
tion generated by the use of methodologies such as SADT, SSADM and JSD.
This is where I first started working with the early versions of the Oracle relational database.

Involved in the top level analysis and design of several large information systems using the SADT requirements analysis

Involved in a study for BP to survey the spectrum of software development within the BP group of companies and to develop
a coordinated stategy for such development.

sept 1979 to sept 1980
Ferranti - Bracknell - U.K.

Full time position as an analyst/programmer in the domain of real time control systems in a large

Involved in the design and implementation of real time Command & Control Systems using Coral,
Mascot and Assembler on Ferranti Argus 700 and M700 hardware.
       I am now seeking
      interesting and
     challenging projects to
    which I can contribute
   my creative and technical
  skills and experience to
  produce innovative
 content and solutions.

 Ideally I prefer a small
 and intimate project to a
monolith, and am open
to either a contract based
consultancy role or a full
time position. I prefer a
Geneva based location
though would consider
Lausanne. Salary is certainly
 negotiable, if interest and
 prospects are high.

 I hope my C.V. and glimpse
  at my work is of interest
   and look forward to
    discussing possibilities of
     future collaboration.
  BE                  QUALITY


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