Save Energy save Future by anamaulida


									Energy is one such key factor, depending upon which the life of every
single individual relies upon. Whether it is a kitchen, a bathroom or an
outside area, office premises or shopping arcades; energy is required
everywhere. Especially, when we talk about lights then this is one such
mode of natural energy without which no individual can survive. But these
days, with increasing consumption of light, there have been a rising
number of concerns about energy consumption. Aiming to conserve energy
for the coming time, people today tries to put in a lot of effort for
doing so. There is a very minor difference between electricity
consumption and its misuse. Misuse of light or any other source of energy
can surely bring a disaster to life. Therefore, lights should be switched
off when not in use. Moreover, they should be used in such an efficient
manner that they consume minimum energy. If correct fixtures and bulbs
are used then a lot of energy could be saved. Similarly, let's have a
look at some more precautions following which energy consumption could be
minimized:1. CFLs and LEDs consume 80% less energy than incandescent
bulbs, therefore these should be used wherever possible.2. There exist
specially designed compact fluorescent fixtures which make bulbs work
longer. So installing them is a good idea.3. Photo sensors, motion
sensors and security lighting options when fixed with incandescent flood
lights; they allow the bulbs to be lighted only when they are required.
For example, in day time, the photo sensors automatically turn off the
lights. Similarly, motion sensors activate security lighting only when
there is a need for them. 4. Use outdoor light fixtures that have
deflectors, reflectors and covers. These efficiently use the light
sources and reduce light pollution also.5. Fluorescent lights, HID or
low-pressure sodium lights consume less energy.6. In case of decorative
lightening, timers and other controls should be used, as this way the
auto functioning of these lights tends to switch them on and off
automatically when required.Now let's see the nature of heat, light
produces and its impact over life. Every source of light produces heat
and the nature of this heat totally depends upon the color temperature of
the light. Bulbs omitting yellow and red colored lights, generally
exhibits warm nature of energy. Similarly, the ones in blue-green
exhibits cool effect of energy. So in a nut shell, the darker the color
of light is the cooler effect it produces and the lighter the color is
the warmer effect it offers. This is the reason why today most of the
people prefer darker colored lights as these produces cool lighting
effects and thus offers a higher contrast. This combination is considered
as best for visual tasks.On the other hand, people looking for light
effects that are more flattering to skin tones and clothing, prefer
installing warm lights in houses and offices. Actually, the appearance of
physical colors totally depends upon the illumination effects of a light
source. And this is the reason that other than color temperature, the
quality of lighting infrastructure also plays an important role.

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