I Am Autobiography sample by liamei12345


									“I Am Autobiography”

          My family is tiny. Besides Chris and Tim, my two brothers, Danny and Brendon,
my cousins, are the only others that can carry-on the family name. Danny—by the
way—just had a book published: The Stone Child. You should check it out! My dad
also wrote a manuscript called A Confluence of Interest, which is a study of the JFK
assassination. I guess the desire to write runs in the family.
          Speaking of family, we’re all from Massachusetts originally, so occasionally you
catch my accent.
          No, I don’t have much worldly experience. I’ve never really left Connecticut
once I moved here in forth grade, but I do think I’m well versed with other activities.
Music, for me, is a buffet—I like a little bit of everything. I enjoy the story telling lyrics
of Harry Chapin and Bob Dylan, but I also enjoy the mixed genres like Clutch and Tool.
I’m not a big TV person, but I do like LOST, House, and The Biggest Loser. In my spare
time—if I have any—you’ll find me reading a book or watching a movie.
          You’d probably think I’m a nerd because of that last statement and because of my
job, but I also enjoy white water kayaking and other outdoor activities like camping and
          At this point in my life I don’t think there’s a perfect age. I try, as much as
possible, to live in the moment so that each age will be as perfect as the last. In that
regard, I have many accomplishments: graduating recently from the Graduate of Liberal
Studies program from Wesleyan and surviving an almost fatal accident are top of the list.
          Looking back, it’s also nice to remember that I was captain of the baseball team,
prom king, and graduated magna cum laude from CCSU.
          I think that I’d define myself as honest, caring, and hard working. What do you
          About this class: it’s good as it is. The teacher is awesome! That’s it. Who am

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