3D Ultrasound Scanning During Pregnancy by anamaulida


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                <p>Certainly before doing prenatal 3D ultrasound for the
first time you would like to discover how the process is going on. You
may ask your doctor, neighbour or just read this article. <br><br> A
basic ultrasound can be used to confirm pregnancy as early as 5.5 weeks,
determining gestational age of the baby as well as to check for location
of the placenta. A woman might need a comprehensive ultrasound for
checking the baby's health around 18-20 weeks or like a follow-up to any
of the above tests. Some providers may also recommend an ultrasound to
check on the baby's growth during pregnancy or to see if the baby's lungs
are mature for delivery up to the end of pregnancy. <br><br> During 20-th
week, diagnostic of a fetal gender is about 95% to 100% accurate.
However, the early gestational stage could be the time when an ultrasound
scan is able to find a problem in your reproductive system or potential
harm to your baby. <br><br> Contrary to the myth, ultrasound is a
completely painless diagnostic method. A prenatal ultrasound uses high
frequency sound waves which are transmitted through the mother's abdomen
and create an "echo" where the sound waves bounce off the object, or in
this case, the part of the baby they are examining, this creates the
picture of the inside of your body. It is usually performed in a hospital
X-ray department by means of a microphone linked to a computer.       <!-

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<br> The amount of time needed for the scan varies in relation to the
study to be performed. Determine the fetus gender rarely takes more than
5 minutes, while reviewing the development of your pregnancy may take
about half an hour. It is not true either that what you are seeing on the
screen is a deteriorated condition of your body. Only a doctor,
radiographer or sonographer is able to understand the ultrasound waves so
if you see them unclear that is not sign of something wrong. <br><br>
Anxiety is often present after your baby ultrasound scan, because results
are immediate, but it might take some time before your doctor or any
other specialist from <a rel="nofollow"
href="http://3dultrasoundmississauga.com/about">3d baby ultrasound
clinic</a> can analyze the scan to let you know what the ultrasound is
revealing, whether your baby's sex or a pregnancy condition to be treated
or prevented. <br><br> The procedure itself is painless, but in order to
obtain the best image possible, mild discomfort might occur from some
pressure or angling in an unusual direction. A gel-like substance is
applied to the skin surface so that the transducer will have better
contact; the gel might be slightly cold but it will not be painful. For
some ob and gynecological exams, it may be necessary to place the
transducer inside the vagina, however most women do not find this
uncomfortable. In the case of a prostate exam, a transducer is inserted
into the rectum; this will not cause any more discomfort than a normal
rectal examination. <br><br> Hope this tips will be useful for you
preparing to your first <a rel="nofollow"
href="http://3dultrasoundmississauga.com/">3d ultrasound Toronto</a>.</p>


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