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   Old Dubrovnik + Dalmatian Island Cruise (DDC)
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   2012/13 Standard Itinerary


   15 days

   These trip notes refer to the 2012/13 Standard Itinerary version of this tour. Itinerary details may vary depending on departure date and alternative
   itineraries for this tour may exist. Please refer to the dates and prices page on our website to check which itinerary operates on each departure date.

   Trip Highlights

   Dubrovnik - Guided tour of the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’.
   Split - Guided tour of Diocletian’s Palace.
   Plitvice Lakes N. Park - Beautiful lakes and waterfalls.
   Zadar - Exploring Croatia’s old capital.
   Oldtimer Motor Cruiser - 7 nights on board our own chartered vessel cruising to the islands of Vis, Korcula, and Hvar in the Croatian Adriatic.
   Trogir - Fascinating medieval town.
   Korcula - Delightful Venetian architecture.

  1.Comfort rating: Comfort 3
    Hotels and guesthouses (often family run) with en-suite bathrooms but lacking other facilities such as bars and restaurants.
  2.Activity level: Active 2
    Physically easy activities (shopping in bazaars, visiting historic sites, on safari) with a few early mornings but nothing too strenuous.

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   Come with us to discover one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, combining our Old Dubrovnik & Dalmatia tour with a relaxing cruise among Croatia’s
   Adriatic islands. We explore Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik and the beautiful lakes and waterfalls of the Plitvice National Park: touring the most dramatic
   landscapes in the country. We set sail on our ‘Oldtimer’ cruiser to visit several Adriatic islands including Korcula, Hvar and Solta. We swim and snorkel
   in azure seas, walk through shaded olive groves and taste the remarkable local wines.

   Joining Tour Abroad

   This tour is 15 days land only. Join tour in: Dubrovnik (day 1. ) End tour in: Trogir (day 15).

   Clients booked on ‘Land Only’ arrangements should make their own way to the joining point. Please refer to separate ‘Joining Instructions’ for time
   and place of rendezvous with tour leader.

   Group Travel from London

   Passengers with non-group flights booked through Explore should refer to their individual confirmation invoice for flight details. Transfers to and from
   the airport are not included unless purchased in addition to the tour package.

   15 days/14 nights Tour including Connecting Group Flights London-Dubrovnik & Split-London

   Depart from London to join tour the same day in Dubrovnik (day 1 of Land Only itinerary). Transfer to hotel.

   Return from Split (day 15 of Land Only itinerary). Transfer from Trogir to Split airport for flight to London, arriving the same day.

   Land Only Itinerary                                                                                         Carbon Offset
                                                                                                               As a responsible
   Be Prepared                                                                                                 tour operator, we
                                                                                                               have included in
   While our intention is to adhere to the day-to-day route printed below, a degree of flexibility is built
                                                                                                               our tour prices the
   into the itinerary. The first part of this tour offers a comprehensive overview of mainland Croatia and
                                                                                                               costs of offsetting
   as such we cover quite a distance by bus, so please be prepared for some longer drives.
                                                                                                               CO2 emissions
   Overnight stops, and even islands visited, may vary due to weather, sea conditions and the                  from all
   availability of mooring space in harbours. Please be aware, as with all accommodation on traditional        international and domestic flights forming
   boats, cabin space is very limited, so pack accordingly. In some harbours, we may be mooring                part of the tour. Our chosen offset partner is
   alongside other boats and so access to our oldtimer may involve crossing other vessels decks with           Climate Care. If you are making independent
   your luggage. Soft bags are much easier to stow than hard-framed suitcases. An ability to swim is           flight arrangements to join one of our tours,
   strongly recommended. Please note: Participation in canoeing, kayaking, or rafting (including white-        may we urge you to take responsibility for
   water) requires that you are able to swim 25 metres unaided.                                                your CO2 emissions by offsetting through
                                                                                                               Climate Care, or a similar offsetting scheme.
   Day 1: Join tour Dubrovnik                                                         possible to do a full-
                                                                                      day excursion to nearby Montenegro, or take a ferry to the Elaphite
   Arrive Dubrovnik and check into hotel.
   Overnight Standard Hotel (H+)
                                                                                      Overnight Standard Hotel (H+) Included meals: Breakfast
   Day 2 to 3: In Dubrovnik
                                                                                      Day 4: Drive to Split
   We have two wonderful days available to enjoy the extensive attractions
                                                                                      This morning we first drive through the vineyards of the Peljesac
   of Dubrovnik and its surrounding villages or even venture further afield.
                                                                                      Peninsula to Trpanj, then take a ferry back onto the Croatian mainland
   Now essentially fully restored following damage from shelling in the
                                                                                      to Ploce. Continuing towards Split we arrive at Omis at the head of the
   Siege of Dubrovnik in 1991-92, the old medieval town of Dubrovnik still
                                                                                      Cetina River, where you can take a boat trip to visit Cetina Gorge before
   retains its unique atmosphere and charm. UNESCO have granted
                                                                                      heading back to the road to Split. The centre of the city is located close
   Dubrovnik World Cultural Heritage status as one of the world’s finest
                                                                                      to the riva (seafront) and the old town. Take the opportunity to join the
   examples of a fortified medieval town. ‘Those who seek paradise on
                                                                                      glamorous locals on an evening korzo (promenade) past aromatic
   earth’, George Bernard Shaw once wrote, ‘should come to Dubrovnik.’
                                                                                      restaurants and bustling cafés.
   The best way to get a feel of the layout of the old town and its wealth of
   monasteries, museums and old buildings is on our guided tour of the                Overnight Standard Hotel (H+) Included meals: Breakfast
   main places of interest. Starting from Pile Gate we will visit the
   Franciscan Monastery, Dominican Monastery, the cathedral and the                   Day 5: Drive to Plitvice Lakes N. Park
   Rector’s Palace on our first morning here. There will also be time for you
                                                                                      After breakfast we take a guided morning walking tour of Split. Today’s
   to walk the entire circumference of the city wall (1940m) for great views
                                                                                      Split is the product of 17 centuries of building, renovating and
   over the twisting alleyways and out over the Adriatic (optional). A day is
                                                                                      remodelling. A visit to the remains of the Diocletian’s Palace is a
   left free for you to follow your own interests. You could choose to take a
                                                                                      particular highlight. The palace that Emperor Diocletian built for his
   boat to the pretty fishing village of Cavtat or possibly visit the nature
                                                                                      golden years at the turn of the 4th century became the heart of the city.
   reserve on the island of Lokrum, just off the coast of Dubrovnik. It is also
                                                                                      The mausoleum of the pagan Roman emperor evolved with time into the
                                                                                      world’s oldest Roman Catholic church. A tour of the Palace is a step

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   back in time. What began as an imperial residence and fortified camp is      raids during the Second World War A section of the tunnel has been
   today an intriguing maze of narrow cobble-stone streets where pre-           converted into a family run wine cellar where we can stop and sample
   Romanesque churches nestle alongside Gothic chapels. We’ll visit the         local wine produce (optional). In splendid isolation, away from the
   Peristyle, cathedral, crypt and basement halls. In the afternoon we head     harbour lights, we can dine on board (optional) and spend time gazing
   inland into the mountainous hinterland of Croatia. A brief stop at the       up at the stars.
   fortress at Klis affords an impressive view of Split and the Dalmatian
                                                                                Overnight Accommodation on Boat (U) Included meals: Breakfast,
   Coast. Later, we arrive at Plitvice Lakes, located in a valley between
   high forested mountains. Plitvice was the first and is the most beautiful
   National Park in the country. It is also one of the natural wonders of
                                                                                Day 10: Cruise to Vela Luka (Korcula Island)
                                                                                If the weather is fair we will de-camp into smaller boats to investigate
   Overnight Standard Hotel (H+) Included meals: Breakfast                      the ‘Blue Cave’ - a grotto that, only if there is direct sunshine overhead,
                                                                                displays the most wondrous turquoise waters. Then we will head to
   Day 6: Exploring Plitvice Lakes N. Park                                      Korcula. Korcula is the most obviously historical of all of the Dalmatian
   We plan to spend a full day walking the wellmarked trails in the National    Islands and is believed to be the birth place of Marco Polo, as well as
   Park, following the 16 crystal blue-green lakes on their dramatic and        being well known for its high quality white wine production. On leaving
   cascading descent over 92 travertine barriers and waterfalls. Over the       Pomena, we will stop for a swim and a snorkel, then heading towards
   millennia, the waters of these lakes have dissolved the limestone rock       the most westerly part of the island - Vela Luka - our mooring for tonight.
   and carved out the valley in which they now lie. Through the                 From here, we can offer the option of climbing into the olive groves for
   sedimentation of calcium carbonate and the work of special kinds of          an evening of traditional Croatian hospitality and entertainment
   algae and moss, tufa or travertine has been deposited to form the            (optional) with spectacular views over the bay. Alternatively, you can eat
   natural dams that separate the lakes. This dynamic process still             in Vela Luka, which again has many restaurants to offer.
   continues, creating new falls as water breaks through the travertine
                                                                                Overnight Accommodation on Boat (U) Included meals: Breakfast,
   barriers. A popular circuit leads from the Upper Lakes, involves a ferry
   across Lake Kozjak, then twists between the Lower Lakes, walking
   mostly on wooden promenades. Every turn leads to breathtaking
                                                                                Day 11: Cruise to Korcula Town (Korcula Island)
   scenery and yet another waterfall. Shorter walks are possible for those
   wanting less activity.                                                       Continuing east, following Korcula’s coastline, after a stop or two for a
                                                                                swim and a snorkel, our destination is Korcula Town itself. Korcula is
   Overnight Standard Hotel (H+) Included meals: Breakfast                      undoubtedly one of the highlights of the trip. Take a self-guided walking
                                                                                tour of this wonderfully compact walled town whose history, like most of
   Day 7: To Trogir via Pag and Zadar                                           Croatia, spans the centuries. Start your walk at the Rector’s Place, with
   Following scenic backroads initially through rolling farmland, we make       its admirable 15th Century turrets, and continue to the City Museum
   for the northern Dalmatian Coast. We plan to stop in the typical             housed in a 16th Century mansion. Here you can witness an impressive
   Mediterranean town of Pag, with time for a swim before continuing on         array of artefacts and Byzantine icons that bring Korcula’s history to life.
   towards the ancient capital of Dalmatia, Zadar. The afternoon is left free   Korcula is a photographers dream, with its red terracotta roofs, stone
   for a leisurely lunch and to explore the old the Old Town of Zadar. You      cathedrals and winding roads. You may choose to take dinner at a
   could choose to see the influence of Romanesque art in the round             typical Mediterranean restaurant with fresh seafood prepared and
   church of St. Donat, one of the largest 19th century churches in Europe.     served as a local speciality.
   Also of interest are the ruins of the Roman Forum, which date from the
                                                                                Overnight Accommodation on Boat (U) Included meals: Breakfast,
   2nd century BC. We then continue our journey along the twisting and
   extremely scenic Dalmatian Coast road to Trogir. This evening we will
   enjoy this seductive medieval town and to reflect on our journey though
                                                                                Day 12: Cruise to Hvar (Hvar Island)
   one of Europes most beautiful countries.
                                                                                Today we head eastwards to the tiny island of Scedro, south of Hvar.
   Overnight Standard Hotel (H+) Included meals: Breakfast                      We stop at this secluded bay to enjoy lunch on board and to take a
                                                                                swim, or maybe visit a small harbour. We then make for Hvar, where
   Day 8: Free in Trogir; board boat                                            7000 years of history are encapsulated in this small island town.
   Today is a free day to explore Trogir at your leisure. Luggage can be left   Sparkling amid green hills, rocky terrain and a see of cobalt blue, Hvar
   at the hotel until we join our traditional wooden boat in the afternoon,     is a producer of olive oil, lavender oil and local wine. The town is filled
   docked on the old town waterfront. Old Trogir is a pretty, walled town of    with sophisticated shops, cafes and restaurants. There is a main square
   ancient palaces and jutting belfries. Tonight we shall meet the crew,        around which most of the activity revolves. Walk through the narrow
   settle into our cabins and have a light supper on board.                     streets to visit the 15th Century Franciscan Monastery; the renaissance
                                                                                cloister, the old rectory that today houses a collection of lace,
   Overnight Accommodation on Boat (U) Included meals: Breakfast,
                                                                                manuscripts and books; and the church with its remarkable collection of
                                                                                paintings. Wander to the main square to see St. Stephen’s cathedral
                                                                                with its treasury and bell tower, all of which bear the mark of Venetian
   Day 9: Cruise to Vis (Vis Island)
                                                                                rule. You can climb up the fortress and enjoy the sunset tonight,
   South and west of Vis is the small islet of Bisevo. This afternoon we will   followed by dinner in one of the numerous restaurants on offer.
   arrive at Vis Town on the island of the same name. With both Greek and
   Roman ruins, a very pretty church built out on a spit, a small fort and      Overnight Accommodation on Boat (U) Included meals: Breakfast,
   museum. Tonight we may opt to moor in the harbour where you can              Lunch
   dine in a waterfront restaurant. We may alternatively move round the
   headland to a quiet bay where a deep tunnel into the cliffs was
   constructed by the Yugoslavs to hide their ships from the German air

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   Day 13: Cruise to Brac                                                                                           Overnight Accommodation on Boat (U) Included meals: Breakfast,
   Having explored the town of Hvar, we shall head north to the Island of
   Brac to enjoy the quiet port and village of Milna. From here we can
                                                                                                                    Day 15: Cruise to Trogir where tour ends
   explore the local Monastery and spend the night on board in this
   peaceful little port.                                                                                            With just an hour or two’s sailing time along the coast to Trogir, our final
                                                                                                                    destination, there is plenty of time on arrival to explore the narrow
   Overnight Accommodation on Boat (U) Included meals: Breakfast,                                                   streets and old buildings of this pretty walled town.
                                                                                                                    Overnight Accommodation on Boat (U) Included meals: Breakfast
   Day 14: Cruise to Solta Island
   Today we make the short journey to Solta Island, we will enjoy our lunch
   in a tranquil bay and after this there is the opportunity (optional) to visit
   an Olive oil factory and taste the local produce.

     EXPLORE ACCOMMODATION RATINGS: An important feature of many Explore tours is the wide range of accommodation used, and since the beginning our philosophy has been to select accommodation to
     suit the itinerary - not the other way round. To help gauge the comfort level on your chosen tour, we have graded the accommodation standards at all night-stops using the rating guide below. Please keep in
     mind however that standards can vary from one trip to the next, and occasionally we may need to change a night-stop without advance warning.

      Hotels / lodges / guesthouses - or similar                                                                Camping

      H++ : Comfortable hotels, lodges or guesthouses with twin or single rooms and en suite facilities. With C++ : Comfortable, full service camping generally in permanent, fixed camps with walk-in tents, proper
      air-conditioning/heating where appropriate and with reliable hot and cold water. Generally good levels of beds and often with en-suite facilities and other amenities such as dining area, bar, gardens and a
      service and often with added amenities such as restaurant, bar, gardens or swimming pool.                 swimming pool. Your bed-linen is provided.

      H+ : Standard hotels, lodges or guesthouses, usually with twin or single rooms and en suite facilities.   C+ : Standard camping in private or public campsites, usually with WC and washing / showering
      These are generally standard, no-frills hotels with adequate amenities and service standards. Whilst      facilities in a shared ablutions building. Typically in two person tents, and some level of participation is
      comfort levels are perfectly acceptable to most, please don’t expect too much! These are often small,     often required. Generally bed linen or sleeping bags are not provided.
      family run establishments.
                                                                                                                C : Basic camping in wild camps where facilities / amenities may be limited or non-existent. Generally
      H : Basic hotels, lodges or guesthouses (also village houses, mountain huts, hotels etc often come into   there is no running water, and we dig a temporary bush toilet. Two person tents are often used, but
      this category). Accommodation may be communal or dorm-style, and WC / washing facilities are usually      occasionally we sleep under the stars. Participation normally required and sleeping bags usually not
      shared. Running hot and cold water may be unreliable or even unavailable. These can be the most           provided. Note: other accommodation, for example, aboard boats or on overnight sleeper trains is
      rewarding and memorable places to stay, but comfort levels are low.                                       described individually at the appropriate point in the tour itinerary above.

   Booking a Single Room

   On this particular tour we are pleased to be able to offer customers the option of pre-booking a guaranteed single room for each night of the tour except
   on the cruise.
   All of our tours are planned and operated on a twin-share basis, meaning that the standard cost is based either on individual travellers sharing
   accommodation with another group member of the same sex, or people who book together sharing accommodation.
   Please refer to the dates and prices section for single room option prices for this tour.

   Personal Expenses

   You will need some extra money to cover meals and drinks not included in the tour price, any optional sightseeing, souvenirs and items of a personal
   nature such as laundry.

   Meals Included

   Included Meals: 14 Breakfasts, 1 Dinners, 6 Lunches included in the price of this tour. Please be prepared to pay for non-included meals. Please note
   that costs for drinks and meals can vary depending on location and the prices below are given as a rough guide for budgeting.

   Local Costs

                               UK        Croatia

    Tea/Coffee                 £1.20     £1.20

    Soft Drink                 £0.80     £1.50

    Bottled Water              £0.80     £1.00

    Bottle of Beer             £2.50     £1.80

    2 Course Meal*             £10.00 £15.00

    3 Course Meal** £18.00 £18.00

    Bottle of Wine             £10.00 £10.00

    Breakfast                  £5.00

   *Cheap local fare in a small cafe or restaurant.
   **Typical food in a simple, reasonably comfortable mid-range restaurant.

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   Other Sightseeing & Activites
   The following excursions and/or activities are usually available and may be arranged locally. Estimated costs are provided below for guidance only, are
   on a per person basis unless shown otherwise, and may depend on the number of participants. Prices quoted are correct as of the date these trip
   notes were originally issued but may change at any time due to currency fluctuations.

   Excursion Prices

   Dubrovnik - Return boat trip to Cavtat £15.00; Lokrum Island boat trip £4.00; City wall walk £8.00. Full day trip to Montenegro £35.00; Elephiti Islands
   (includes lunch) £25.00.
   Omis - Boat ride £8.00.
   Vis - Wine tasting £10.00; Fish supper on board boat £15.00.
   Vela Luka - Traditional Croatian meal with folk music (includes taxi) £27.00.

   Local crew - Although entirely voluntary, tipping is a recognized part of life in this region of the world. Some local staff will look to members of the
   group for personal recognition of particular services provided. In order to make things easier for you, the Tour Leaders may organise a group’s tips kitty
   and if this is the case, they will account for it throughout the tour.
   Local Staff: Accordingly, you should allow £15.00 for tipping.
   Tour Leader: At your discretion you might also consider tipping your Tour Leader in appreciation of the efficiency and service you receive.

   Foreign Exchange

   Local Currency: Croatian Kuna.

   Recommended Currency for Exchange: Sterling pounds, US Dollars and Euro cash can all be exchanged for the local currency.

   Where to Exchange: Most major towns - your Tour Leader will advise you on arrival.

   ATM Availability: Most towns have ATM’s for cash withdrawal.

   Credit Card Acceptance: Credit cards are also generally accepted.

   Travellers Cheques: Travellers Cheques can only be exchanged at banks.

   Up-to-date information re: global exchange rates can be obtained at

   Practical Information                                                                                     Earth Matters

   Climate                                                                                                   •   The Croatian people have put enormous
                                                                                                                 efforts in rebuilding their country since the
   Inland around the mountainous Plitvice Lakes area expect more unpredictable weather and a cooler
                                                                                                                 Civil war, and your visit brings support to
                                                                                                                 communities throughout this fascinating
   Occasional high winds may make the more open waters too choppy for comfortable passage and                    region.
   the itinerary will need to be adapted accordingly.

   Additional information and climate charts can be accessed at            •   Water is drinkable, cutting back on the
   Seasonal weather patterns can be unpredictable. Up-to-date information on the weather worldwide               use of plastic water bottles and the waste
   can be found by following the BBC weather link on this page.                                                  they generate.

   Visa Requirements                                                                                         •   The boat we use is locally owned and run:
   Entry visas are NOT required by UK, AUS, NZ, USA and CAN citizens. Other nationalities should                 it has been in the Captain’s family since it
   consult the relevant consulate.                                                                               was built in the 1920’s and has been

   All visa information is subject to change. You should confirm all visa related issues with the relevant       lovingly restored by hand.
   Embassy prior to departure.
                                                                                                             •   For further information on responsible
   Vaccinations & Protection                                                                                     travel, go to

   Nothing compulsory, but we recommend protection against hepatitis A, polio, tetanus, and typhoid.             ResponsibleToursim/
   Tick-borne encephalitis is recommended by some medical sources if travelling in certain areas of
   Eastern Europe, at specific times of the year. Check latest requirements with your travel clinic or doctor prior to departure.

   The above is not an exhaustive list. Further information regarding vaccinations and travel health advice can be found by following the NHS and
   NaTHNaC links at and from your local healthcare provider.

   Visa and vaccination requirements are subject to change and should be confirmed before departure.

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   Electric Supply & Plugs
   For comprehensive information regarding voltages and plug types in use in the countries visited, follow the relevant link at


   Do you need to organise travel insurance for your holiday? If so, you can arrange Explore Travel insurance - which covers you for any included
   activity on any Explore trip. You can either purchase this at the time of booking or call us on 0844 499 0901 for a separate quote.

   Travel insurance is compulsory for all customers. At the start of the trip you will be asked to provide us with: the name of your insurance company,
   your policy number, a 24 hour medical emergency contact number, and the expiry date of the policy. You should ensure that your policy covers you for
   medical costs and repatriation.

   If you are unable to provide all this information at the start of the trip you will not be allowed to join the trip. If you have purchased Explore
   Insurance you should carry the Master Certificate leaflet with you, which outlines the conditions of the policy together with a copy of your Confirmation
   Invoice, which is your proof of purchase of insurance. Explore Worldwide are an Appointed Representative of Campbell Irvine Limited, who is
   authorised and regulated by the Financial Services authority.

   Know before you go
   We strongly recommend that you check your government’s travel advisory for up-to-date information and advice about your destination: safety and
   security, entry requirements, health, local laws and customs, including advice re: the legality of and local attitudes towards same-sex relationships. For
   UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Advice follow the link at

   Packing for your Trip

   A complete list of clothing and personal gear is contained in Explore’s ‘General Information Booklet’, available only after a booking has been
   accepted. Here we make a few specific recommendations with regard to your tour.

   One main piece of baggage and a daysac. Total allowance: 20kg/44lbs. Remember that you will have to carry your own luggage between our bus and
   your accommodation so don’t overload yourself.

   Pack essentially for ‘All Tours’ plus ‘Hot Conditions’. July and August are the hottest months, but early and late in the season go prepared with
   clothing to suit drops in temperature and the showers. You’ll need your swimming gear, a ‘bath’ towel (as towels are not provided on board) and a
   beach towel. Take a fleece for potential chilly breezes when sailing.

   Comfortable shoes/trainers plus sandals for relaxing. Take something with good grip for walking in Plitvice Lakes N. Park. You may find a pair of old
   shoes useful for swimming off rocks and stoney beaches. Footwear is generally not worn on board, but you may find a pair of old shoes or plastic
   sandals useful to avoid sea urchins on rocks.

   We also recommend a water bottle, a sunhat, sunglasses and sun cream, a towel and if you wish to snorkel, your own mask and snorkel. Please note
   that if you wish to sleep out on deck on some nights, as many choose to do in good weather, you should bring a sheet sleeping bag and a rollmat, as
   the cabin bedding is not permitted on deck. You may also wish to bring ear plugs. A torch is useful in case of powercuts/ emergencies.

   Trek Kit Bag
   For an exclusively designed Explore Trek Bag, follow the relevant link at

   Personal First Aid Kit

   For an exclusively designed Explore Medical Kit, visit

   Need help on Clothing or Equipment?
   Then we suggest you contact Nomad Travel, our equipment partner, who specialise in kitting people out for adventurous travel. You receive a special
   10% discount in-store or online. Visit one of their stores, phone 0845 260 0044, or visit their website for further

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      Please ensure that you have an up-to-date copy of these trip notes immediately before you travel, as from time to time our itineraries may be
      amended, either for operational reasons or in response to feedback from customers. You will be informed of any major changes to your tour but
      small changes may just be added to these trip notes These trip notes were last updated on 07/10/2011 14:19:03

   Please note: 2011 itinerary versions are applicable to tours departing in 2011. 2012/13 itinerary versions are applicable to tours departing from 1st
   January to 31st December 2012. For tours departing during 2013, itineraries may be subject to change and will be confirmed by the publication of the
   2013 brochure/s in Autumn 2012.

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