Alexa Carter; Grade 5_ Oil Pastel_ Mark Twain Elementary_ teacher

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					Alexa Carter; Grade 5, Oil Pastel, Mark Twain Elementary,
teacher; Mrs. Sherri Lee Love, Central Region
                Contents                             President’s Message
                                                                                      Sherrie Dennis
President’s Message.......................2                                           OAEA President
Editor’s Note....................................3
2008 Ohio Art Educator of the Year
                                                                                      It is hard to believe that we are now at the end of
Nominees.................................4                                            another school year. Every school art teacher is
Division Reports..............................8                                       now rapidly finishing up during one of the busiest
Regional Reports............................10                                        times of the year. Supplies for next year along
Artful Thoughts..............................15                                       with scheduling issues are always on our minds.
Announcements.............................16                                          Art teachers across Ohio have been displaying
Membership Reports......................24                                            their students’ artwork all over in various venues.
OAEA Fellows............................... 25                                        March kicks off this plethora of exhibits with
Book Reviews................................27       Youth Art Month. Children’s art- work was selected throughout Ohio over the
                                                     past several months to be selected for the Youth Art Month exhibit and the Young
                                                     Peoples Art Exhibition, chaired by Robyn Helsel and Leslie Koelsch. Sue Ayers
                                                     chaired the YAM flag competition . Other students have written critiques on works
          OAEA Calendar                              of art for the Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism Open, chaired by Dr. Jan Fedorenko.
                                                     Lolito Mullen chairs the Youth Art Month committee for Ohio and for NAEA.
May                                                  Mary T. Boll, our membership chair, has continued to help out with this huge
16       OAEA Executive Committee                    effort from all of these volunteers. Of course, none of this would be possible if not
                                                     for the hard working art teachers who work with the kids and select and present
         Meeting                                     their work to the regions all over the state. Sarah Paxton won second and third
         STRS                                        places and Amanda Mastruserio won first place in the STRS College Art Show.
17       OAEA Board of Directors                     Both young ladies are from Mt. St. Joseph. Beautiful work!
         Meeting                                     April continues our celebration of young peoples’ artwork with the Governors Art
         Artline articles due                        Exhibition of high school art students. April also sees many people in Columbus
         HS Art Show work delivered                  for the Governor’s Art Awards Day where artists and art groups as well as dedicated
         STRS                                        individuals to the arts are recognized.

                                                     Many Ohio art educators went to the NAEA convention in New Orleans this year.
September                                            Suzanne Mitolo, President -elect, and I sat as delegates for Ohio in the NAEA
12    Executive Committee                            delegates assembly to vote on national art education issues. The Western Region,
      Meeting                                        which Ohio is a member of, honored many Ohioans during awards ceremonies.
                                                     Sherri Love and Judy Kahle were honored as Ohio Art educators of the Year.
      STRS                                           Robyn Helsel was the Western Region’s middle school winner. Dr. Christine
                                                     Morris won the higher education award.
13       OAEA Board of Directors
                                                     Dr. Mary Golubieski was honored as Western’s Educator of the Year.
         Meeting                                     Congratulations to all of you! You make us proud. You give us inspiration!
         Artline Articles Due
         STRS                                        The service awards nominations have been voted on and once again, the slate of
                                                     nominees who actively support art education is impressive. Joan Maxwell is the
                                                     Awards chair. Division nominees were also selected under the guidance of Dr.
Sept 15 - Oct 11                                     Mary Golubieksi, past president. This summer you will be voting on the Ohio
       High School Art Show                          Art Educator of the Year for 2008. Please mail in your ballots and let your vote
       STRS                                          count!

                                                     Kristin Walker,our state convention chair, Diane Thorpe, Judy Kahle, and the local
October                                              Toledo convention planning committee have been hard at work trying to make
11    High Art Show Reception,                       our November 6-8 conference wonderful. The theme is “Glass City Gathering.” I
      2 pm                                           was amazed at how much work had already been accomplished when we met in
                                                     February. They are a dynamite group with much energy and great ideas!
                                                     In conclusion, the executive committee has been hard at work examining our
November                                             constitution and by-laws and developing a strong strategic plan for the next several
6, 7, 8 OAEA Convention                              years. We appreciate your input and questions and sincerely want to represent
                                                     your needs as members. Please feel free to contact us.
                                                     Have a great summer!

Editor’s Note                                                                                             OAEA
                                                                                                   Executive Committee
                                                                                                          Sherrie Dennis
                                Sarah Danner
                                Editor                                                                    Past President
                                                                                                       Dr. Mary Golubieski
                                Circulation 1800                                          

As I write this editor’s note, I am in the middle of a thesis research project for the                   President Elect
completion of my master’s degree. This process has caused me to have a new found                         Suzanne Mitolo
respect for anyone who is continuing their education while managing a full time position as
an art educator. While the research and extra amounts of work we do in our classroom can
be overwhelming, I am finding that it is completely worth the effort because the learning
that we do in the name of our students and our profession forces us to reflect on our practice          First Vice-President
and be forever changed.                                                                                 Nancy Magnuson
I must admit that I had an Aha! moment during this project, which is why I am so compelled
to share a portion of this story. My thesis project involves the creation of a peace mural
the size of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica (11’6” x 25’ 8”). This is part of a global arts initiative       Second Vice-President
called Kids Guernica and with the support of a local cultural arts center and professional               Tim Shuckerow
mural artist all semester students are participating in a peace mural creation. I have learned
many valuable lessons these last few weeks, the biggest lesson involves my role as the
educator, I am merely the organizing facilitator. The minute I realize that I am but a part of              Secretary
this classroom learning community is the minute authentic art experiences begin to occur.
This realization puts me on the same level as my students, it readjusts my position as “the
                                                                                                          Sandra Noble
knower of all things art” and allows me the honor of enjoying everyday I spend with these     
bright individuals. My practice as an art educator is enriched by the creative contributions
of my students, I learn from them as much may be more then they learn from me.                             Treasurer
                                                                                                          Nancy Vogel
For more information about Kids’ Guernica visit                      
Submission of student artwork for the ARTline: Only digital images will be excepted
please make sure your camera is on the highest setting for best quality and that the size is at       Elected Board Member
least 4x6” at full resolution. Send as email or burn images to a disk and mail to the address             Sarah Danner
below. As of 2008, only digital photos will be accepted to insure integrity and quality for
print reproduction. Please send the appropriate information so that credit can be given:
Student, Grade, Media, Teacher, Region.
The Ohio Art Education Association newsletter is published four times annually. The next                  Janet Roberts
submission deadline for the ARTline is May 13th, 2008. All articles must be typewritten,     
double-spaced and submitted as attachment via e-mail to
Submission of photos and artwork is encouraged. When choosing artworks for submission,                 Membership Chair
please consider how well the image will transfer to black and white. Please remember to                  Mary T. Boll
label each artwork with Student Name, Grade, Media, Teacher, Region.
Please address any articles, graphic contributions, or editorial concerns to:
                                                                                                  State Convention Coordinator
Sarah Danner, Editor                                                                                     Kristin Walker
19 Ohio Avenue                                                                            
Athens, OH 45701
                                                                                                  Ohio Art Education Foundation
All address changes should be sent to: Mary T. Boll, Membership Chair                                        President
                                                                                                        Dr. Dennis Cannon
Next Deadline for Submissions — May 17th, 2008                                               
Expect Spring ARTline- late June

Spring 2008                                                                                                                      3
2008 Ohio Art Educator of the Year Nominee
                                                                      has done Assessment Mentor presentations for FERPDC Region

                                                                      Elayne maintains membership in the Boy Scouts of America
                                                                      where she serves as secretary, den & scout leader and committee
                                                                      member, BSAVenture Crew and is currently on the Board
                                                                      of Directors / Executive board of the OAAE. She has been
                                                                      nominated for Disney Teacher of the Year and is a member of the
                                                                      local grant writing committee this school year. Elayne is the Ohio
                                                                      Education Delegate Representative, a member of the Steel Valley
                                                                      Art Teachers Association, Ohio River Arts Gallery, Beaver Local
                                      Elayne Lowe                     Music Boosters, and the Columbiana County Arts Council.

                                                                      Elayne has exhibited at venues including the Salem Branch of
“Teaching has enhanced my life by giving me more opportunities        the Butler Institute of American Art, Canton’s Little Art Gallery,
than I ever expected or could dream of. I now understand and          and in East Liverpool at the Ohio River Arts Gallery, Kent State
appreciate the process of creating. I am aware of the artist’s intent University, and various Pottery festivals. Her published works
                                     TRIARCO ARTS & CRAFTS
and have a better understanding of values given to it by society. DIVISION A Family Standards Guide for Families K-12- Visual Art
                                     Ohio Art Education about the
As an art educator I hope that I can continue to learnAssociation & Music and the Ohio Arts Education Assessment Project.
                                     Spring 2008 Issue
artists’ intentions and therefore help others to understand the
                                     Key Code: OAE802T
importance of art within the schools and community. My goal as        Elayne teaches Stepping Stone workshops, multiple intelligences,
an educator is to create a desire in my students to live and function assessment, arts standards, and environmental science for teachers,
within the next millennium for appreciation of all that surrounds     writes Assessments for ODE and Council of Professional Mentors
them. I encourage my students to follow their dreams, to respect      and instructs ropes and climbing for Venture Crew 66,
one another, and to make the right choices for their success.” ....   Sandy Beaver District. She has been associated with the Boy
Elayne Lowe                                                           Scouts Troop 41, Sandy Beaver District serv- ing as den leader,
                                                                      assistant scout master, secretary and merit badge counselor.
“I have known and worked with Elayne for twenty years and
have always found her to be willing to take the cutting edge, to      Elayne is currently a visual arts teacher at Calcutta Elementary
volunteer for the thankless professional responsibilities that make   School in East Liverpool, Ohio.
each area of the school curriculum stellar and responsive to the
needs ofeducators and children.” ...... Elizabeth J. Barringer                  See Postcard Ballot Insert to Cast Your Vote

Elayne Lowe received a B.S. in Visual Art Education from Kent
State University in 1973 followed eight years later with a B.S. in
Elementary Education, also from Kent State. In 1998 she earned her
Masters degree in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove University.
Her post-graduate work includes a Workshop in Special Topics at
Ohio University, 1999, Summer Institute Reading l, SIRI ll, gifted
identification training through Ashland University, 2000-01, and
the Teachers in Wyoming program at Miami University in 2005.

Elayne began her service to OAEA in 1996 when she served on
the Cleveland Convention planning committee. She repeated on
the 2004 Columbus committee eight years later. Elayne served as
East Central’s Regional Director, regional newsletter editor from
2000 to 2002, was the Public Relations Chair in 2003-05 and is
currently repeating that position in 2008- 09. She received East
Central’s OAT award in 2002 and the OAEA Elementary Division
Award in 2004.

2008 Ohio Art Educator of the Year Nominee Elayne Lowe Elayne
has an impressive list of leadership roles including OEA Delegate
Assembly Representative (2006-09). She has presented at the
Columbiana County wide in-service, Mahoning County Career &
Tech Center (Standards Based Education), Columbiana County
ESC (Adjudicator for Gifted and Talented), and Youngstown
State University (Purposes and uses for Assessments). Elayne was
a member of the Writing teams for the Ohio Arts Council / ODC
and the “Power of Arts Assessment in Teaching and Learning: A
Process Guide for Teachers in Ohio Schools”. She has written
assessments for ODE and Council of Professional Mentors and

2008 Ohio Art Educator of the Year Nominee
                                                                          delegation to Chile, organized to provide community-building
                                                                          arts seminars in Santiago and Valparaiso. She served as the
                                                                          Project Director for the College Board-Getty national curriculum
                                                                          reform project: The Role of the Arts in Unifying the High School

                                                                          Nancy has received several grants to support school arts education
                                                                          initiatives. She is a member of the steering and task-development
                                                                          committees for the 1997 National Assessment of Educational
                                                                          Progress (NAEP) Arts Assessment. She was appointed a member
                                                                          of the College Board’s national Arts Academic Advisory
                                       Nancy Pistone                      Committee.

                                                                          Nancy’s participation in professional organizations is extensive and
“As an undergraduate, I remember the message my education                 includes membership on the content committee for the National
psychology professor, Dr. Bryan, delivered to our class, ‘As              Endowment for the Arts 2008 Education Leaders Institute, Ohio
potential teachers, you have the power to influence lives’. I’ve           Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition Advisory Board, secretary and
held that idea as a personal aim throughout my years of work              member of the Board of Directors for Ohio Dance, member of
in education and the arts. In each of my varied educator roles-           the Arts and Cultural Educators Collective, member of the
as teacher, program director, supervisor and consultant-I’ve              NAEA, member of the organization of State Education Agency
tried simply to start afresh with each day’s reality and make a           Directors of Arts Education, and advisory committee member
difference, however small, in the situations and lives of the young       for the Cleveland Integrated Arts Collaborative. Nancy received
people and adults I encounter. The pathway I follow is through the        the Award of Merit from the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks
arts.” ...... Nancy Pistone                                               Foundation for contributions to increasing public knowledge of
                                                                          our historical heritage.
“I am impressed with the way in which Nancy has distinguished
herself as a strong, intelligent, and sensitive leader of art education   Nancy is the primary editor of Ohio’s Fine Arts Academic
in the state. Nancy consistently maintains a stance of collegiality,      Content Standards and numerous other publications focusing
clear vision, positiveness, helpfulness, and good humor that is an        on arts assessment, including Pistone, N. (2002). Envisioning
inspiration and model to all who are fortunate to be in her presence.     Arts Assessment: A Process Guide for Assessing Arts Education
Clearly, she has made a significant difference in the lives of young       in School Districts and States. Washington, DC: Arts Education
people and art teachers in Ohio.” ........... Jerry Tollifson             Partnership and Council of State School Officers.

Nancy Pistone earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education         Before serving as Supervisor in the Pittsburgh Public Schools,
from Mercyhurst College in Erie Pennsylvania. She then received           Division of Arts Education, Nancy taught at Mentor Shore Junior
a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum and Supervision at the              High School, Mayfield High School, Lakeland Community
University of Pittsburgh. Her post-graduate studies were earned           College and the Carnegie Museum of Art.
at East Stroudsburg State College in Pennsylvania, The Cleveland
Institute of Art, and The University of Pittsburgh.                       Nancy is currently employed as State Arts Consultant, Ohio
                                                                          Department of Education.
Nancy is a contributing member of the National Art Education
Association and has delivered several national conference                          See Postcard Ballot Insert to Cast Your Vote
workshops in Arts assessment and College Board arts initiatives
while residing in both Ohio and in Pennsylvania.

Nancy is an eleven year member of the Ohio Art Education
Association, with five years of service as the Ohio Department
of Education consultant, providing State updates to the OAEA
Board of Directors. Nancy serves as a member of the Professional
Standards committee. She has spoken numerous times at                                 Convention 2008
OAEA annual Conventions, presented workshops and has been
instrumental in the founding, planning and execution of what has                    Glass City Gathering
become the annual Administrator’s Forum, an advocacy event
held during the OAEA convention. She is an active supporter
of the annual Young People’s Art Exhibit by displaying student
works at ODE.                                                                     Join us in Toledo
Nancy is an elected member of the Arts Education Advisory Group                November 6, 7, & 8, 2008!
for the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies. She serves as
a Grant Panel Reviewer for the National Endowment of the Arts
and is an invited member of the Ohio Arts Council’s international

Spring 2008                                                                                                                               5
2008 Ohio Art Educator of the Year Nominee
                                                                         was a Martha Holden Jennings Scholar in 1999.

                                                                         Richard is active in many professional Organizations including the
                                                                         Eastside-Westside Artists Collaborative Gallery where he served
                                                                         three Presidential terms. He is a member of both the American
                                                                         and the National Watercolor Association and the Ohio Watercolor
                                                                         Society where he was the past Regional Editor in 1982.

                                                                         Richard has amassed an extensive list of exhibitions including the
                                                                         Pentagon Gallery in Cleveland Heights, the Eastside-Westside
                                                                         Artists Collaborative Gallery, “Movement and Light” Show,
                                        Richard Skerl                    TruNorth Arts Gallery in Avon Lake and the Ohio Watercolor
                                                                         Society annual members show (1986- 2000). Richard’s artwork
                                                                         is in the collections of Mary Lee, Jerusalem, Israel and Tony
“Over the years my basic premise has remained strong, that is            Reagan, Dublin, Ireland. He was the staff artist with the Leon
to ensure a quality arts education for my students regardless of         Levy Asheloen Archeology Expedition in Asheleon, Israel in
their life condition or handicaps. I believe that art education is a     1985. He has been published in the Chicago University Newsletter
cornerstone for my students to become well-rounded individuals           on Archeology in 1986.
and this foundation can provide enrichment for a lifetime. As both
a professional artist and arts educator, I am seeking new ways for       Richard has instructed the Adult Education Program at the May
my students to experience the diversity of art education. I believe      Company from 1988-1989, Graphic Design and Illustration at
my passion for art transfers to my students to enlighten their way       Lakeland Community College from 1990 to 1991, and Creative
of seeing the world both near and far, real and imagined. I impress      Drawing at Case Western University in 1989.
upon my students that analyzing and interpreting meaning from art
are as important as creating artwork.” .............. Richard Skerl      Richard is currently a Visual Arts Teacher at the A.G. Bell
                                                                         Academy in Cleveland.
“I admire Richard’s vision for the arts program because he keeps
his eye to the future. His strongest desire is to help his students               See Postcard Ballot Insert to Cast Your Vote
become both art-literate and lifelong participants in the arts.
Richard exemplifies the character and integrity of a devoted
teacher. He invests himself in the overall culture of our school and
the general well-being of our students.” ............ Beth Walsh,

 Richard Skerl received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design, Cum Laude
from the University of Akron in 1981. His degrees include
Seminarian with the Blessed Sacrament Fathers, 1982-1986,
Post-graduate studies in Theology and Philosophy, John Carroll
University 1984-85, Master of Arts in Art Education, Summa Cum
Laude, Case Western Reserve University, 1989 and a Masters
Certificate in Art Therapy, Magna Cum Laude, from Metro Health
Hospitals, 1997. Richard has earned his NBCT.

Richard has been a contributing member of the National Art
Education Association since 1989. He is a founding member
of the NAEA Caucus for Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Concerns,
and has published a GLBT concerns article in the 1993 NAEA

Richard received his OAEA fifteen year Circa membership
award in 2007. He is currently serving as the NEOAEA Regional
Director-elect and will become the Regional Director in 2009.
Richard held this position in 2004-2006. He was the Local
Chairperson for the 2005 Cleveland Convention. He received the
Northeast region’s OAT award in 2003.

Richard was the recipient of an MBNA Grant Award ($20,000) for
bringing in a professional artist/cartoonist to work with his art stu-
dents in 2006. Six years earlier, he earned a $7,000 MBNA grant
for a ceramic project. He received the Teacher of the Year Award,
Council for Exceptional Children in 2005, was the recipient of the
Cleveland Cavalier’s Teacher of the Month award in 1994, and

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Spring 2008                                                                                               7
Division Reports
                                                                       Ohio Department of Education web site is an excellent start and
                                                                       provides a search tool for links to topics of interest.

                                                                       Next, we need to make connections and think about how to
                                                                       communicate our Visual Art program as an integral part of the
                                                                       initiative. STEM for example challenges students to be creative
                                                                       problem solvers, encourages the education of the whole child and
                                                                       promotes interdisciplinary study. Isn’t that the basis of the Visual
                              Museum Division                          Arts curriculum? How do we promote the same higher order
                                                                       thinking skills or integrated learning? Which Visual Art lessons
                              by Jessimi Jones                         best exemplify the parallel goals?
                              Division Chair                           Finally, take the lead from STEM. Become a strong communicator.
                                                                       Use technology, business partners and your unique collaborations
Last fall the Museum and Student Divisions partnered to offer a        with cultural organizations to advertise! Power Point presentations,
pre-service teacher/ museum day. Twenty students from Kent State       interactive exhibits and attractive websites can visually draw
University and The Ohio State University attended this workshop        direct connections and illustrate relationships.
hosted by the Columbus Museum of Art. At the event pre-service
teachers were introduced ways museums can be used as resources         Many might wonder how we can afford the time to do all of this.
and we heard feedback on what the next generation of teachers          However, how can we NOT afford the time!
would like from us. The day included experimenting with looking
and talking about art strategies in the galleries, brainstorming       Places to start:
play-based activities that inspire connections between students                 
and artwork, and experimenting with how to use the cell phone                   
tours as an educational tool. The event was successful and well
received. The pre-service students said they enjoyed active            Share your ideas:
learning strategies on how to use a museum. If anyone would like
to host this event at their institution next fall please contact me.

Our annual division meeting was held in November at the OAEA

                                                                       Student Division
convention in Dayton. Discussions included creating an OAEA
institutional membership for museums, and holding a Museum
Division meeting that would focus on ideas such as interpretive        by Elizabeth Bibza
plans or evaluation. Also, thank you to Susan Anable, Curator
of Education at the Dayton Art Institute, and her staff for being      and Jen Allchin
wonderful hosts during the convention. The 2008 convention will        Division Co-Chairs
be held in Toledo. Proposal forms are available online at www. and are due June 20th, 2008.                                  Congratulations on the close of yet another school year. When
                                                                       finals are over and break begins, remember to make time to create
                                                                       your own artwork. The OAEA puts on several student exhibits

Middle Division
                                                                       throughout the year and there is one specifically for us. We will
                                                                       include more specific information including submission deadlines
                                                                       and requirements in the next Artline. Take advantage of this
by Annamae Heiman                                                      opportunity to show your work to a larger audience in Columbus.
Division Chair                                                         As added incentive, there is even a cash prize! So, keep those
                                                                       creative juices flowing this summer!
The Ohio STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Learning Network homepage states “Staying competitive in               Also be watching your Artline for details on the upcoming museum
today’s 21st century global economy isn’t easy. It involves            trip to the Columbus Museum. This event is free for OAEA
everyone from students and teachers, parents and families, and         members and is a great opportunity to meet student members
education and policy leaders.”                                         from schools all over Ohio. Last year was a great success as
                                                                       we learned how to use a museum as a powerful resource in our
In light of recent changes and current initiatives in many districts   lesson planning. If you missed last year, make sure to join us this
across Ohio, I believe we could relate this quote to our own Visual    fall. Specific details on date and time will be coming in the next
Arts programs. Lately, it seems that staying competitive in today’s    edition of Artline.
21st century curriculum is not easy. While we too need to involve
students, families and community members it is critical that Visual    We are still looking for participants in the mentorship program.
Arts educators are proactive, vocal and visual!                        So, if you are interested in being mentored by a retired teacher, e-
                                                                       mail us with your contact information as soon as possible. Please
How can we be proactive, vocal, and visual?                            continue to feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may
                                                                       have concerning upcoming events or your benefits as a member
First, we should keep up to date on initiatives such as STEM. The      of OAEA.

Division Reports
                                                                      screened as Visually Gifted and Talented. Statistically, there are
                                                                      3-5% of your art students that are gifted in the visual arts. Many
                                                                      times we are so eager to get the artwork home at the end of the
                                                                      year that the thought of stock piling several pieces that could be
                                                                      used for screening, doesn’t cross our minds. I believe that it is
                                                                      in our best interest as Elementary Art Teachers to encourage this
                                                                      identification. The numbers of the Visually Gifted and Talented
                                                                      across the state, will speak volumes to the government entities.
                                                                      The gifted law on the books states we are to identify potential too.
                                                                      There are many times during the year you see that potential in
                                                                      elementary students. Many times if we don’t recognize this type
                                                                      of talent it will never be developed. Many students will not pursue
                                                                      art at the middle or high school level unless they are encouraged
                                                                      at the elementary level. I know the process of identification is a
Higher Ed Division                                                    lot of extra work for the art teacher but really worth it.

by Karen Hutzel                                                       Many teachers and parents feel if there will be no service why
and James Sanders                                                     identify? I tell the parents of potentially gifted students that
                                                                      most of responsibility will be placed on them after identification
Division Co-Chairs                                                    because very few schools are willing or prepared to service these
                                                                      students. However, these students and parents will become your
The Higher Education Division announced the student                   art advocates… they will be special students that ALWAYS go
scholarships available for the 2008-2009 school year, expanding       above and beyond on all projects and this will encourage other
the scholarships to be inclusive of all students pursuing licensure   students to do so. I encourage you to find out how, if you don’t
(undergraduate and graduate). Two awards will be made, one for        know, to recommend students for screening as Visually Gifted
$1000 and one for $2000. Be sure to check out the OAEA website        and Talented and begin to think about that 3-5% of your students
for information about the scholarship proposal. The deadline is       that always seem to have that extra sparkle – they are the ones to
June 1, 2008.                                                         consider. Have a great summer!!!

In keeping with OAEA’s mission of “Building community
for visual art educators by promoting growth and leadership,”
our work continues to promote advocacy for and quality in art
education. As such, we encourage art educators to be leaders by                        2008 Chairs of OAEA Divisions
proposing a presentation for the next OAEA conference to be held
November 6-8, 2008. In order to promote growth, it is important         Elementary Division          Wendy Marett
for art teachers to share their successes with contemporary art         Chair              
education practices. Don’t be afraid to share your work! Proposals
are currently being accepted. Please visit the OAEA website for         Higher Education             James Sanders
information.                                                            Division Chair     
                                                                                                     Karen Hutzel
It is important to recognize, too, that those of us who serve as                           
faculty in art education at universities and colleges across the
state are here to support you. If you have an idea you wish to          Middle Level                 Annamae Heiman
share, consider contacting a professor at one of the many art           Division Chairs    
education departments in Ohio. If you’re not sure about an idea
for a presentation proposal, or want feedback, don’t be afraid to       Museum Divison               Jessimi Jones
contact one of us. We’re here to support art educators, especially      Chair              
those who live in Ohio! Many of us are already working with art
teachers across the state, and are always eager to work with you.       Retired Division             Joan Maxwell

Elementary Division                                                     Secondary Division
                                                                                                     Joe Bell
by Wendy Marett
                                                                        Student Division             Jennifer Allchin
Division Chair                                                          Co-Chairs          
End of Year Thoughts                                                                       
As the school year winds down and art shows are happening, the          Supervision Division         Dr. Jan Fedorenko
children’s accomplishments of the year are recognized. I would          Chair              
like to suggest to you to think about the students that could be

Spring 2008                                                                                                                           9
Regional Reports                                                       Write up your lesson plans, print off enough for 50-75 people.
                                                                       Bring the student samples and lessons to share! If you feel like
                                                                       being ambitious, bring samples of special techniques, supplies for
                                                                       a simple hands on workshop or a computer with a slide show…
                                                                       or don’t!

                                                                       The last two conventions I have presented. The first, I went way
                                                                       over board! I brought half my art room to Cincinnati. Last year
                                                                       I scaled it down. I brought student art, (hung it with tacks and
                              Central Region
                                                                       fun tak), lessons and sample papers to practice my technique.
                                                                       You know what I learned? Everyone brings their camera to take
                              by Dawn Norris                           pictures of the artwork, they want a copy of the lessons and a
                                                                       chance to ask a few questions after you introduce the information.
                              Regional Director                        You might be thinking, “I love my Picasso projects, but everyone
                                                                       knows about Picasso and teaches these same projects”. NOT SO!
On Saturday, April 26th the Central Region sponsored a reception       Everyone has a different teaching style, everyone uses different
for the students who had their artwork displayed in the Central        mediums, and everyone is interested in knowing how YOU teach
Region Art Show. The art was displayed at the State Teachers           it! Good art becomes great art with the insight from another
Retirement System building in downtown Columbus. Our                   creative person! That person is YOU!
regional exhibitions chair Robyn Helsel, did a wonderful job
organizing and setting up for the show.                                Want another reason to present??? It is GREAT arts advocacy!
                                                                       We all love art education and our school districts need to see us
At the reception, we honored our regional award nominees. Our          involved and demonstrate loyalty to our outstanding organization.
nominee for Outstanding Art Teacher is Mrs. Barbara Walker,            When administrators hear we are not only attending convention,
employed by the Springfield City Schools. Our nominee for               but presenting a workshop, they might be less likely to say, “Sorry,
Distinguished Citizen for Art Education is Mr. James Wolf,             no money this year”, or “Sorry, you are just the art teacher”. I
of Wolf Metals. Our Distinguished Business/Organization is             found out on accident, that if I present a workshop, my district
the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Columbus Chapter.           pays more money for me to attend! You might not be as lucky as
Our Distinguished Educator for Art Education is Diane Conley,          me, but… it never hurts to ask!
employed by the Westerville City Schools. And our nominee for
Ohio Art Educator of the Year is Nancy Pistone, from the Ohio          So… who is ready to present?
Department of Education. We want to again thank these people
for their dedication and support of Art Education.

Sherri Love hosted a wonderful workshop at her school. Sherri
has many wonderful lesson plans and is very generous when it
comes to sharing her expertise. Sherri demonstrated several clay
hand-building techniques. After the demonstration, we had the
chance to dig in and try out some of the new techniques learned.
We all left with some great new ideas to try out back in our school.
Thank you Sherri for being a great hostess.

Northwest Region
by Virginia Bowerman
Regional Director
Convention in Toledo, Glass City Gathering. We like this theme,
since we are very excited to show you the new Glass Pavilion at
the Toledo Museum of art.

One of the committee’s goals is to have more TEACHER
presented workshops. I am sure you would agree, some of the best
workshops are presented by classroom art teachers with student
art samples to view and lesson plans to borrow.
Being a workshop presenter is easier than you think. We all write
and teach lessons, why not spend a little time organizing them to
bring to convention??? This is what you do… pick your favorite
                                                                       Grant McMaken; Grade 7,
lessons, the ones you have the most success with, write a proposal     Crayon & Marker, Edgerton Jr. High
and send it in by the end of June, (presentation forms are posted
on the OAEA site). Plan to teach your lessons early in the fall and    School, teacher; Mrs. Chris Bostater,
pick your favorite student samples to set aside for convention.        Northwest Region
Regional Reports

                              Southwest Region                                                       Southeast Region
                              by Amy Cholkas                                                         by Bob Eisnaugle
                              Regional Director                                                      Regional Director
“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.                      What a winter!!! South east Ohio was hit bad this year. I teach in
Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”                       the Jackson City School district and as of the time of this writing,
Helen Keller                                                           we have seven days to make up which means we were out of
                                                                       school for twelve days, plus about that many two hour delays.
Do I inspire success in others? This question crossed my mind          Finally, when I get my students for a whole week, they take them
when my mother recently began the slow journey of stroke               out of my class for the Ohio Graduation Test. It has been a tough
recovery. Family members visited her daily, offering hope and          time getting any thing done. It is already a challenge to motivate
encouragement that life as she knew it would return if she worked      students, and having all this time out of the classroom has messed
hard. Her body strengthened through rigorous physical therapy          up our momentum in getting projects done for the our end of the
and her communication skills improved through repetitive vocal         year Arts Festival.
and written exercises. Most health care professionals that she
encountered praised her remarkable progress. However, one day          Our SE region Art teachers try to meet once a month in one of
a nurse told her that she would need to move into a nursing facility   our classrooms for a workshop and just to hang out together….
or have constant supervisor if she ever returned home. The nurse       but Jan. was too busy for everyone and snow kept us from getting
coldly stated that, “Someone will need to cook for you, clean,         together in Feb. By the time this Artline comes out hopefully we
wash your clothes and drive you to your appointments; you’ll           have finally connected again.
just have to face your limitations.” Fortunately, the optimistic
influences around my mother spurred her to continue her therapy         Teaching is demanding on so many levels, but as Art teachers
and she was able to return to an independent life at home.             we not only teach on an analytical level but we also step it up
                                                                       and bridge the creative skills. This is tough enough trying to
As educators, do we inspire our students? Do we give them              make a topic interesting for a whole classroom, but when you
confidence to overcome obstacles and reach for their dreams or          have a classroom of 24 students who want you to help them
do they settle for limited goals and mediocrity? Can you recall a      creatively on an individual level, often our heads start to spin as
teacher who expected your best and would settle for nothing less?      you change gears and directions from table to table. If it wasn’t
I can. Miami University professor, Dr. Julia Lindsey, motivated        for lunch and a planning period every day, my brain may have
me to demand excellence from myself. Ask anyone who studied            spun out of control by now. Like most of you I am exhausted
under Dr. John Michael; his words of inspiration echo in the voices    by the end of the day. It is not because teaching is so physically
of his students still today. The high expectations of Dr. Sharon       exhausting..(well somedays it can be!), but when we deal with 24
Bollen has encouraged College of Mount Saint Joseph students to        or more students every period that demand our personal attention,
become highly regarded educators and socially involved members         plus trying to maintain some sense of order in the classroom
of their communities. If you have a story of inspiration, I’d love     where creative minds seem to activate willing feet, hands, and
to share it with OAEA members. Contact me with your stories,           mouths, it can be “interesting”. But, what a great job. We go to
questions, and comments at                    school everyday, not knowing exactly what to expect and come
                                                                       home every day, amazed at what our students, under our care
“Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done,       have accomplished. That moment when our students finally “see”
really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a      something, when all the tiny pieces start to make a whole, and
solution paves the way to solution.”                                   when they look at what they have created with that real sense of
Dr. David Schwartz, Author of “The Magic of Thinking Big”              pride and accomplishment, that’s when we know we are where we
                                                                       are suppose to be. Again….we have a great job!!

                             OAEA MISSION: BUILDING COMMUNITY FOR

Spring 2008                                                                                                                          11
Regional Reports                                                       On Saturday, March 29, the Belmont County Gifted Advisory
                                                                       Council will be presenting the Visual and Performing Arts
                                                                       Showcase at Ohio University Eastern. The events feature
                                                                       performances and an art exhibition by gifted elementary through
                                                                       high school students from Belmont County.

                                                                       Many of our members from East will have their students exhibit
                                                                       at Artworks which will be hosting the STUDENT ART SHOW
                                                                       OF EXCELLENCE for the month of March. The show is open to
                                                                       any student from grades five through eight. There is a three dollar
                              Western Region                           entry fee per student. One $50 Best of Show and five $20 Merit
                                                                       Awards will be presented at a reception and awards ceremony on
                              by Andrea Leach                          March 7. Entries will be accepted from Feb. 25 through 29. Last
                              Regional Director                        year there were over two hundred entries and covered extensively
                                                                       by local media.
“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an
unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen”.            Our high school teachers are also working hard preparing for
Frank Lloyd Wright                                                     spring competitions including the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art
                                                                       Exhibition and the Festival of Learning.
As Youth Art Month ends again, I couldn’t help but look at this
quote by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is the dedication and hard work        Joyce Fogel and Nicole Whiteman at Caldwell Elementary will be
of each of you that your students were recognized in the YAM           recreating a Taste of Italy with their installations created grades 1
and YPAE exhibitions in Columbus. The extra effort and time it         – 8 during parent teacher conferences.
takes to submit work, attend or attempt to attend (as in the case of
the blizzard of ’08) the receptions shows the devotion you have        On Wednesday, March 12, a representative from Sax Arts and
to your profession. The success is obvious when you view the           Crafts will present a workshop at Artworks for our region. Hope
smiles of each student and their family’s faces. This is what we       everyone has a great spring!
work for!! This is what we “want to see happen”! Not to mention,
what great PR for your art program. If you were unable to submit
artwork, you have another chance coming up soon.
                                                                                         2008 OAEA Regional Directors
Another chance to make things happen is our upcoming summer
regional show at UD’s Artstreet. Sue Hagan and Cathy Sweny                Central Region              Dawn Norris
have arranged for you to submit 8 pieces of artwork, both 2-D             Director          
and 3-D for the regional show at UD. Artwork is due the week
of April 28. It can be dropped off at the Dayton Art Institute’s          East Central Region         Kathryn Matthews
Educational Resource Center or at Sue Hagan’s home. This is a             Dirctor           
fantastic venue which is seen by more than just our students. Also,
another opportunity for high school teachers is to enter work in the     East Region                  Steve Lowe
high school show. Pam Koverman is working very hard to get               Director           
more participation from our region for this event. Please consider
submitting some of your underclassmen’s work. Drop off work              North Central Region         Mary Haas
to Pam at Fairborn High School by May 14th. Later this summer            Co-directors       
we will also be hosting a luncheon for our service award winners,                                     Carmone Macfarlane
as well as, a workshop. AND we are already scheduling an Akua                               
ink printmaking workshop for WOEA day in October! Please use
these opportunities, which do include hard work on your part, to          Northeast Region            Georgann Blair
make things happen for your art program.                                  Co-directors      
                                                                                                      Laura Tawil

East Region                                                               Northwest Region            Ginger Bowerman
by Steven W. Lowe
Regional Director                                                         Southeast Region            Bob Eisnaugle
Thanks to Joyce Fogle for again hosting our annual Christmas
party at her cabin. We had a wonderful afternoon with great food          Southwest Region            Amy Cholkas
and friends. Student artwork for the YAM and YPAE shows were              Director          
viewed, discussed, photographed, and judged. It is awe inspiring
to see what great work is created in the local schools throughout         West Region                 Andrea Leach
eastern Ohio. Our K-8 Regional Art Exhibition will again be held          Director          
this spring at the Eastern Ohio Art Guild gallery in Cambridge.

Regional Reports

                               East Central Region
                               by Kathy Matthews
                               Regional Director

Please check out East Central’s calendar on the OAEA website.            Northeast Region
                                                                         by Georgann M. Blair
As I write this article, the snow continues to fall with nearly a foot
already recorded. The memory of the slippery white 2-hour drive          and Laura U. Tawil
home from school yesterday is still clear. Reading these words in        Regional Co-Directors
May will seem humorous. Making up snow days in June probably
will not. During the process of renewing my teaching license, I          Spring Cleaning
requested transcripts from the University of Dayton on line at The process was painless and I had             Spring cleaning is the time to tidy up, take stock and make orders.
my documents within 3 days!                                              Northeast has not been dormant this winter. This past “winter-
                                                                         spring” Northeast held our regional YAM exhibition coordinated
Elayne Lowe, East Central’s nominee for the 2008 Ohio Art                by Jen Thompson and hosted at the Case Western Reserve
Educator of the Year is showcased in the Artline “Teacher Feature”       University gallery by Tim Shuckerow. In April, NE members
column. We are so proud of you Elayne! Hopefully many of our             had the opportunity to experience glass fusion with artist Sheree
members are familiar with the document “A Fine Arts Standards            Ferrato in her studio in Avon. Members Leslie Koelsch and
Guide for Families.” The guide is available on-line at www.              Annamae Heiman in-serviced members with “Smartboards in the Elayne also served on the Ring a Bell Make a Wish              Art Classroom” in conjunction with our Ohio High School Art
committee for Youth Art Month.                                           Exhibition drop-off in April headed by John Prim.
Judie Singer, Barb Reese, Elayne Lowe, Barrie Archer, Randy              The Northeast News was delivered to members e-mailboxes
Robart, Pat Anderson, Judy Zimmerman, and Kathy Matthews met             and posted on-line during the first week of March. Thanks to
for a morning and early afternoon event at the newly renovated           Irene Eve Chudzik for being our editor and producing this 18
Akron Art Museum to view the “American Chronicles: The Art               page whopper. If you did not receive this newsletter via e-mail,
of Norman Rockwell” ( on Saturday,                please e-mail <> to get on the list and update your
February 2. Norman Rockwell was a prominent illustrator in the           information with Mary Boll, OAEA Membership Chair. Let’s get
United States for sixty years. The chronicles followed Rockwell’s        that list updated!
work and life, ranging from lighthearted images of everyday
culture to more powerful images of our nation including those of         Take inventory of what remains from the school year; supplies,
the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960’s. Rockwell created            facilities and your experience. What do you need? What is your
more than 320 covers for the Saturday Evening Post as well as            budget? What time frame are you working with? Now, most
thousands of paintings. Viewing this exhibit gave me an educated         importantly, what are your actions to meet these needs? Northeast
perspective of Rockwell. The architecture of the new museum is           may not be able to directly address your supply or facility needs,
breathtaking!                                                            but we can provide support and resources for your advocacy
                                                                         campaign to make improvements through our PR/Advocacy
Southern Local Senior LoveDevett Hill’s art work (a black and            Chair Judy Delegrange.
white ink floral composition) was acquired for the “Permanent
Student Gallery Collection” at the Columbiana County Educational         Professional development opportunities abound in the summer.
Service Center in Lisbon. Love and other students from Laurie            Many of you are taking graduate courses, workshops, or visiting
Ronshak’s high school art classes had work displayed in October          our amazing art museums. Northeast is organizing some
2007.                                                                    professional development for you, too. Join us in June at Richard
                                                                         Skerl’s home for the annual Summer Gathering which includes
The 2nd Annual ECOAEA Teachers’ as Artists 2008 opened March             food, fellowship and convention badge-making. Northeast is also
31 at the 2nd April Gallery located at 324 Cleveland Ave. NW in          planning a Folk Art Workshop in September at the House of Blues.
Canton, Ohio 44702. Their web address is wwww.secondapril.               Check your e-mail and get on-line with NE OAEA.
org. The closing reception and takedown was held at noon on
Saturday, April 12. It is exciting to experience everyone’s art.         Sweep out, straighten up and spring into summer!

Spring 2007                                                                                                                           13
Regional Reports
North Central Region                                                      the website. If you can’t make it, you will just have to wait until
                                                                          convention to see what we have created for badges this year!
by Mary Haas
                                                                          May brought the annual member show at the Mansfield Art Center
and Carmone Macfarlane                                                    and numerous local school district shows. And now, that school is
Regional Co-Directors                                                     out, and we are heading into summer, what are you planning on
                                                                          doing? As a North Central Member, there are many opportunities
Hello North Central!!                                                     available to you. Howard Hoffman will be hosting his jewelry and
                                                                          etching workshops in June. Space is limited so you will need to
Looking out the windows on a hot June day, watching our little            sign up quickly. Last years sessions were jam packed with amazing
darlings pulling out of the parking lot, some of them for the last        artwork and inspiration. Also, be sure to visit the Mansfield Art
time, Alice Cooper begins to float through the air with “School’s          Center to see the Beaded pouch exhibit with works made from
Out for Summer” and I reminisce about all the exciting things             artisans all over our region and take notice of Mansfield’s newly
that have happened to the North Central region over the past few          painted fire Hydrants completed by many of our area teachers and
months.                                                                   students.

March not only held the weather roller coaster with same day              July will be our 2nd annual Horseback and BBQ. It is a great way
highs in the 50’s and low’s in the teens, but it also held the regional   to relax and rejuvenate with your fellow NC members and guests.
competitions for the Governor’s show. Many of our area schools            If you have time, take a field trip to Ashland’s new gallery called
had work accepted at this level of the Governor’s Competition:            Art 101 on Main Street. It features artwork of local and regional
Ashland, Bellevue, Clearfork, Lexington, Galion, Mansfield,                artists.
Norwalk, Ontario, and Shelby.
Congratulations to all!                                                   With our creative spirits having time for renewal, we challenge
                                                                          you to create one artwork that is not classroom related by August
April was filled with more than just showers, It held the regional         20th to be displayed on our North Central OAEA link. Subject
judging for the Ohio High School Show and our first annual badge           matter is up to you, but please still keep it school appropriate.
meeting. If you didn’t make it to the badge meeting, we will have         Enjoy your summer, and we will see you soon.
a few more before we go to convention, so watch your email and

                                                            “Explains It All”
                                                                                                              On the semester final, the
                                                                                                              question was:

                                                                                                              What is the name of the art elf
                                                                                                              that sneaks into the art room
                                                                                                              at night and steals artwork
                                                                                                              from the students portfolio
                                                                                                                   a. Artie the Artistic
                                                                                                                   b. Bauhaus the Bold
                                                                                                                   c. Conrad the Cubist
                                                                                                                   d. There is no art elf
                                                                                                                        put your things
                                                                                                              After the test, the students
                                                                                                              had some time to catch up,
                                                                                                              study for the next exam, etc.
                                                                                                              At the end of class, Freshman
                                                                                                              Vondell Swain put this on
                                                                                                              my desk, said “Explains it
                                                                                                              all,” and walked out the door.
                                                                                                              Meet Sven.

                                                                                                              Sue Ayers, Stiver School for
                                                                                                              the Arts, Dayton

Artful Thoughts
The Other Paper ran a version of this story,
February 28, 2008

Jerry Tollifson is undergoing an identify crisis. The former State Art
Education Consultant isn’t sure who he is. Earlier this year he had
been invited to show his drawings of flowers and female nudes in an
exhibition at the Shremshock Art Gallery in Westerville, Ohio during
January and February 2008.

All went well during the opening reception on January 19th. The large
crowd that attended that evening was very appreciative and interested
in his work, which included many small drawings and featured three
large-scale linear abstract interpretations of the female form that
Tollifson refers to as “Totem Nudes”.

However, four days later he received a call from the Gallery Director
informing him that he must remove the three “Totem Nudes” from
the Gallery. She explained that complaints had been lodged about
his “Totem Nudes” by employees of the architect’s offices within
which the Gallery is located. The management was fearful that if the
offending works were not removed, the employees would bring a
lawsuit for “sexual harassment.” A few days later, without objection
Tollifson had the three “Totem Nudes” removed from the Gallery and
relocated at his art studio in Columbus.

Since this incident, a problem has arisen. Tollifson has been suffering
an identify crisis. He doesn’t quite know whether he identifies more
with Larry Flint, the pornographer and publisher of Hustler magazine
or with Michael Angelo, the 15th century artist whose nude paintings
were objected to by officials of the Catholic Church at the time.

Apparently, Tollifson’s crisis has been resolved by his making a choice
of identify, for when last seen, he was searching for places where he
could purchase fig leaves.

Jerry Tollifson
State Art Education Consultant Emeritus
Ohio Department of Education
Central Region

Photo Courtesy: The Other
Paper and Richard Ades

Spring 2007                                                               15

                                                   Convention 2008
                                                 Glass City Gathering

                                                Join us in Toledo
                                             November 6, 7, & 8, 2008!

                              Young People’s Art Exhibition
by Leslie Koelsch, Chairperson YPAE
Northeast Region
Old man winter wasn’t quite ready to let go of March this year and dropped over 20 inches of snow on
Columbus on what would have been our art show reception weekend. After scrambling on Saturday the
eighth to contact over 350 people about the canceled reception, we were able to reschedule it for the following
Saturday the 15th. Even though the participants were given short notice they rallied to the occasion and came
out in force with over 250 people attending the reception.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the many wonderful volunteers that help make the reception, its
cancellation and it’s rescheduling possible. Thank you to the many people who made phone calls and sent
emails to keep the lines of communication moving. A special thank you to Mandy Brooks for her quick work
it keeping the latest information posted on our website.

                                  OAEA Mission Statement
Mission: The mission of the Ohio Art Education Association is to advance and support quality art
education through professional development, leadership, service, advocacy and education by:
       • Uniting art educators in the promotion and understanding of the visual arts in a quality
       • Stimulating the professional growth of members;
       • Initiating art education service and advocacy programs;
       • Encouraging the involvement and commitment of members in all activities endorsed by the
       • Informing members of current educational developments and areas of their potential
       involvement; and
       • Educating citizens and key decision makers about the knowledge, skills, and values provided
       by quality art education.

                              Ohio Art Education Association                    Be a Workshop Presenter!
                                     INSTRUCTIONS: Please print or type information requested. Use this form for only one proposal.
   November 6, 7, & 8, 2008

                                    NAME ______________________________________ OAEA Region ____________ Division ___________

                                    ADDRESS _______________________________________________________________________________

                                    CITY ____________________________________________ STATE __________ ZIP _________________

                                    HOME PHONE (                    ) ____________________                      E-mail _________________________________________

                                    SCHOOL _______________________________________________                                            SCHOOL PHONE ________________
                                    LIST CO-PRESENTERS ( must be oaea members) _________________________________________________

                                     TITLE OF PRESENTATION _______________________________________________________________

                                     DESCRIPTION (Please word succinctly for brochure in 30 words or less. )

                                    TIME REQUIRED (Circle)                  50 minutes                 1 hour 20 minutes      1 hour 50 minutes             2 hours 20 minutes

                                    Most Appropriate for grades (Circle all that apply)    Pre-K K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
                                          College Students    Higher Education       Supervision  Retired Museum All (General Audience)

                                    Are you willing to present your workshop two times                       YES, back-to-back       YES, different days           NO
                                    Which best describes your proposal?      (Circle all that apply)   LECTURE     DEMONSTRATION           HANDS-ON          ADVOCACY             RESEARCH
                                    ASSESSMENT           CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION                             STANDARDS      TECHNOLOGY               STUDIO /MEDIA TECHNIQUE
                                    If “HANDS ON” presentation is there a limited #of participants? _____
                                    Materials/supply charge to participants? $_______                                                      Place additional comments on back

                                    AV equipment needs:              NONE            WALL SCREEN                    TV/VCR             TV/DVD             OVERHEAD

                                    *Presenters are responsible for providing AV equipment except for dvd/vcr tv monitor, overhead or wall screen which can be requested above.
                                    No additional equipment will be provided by OAEA

                                    Workshop seating preference:            Classroom              Theater     Other: specify _______________________________________

                                    I am aware that if my proposal is accepted for presentation at the convention, I and all my co-presenters are required to be
                                    paid OAEA members and are required to register for convention and pay the general registration fee. I am aware that my
                                    presentation may be scheduled on any convention day. You may specify a preference. I certify that I am a paid member of
                                    OAEA and understand the above instructional information. Proposals are subject to review.

                                    Signature ________________________________________________ Date __________________

                                   Mail to:      Kristin Walker                9275 Short Rd.                    Lynchburg, OH 45142

                                    DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF WORKSHOP PROPOSALS IS JUNE 30, 2008

Spring 2008                                                                                                                                                                            17
                                                  National Board Certification
                           by Bev Grady
                           Board Chair
                           National Board Certification is a worthwhile professional achievement. Many school districts are
                           recognizing that NBCTs are valuable resources in the classroom, in the staff room, and throughout
                           their schools. I welcome current OAEA NBCTs to email me your stories of
                           going through the National Board process and tell us how becoming an NBCT has changed your
                           professional life. We would like to print your stories in this NBCT column in our next Artline.

If you have decided that you would like to become a National Board Certified Art Teacher go to the NBPTS and ODE
website and become familiar with the timelines involved for applying and also for funding in Ohio and then make a plan.
Direct any questions you may have about funding to the ODE contact person Rasha Hetata at Rasha.hetata@ode.state. Be sure to attend a mandatory regional orientation session. This orientation session is the first step towards applying
for state funding. Regional orientation sessions for teachers interested in pursuing National Board Certification are offered
around the state in many locations from January through April of each year. Check the Ohio Department of Education
website at and type NBC Support Site Administrators in the Search box located in the upper right hand
corner of the page to find the region and support site administrator near you. In order to apply for state funding ($2,200
per candidate) for the National Board application fee, attending one of these orientation sessions is mandatory and at the
completion of the session you will receive a certificate that you will need to include with your application for funding.
This year, new National Board Candidates can now get a jump-start on their portfolio by attending an optional state funded
four-day workshop of intense preparatory work this summer. Dates and locations yet to be determined. If interested please
contact your support site coordinator.

       Award-Winning School Outreach Program Seeks Participants
  Do you know a middle school with limited access to the arts?
  The Columbus Museum of Art is seeking applicants for their 2008
  School Outreach program. In this program, the Museum partners
  with a middle school that has no arts program in order to provide
  a rich arts experience. CMA staff will bring authentic, socially
  charged works of art to the classroom to engage middle-school
  students in an interdisciplinary learning experience. Students
  will explore social issues relevant to their own lives and will
  communicate their concerns through creative expression and
  experimentation. The program also provides an intensive day at
  the Museum where students will engage with artwork from the
  Museum’s collection and see art that they have created being

  The National Endowment for the Arts recognized this program
  with a Challenge America Grant. If your middle school would
  like to participate please contact Jessimi Jones at 614-629-0363

                                     The Ohio Art Education Foundation Update
                           by Dr. Dennis Cannon
                           Ohio Art Education Foundation, President
                           The Ohio Art Education Foundation continues to grow. We recently received a nice donation
                           from the profits garnered from the sale of the Convention Hand-Out CDs. A big thanks to Mary
                           Golubieski who managed this fundraiser for the Foundation. And of course a huge thank
                           you to the many OAEA members that purchased this great resource. This has been a
                           project of the Distinguished Fellows for numerous years and helps to benefit the Ohio Art
                           Education Foundation.

Student Scholarships
A significant change has occurred with the Ohio Art Education Association Scholarship requirements. The Ohio Art Education
Foundation and the OAEA Higher Education Division have modified the scholarship to be open to undergraduates as well
as graduate students who are pursuing a teaching license in visual art education.

This change was made to allow a scholarship opportunity for the many higher education students who already hold a BFA
or MFA in visual art and return to a higher education institution to pursue a teaching license for visual art.

The eligibility requirements are that you must be an undergraduate or graduate art education student pursuing visual art
licensure, must be a student during the 2008-2009 school year enrolled as a junior, senior, or graduate student, and a student
member of OAEA. The application deadline needs to be postmarked by June 1, 2008. Visit the OAEA website at www.oaea.
org and look for the Undergraduate Scholarship link.

Teacher Incentive Grants
Consider applying for a Ohio Art Education Foundation Teacher Incentive Grant for the
2008 –09 academic school year. Two Foundation grants in the amount of $500 each are made available to OAEA members
to implement projects that enhance and further art education on a local, district or state level.

Information regarding the application process is on the OAEA website, click on Membership Opportunities. You will find
the application form as well as helpful information regarding the grant process. While this may look like a huge amount of
information, much of it is meant to serve as helpful guidelines to write a successful grant. The actual grant is a narrative of
three to five pages. The application deadline date is September 12, 2008.

Your Ohio Art Education Foundation
As always, donations to the Ohio Art Education Foundation are welcome at any time and are tax deductible. Ways to help
build the foundation can include bequests, appreciated securities, mutual funds, charitable gift annuities, and life insurance
policies. For more information on the foundation or giving procedures contact the foundation president, Dr. Dennis Cannon
through the OAEA web site ( and click on the OAEA Leadership section.

  Need OAEA information on art exhibits, important dates, email addresses, membership
  information or current news? The OAEA website has all the information you need at your

                                                Change of Address?
  If you have changed your address, name, phone, email or worksite, contact Mary T. Boll at to update your information. Mail information to Mary Boll, OAEA Membership,
  1032 North St. Wheelersburg, OH 45694.

Spring 2008                                                                                                              19
by Robyn Helsel
Youth Art Month Exhibition Chairperson
On March 1, 2008 the lure of 66 degree temperatures did not keep young Ohio artists along with their family, friends, and
teachers away from the Youth Art Month Exhibition reception at the State Teachers Retirement Systems in downtown
Columbus. The Youth Art Month Exhibition is sponsored by the Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA) and the State
Teachers Retirement Systems (STRS). One hundred and seventy-nine pieces of artwork from Ohio art student in grades
K through 8 were on display from the nine regions in the OAEA. The month of March is set aside nationally as Youth
Art Month (YAM). Youth Art Month was started in 1961 by the Crayon, Water Color & Craft Institute (now the Art &
Creative Materials Institute) in cooperation with the National Art Education Association to emphasize the value of art
education for all children and to encourage support for quality school art programs.

The annual OAEA Youth Art Month Art Exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Christie J. Casper, an art teacher for
25 years in the Hillsdale School District. Casper was instrumental in organizing the exhibitions that are held throughout
the year at the State Teacher’s Retirement Systems of Ohio. Through her boundless energy, her enthusiastic support of
art education and her leadership, the YAM exhibition continues to follow her example by promoting excellence in the
arts for young people throughout the state of Ohio. Three receptions were held on March 1 at STRS to accommodate
all those in attendance. The young artists and their families enjoyed refreshments during the reception thanks to STRS
and the artists were awarded certificates during the awards ceremony. Special guest speaker for the ceremonies was
Mrs. Sherri Lee Love, whose involvement in the OAEA has ranged from Central Region Exhibition chairperson, Ohio
State Youth Art Month coordinator, State Commercial Exhibitions coordinator, OAEA First Vice President, and one
of the 2006 – 2007 Ohio Middle School Art Educators of the Year. The 2008 Youth Art Month Flag Design and
Graphic Design Competition winners were recognized at the first reception; Sue Ayers is the chairperson of this annual
competition. The Jerry Tollifson Art Criticism Open Awards were recognized at the second reception; Mr. Tollifson was
in attendance to congratulate the winners. Jan Fedorenko is the chairperson of the Criticism Open.

              “Check Out the History YOU’ve Made in OAEA”
by Kurt Reichert, Historian

The past year I had the pleasure of serving as co-historian with
our past historian, George Liston. His dedication to OAEA
through the many offices and appointments he has served
has always and continues to be an inspiration to me and I’m
sure many others. Recently we completed the updated OAEA
history. Through the marvels of technology we have it in draft
form at and we ask that YOU be the proof-reader.
Please take time and read through this extensive document.
If you are able to fill in any of the blanks of information or
you find an error, please email me at or George and I hope to have the final
document to the printers by the first of July so that it can be
published and distributed at our next convention. I envision all
you members in your favorite easy chair or on your decks with
the warm breezes blowing soaking up the history of OAEA
through your laptops!

Spring 2008                                                        21
             Call for Submissions: Youth Art Month Documentation
What is Youth Art Month? Youth Art Month is an annual observance each March to emphasize the value of art education for all
children and to encourage support for quality school art programs. We as art educators, all celebrate YAM by participating with art
exhibitions and activities. Most of us even share these celebrations with our communities by publishing the events with our local
newspapers and radio stations. This is a call to all OAEA membership to help share these events nationally by taking one more

Please submit all Youth Art Month documentation of events (i.e., photographs, proclamations, endorsements, newspaper articles,
press releases, flyers, certificates, newsletters, mailings, letters, radio or television spots, quotes, and descriptions of activities and
events held). Documentation should by submitted via email attachments and/or regular postal service mailings to the OAEA Youth
Art Month Coordinator. See addresses below. Documents that are sent via email attachments should be sent as attachments and
not as part of the email message. Please make sure files are not extremely large as they will be retrieved through dial-up internet
connection. Format for digital images should be .jpg (“jpeg”). If documents are to be sent via regular postal service, please send
copies and/or originals. If originals need to be returned please indicate within the mailing. Documentation will be accepted through
June 30, 2008. All educators that submit documentation will receive certificates of participation.

The documentation that is submitted will be included in the Ohio Art Education Association state report that is sent to the Council
for Art Education, Inc. The report is submitted to allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of our observances over the entire state of
Ohio, to share our experiences with other states and to enable Ohio to participate in the Council’s annual award program.

Documents should be submitted to:              Lolita M. Casto-Mullen or
                                               OAEA YAM Coordinator
                                               1486 Brushy Point Rd.
                                               Gallipolis, Ohio 45631

Questions please email. Thanks for your participation in advance. Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2008.
If interested in YAM updates via newsletter please send request to be added to mailing to above email address.


                          Congratulations to our members who have won NAEA awards!
  Robyn Helsel won the NAEA 2008 Western Region Middle Level Art Educator Award.
           Dr. Christine Morris won the NAEA 2008 Higher Education Division Awards.

                                                      Davis is the number one publisher
                                                      of K–12 art programs.
                                                      Look to Davis for unparalleled images, content, and resources
                                                                                     • Davis textbook programs include more
                                                         images of student artwork, art by
                                                                  women artists, and contemporary and
                                                                        multicultural art than any others available!

                                                             • Each program encourages research,
                                                                 analysis, and problem solving.
                                                         • Students explore their unique styles and
                                                                        interests through stimulating hands-on
                                                                                       studio activities.

                             Elementary
               
       

                                                            Middle School                                 High School

                                                                   For more information, call your local sales representative,
                                                                   Justin Jordan at 800-729-3391 or email him at
    Page Design by Minsook Park                                          first in art education since 1901                              M-172

                                                                    DAVISART.COM           800-533-2847        FAX 508.753.3834

Srping 2008                                                                                                                       23
Membership Reports
                            by Mary Theresa Boll
                            Membership/Circa Society Chairperson
                            Our membership numbers continue to grow. Current numbers can always be found at At
                            the time of writing this report we have 1714 total members.

                            Recently I was able to discover that Jean Webb, one of our honorary members who passed away many
                            years ago in 1972, has a niece who credits Jean and her years as an art educator in Ohio with inspiring her
                            in her own art endeavors of today. Polly Law has posted Jean’s picture on her web site about her shop,
                            the Thums End Art Studio in New York. It’s a very nice tribute to an Ohio art educator and someone who
                            helped influence the beginnings of OAEA.

Are you eligible for a Circa Award? Over 200 current OAEA members are eligible for a Circa Award this year. If you were a member
of OAEA by 1994 you may be eligible for a Circa award. Please contact me by email and send me the following information: The year
you think you became a member, any other name you may have had as a member, any region you may have been in as a member and the
name of your college if you were a student member. There is also a form at that can be mailed.

                                                       2007 Circa Award Winners
(Continued from last ARTline)
The following is the rest of the list of Circa Winners for 2007.

Amelia Joynes is a 35 year member. Cynthia Kamp and Joann Wiggins are 30 year members.

Twenty-five Year Members: Diane Alexander, Kimberly Allen, Shelley Allen, Pat Kuntz Anderson, Kim Baker, Debra Blazey, Mary
T. Boll, Elaine Clapper, Carol Donaldson, Nancy Dyer, Carol Edgar, Sara Eppley, Lou Ann Glover, Judy Hardesty, Robyn Helsel,
Mary Hessling-Luebbe, Ann Hessman, Rachel Hipp, Stephanie Ilcisko, Robert Ingle, Carole Jean Jensen, Theresa Jensen, Debra Jones,
Barbara Kessler, Jane King, Karrie King, Peg Knueve, Patricia Kula, Sue Ann Ladd, Jean Long, Elayne Lowe, Steven Lundy, Elaine
Maier, Jill Markey, Sherry Middendorf-Fuller, Sharon Mulvaney, Diane Neal, Mary Louise Poling, Patricia Prentiss, John Prim, Rebecca
Reiff, Anne Roberts, Deby Sage, Connie Schalinske, Bonita Shindledecker, Rinda Shutts, Bobbi Smith, Carolyn Smith, Kathryn Spencer,
Nancy Sweeney, Cathy Sweny, Ann Teneyck, Patricia, Tricomi, Lizabeth Whipps, James Wiles, David Wolff.

Twenty Year Members: Joann Allen, Sherry Angeloni, Carol Becci-Youngs, Joseph Bell, Susan Bennett, Terri Bey, Joseph Bonifas,
Nancy Boyer, Patsy Camp, Cheryl Cherry, Kathrine Clark, Jerry Devis, Maria Difrangia, Lauren Diorio, Diane Dodd, Lorelle Driggs,
Janet Durenberger, Faniya Eckert, Christine Epstein, Fred Farschman, Amy Fell, Karen Fox, Debra Gantz, Carol Garoza, Diane
Gladieux, Bev Grady, Jeff Heaton, Linda Hoeptner-Poling, Marilyn Hornbeck, Barb Kalie, David King, Sharon King, Karan Knish,
Janine Labounty, Lynn Lang, Janet Lasley, Roxanna Lehman, Julia Lindsey, Jan Long, Sherri Love, Peggilou Marsh, Merrill Beth
Maurer, Sara McLaughlin-Harris, Mary Jane Miceli, Renae Miller, Christine Mesencik-Bunn, Drew Moffat, Carolyn Newhouse, Pam
Nichols, Sandra Noble, Rhonda Nye, Donna O’Brien, Lucinda Phillippi, Margie Pijor-Maloy, Karen Potter, Sharee Price, Joan Quinn,
Christina Rappaport, Melanie Reilly, Randall Robart, Gail Rose, Cece Rutherford, Suzanne Sajewski, Karen Schindler, Judith Singer,
Mark Sommer, Mary Ann Souliere, Susan Staley, Susan Sundberg, Lori Taylor, Katherine Vance, Jane Vanden Eynden, Cynthia Vehovec,
Lisa Watz, Tammy Weaver, Mark Wiesner, Sally Windle, Mary Jo Worthington, Susan Yingling, Margarite Zurface.

Fifteen Year Members: Kate Anello, Joe Applebaum, Jeanie Auseon, Mary Joy Balz, Michelle Banks, Joann Bateman, Georgann
Blair, Lisa Bookenberger, Beth Boyer, Carole Brown, Marlene Byer, Regina Ann Cameron, Pat Carbone, Linda Catley, Judith Charves,
Samantha Copthorne, Donna Cornwell, Melinda Danenbergs, Georgie Ann Daub-Grosse, Kay Dean, Katie Delay, Gary DeVault, Janet
Dewey, Elizabeth Donaldson, Mary Donato, Lisa Dressig, Ann Duchez, Joan Effertz, Tracy Eyster, Kveodosia Faber, Jeffrey Fett,
Melissa Finkes, Michele Gase, Karen Gaski, Shawn Gatton, Constance Grant, Mary Haist, Linda Hamilton, Annamae Heiman, Jane
Houg, Shirley Jamison, Karen Kakas, Cindy Kessler, Annie King, Jane Liston, Tabitha Lusk, Karen Lutz, Mary McColough, Stephanie
Miller-Davis, Nancy Moulton, Wendy Murphy, Carole Neff, Mary Nichols-Brondfield, Debra Paxton, Michelle Pelino, Daniel Pruitt,
Ruth Purdy-Leslie, Kat Rakel-Ferguson, Barbara Reese, Frankie Rhodes, Chris Rilling, Amy Rospert, Karen Saunders, Patricia Schwab,
Mary Sheridan, Rita Shriver-Schehr, Richard Skerl, Laura Ursem Tawil, Jan Thomann, Linda Thorbahn, John Timms, Nancy Vogel,
Christopher Walter, Carol Welsheimer, Kay Weprin, Mary Kay Wiederhold, Jan Wiesner, Gloria Wilder, Karan Witham-Walsh, John

OAEA Fellows
                                                 OAEA Distinguished Fellows
                          by Monte E. Garrabrant
                          OAEA Distinguished Fellows Chairperson
                          The OAEA Distinguished Fellows wish to thank the OAEA members who purchased the Handout
                          CD from this past year’s conference in Dayton, Ohio. The net profit realized from the project was
                          $3766.75. These monies will be added to funds collected and sent to the Ohio Art Education
                          Foundation (OAEF). These monies are used to help cover the costs of grants offered by OAEA.
                          Thanks goes to Chairperson Mary Golubieski for her work in collecting, organizing, reproducing
                          and mailing the CD’s.
The OAEA Distinguished Fellows are reminded of the deadline of May 30, 2008 to submit names for consideration to
be included into the “pool” for possible induction into the OAEA Distinguished Fellows. All forms and information are
available on the OAEA web page. You must be a paid member of the OAEA Distinguished Fellows to make nominations.
All nominations need to be to Chairperson Monte E. Garrabrant by May 30, 2008. If you have any questions, please contact
him at or call 614-801-0244. Additional updates and current “pool membership” will be in
the OAEA Fellows Newsletter in April or can be found on the OAEA Distinguished Fellows webpage.

OAEA Distinguished Fellows are reminded to turn in articles for publication in “For He or She is a Jolly Good Fellow” to
Betsy Ritari. Thanks to all who have submitted articles. These articles need not be literary wonders. We enjoy hearing about
each other. Let us know of any news to pass onto other members too.

Hope you had a great winter, enjoying travels, attending art functions or just enjoying a roaring fire and a good book.
Whatever found you busy these past few months, it is time to emerge from your shell and spread your wings and fly into the
warmth of a new spring and a new life as an OAEA Distinguished Fellows!

Spring 2008                                                                                                            25
Book Reviews
                 Although appreciation [including history and biography] has become a large part of the curriculum
                 for many teachers, studio activities still are the driving force in school art programs. Sue Heap’s
                 DANNY’S DRAWING BOOK (Candlestick Press 2008) depicts a simple story of a couple of
                 youngsters who produced a storybook based on a trip to a zoo. They drew pictures of an elephant
                 and an aardvark and added speech balloons, embellishing their adventures with a few other
                 animals and an airplane. We smile at the charming innocence of their vision and speculate about
                 the effectiveness of art education in helping them “mature”.

                 Arguments about the use of “How to Draw” books have been part of the discourse for the 50
                 years I’ve spent in our business. Publishers help maintain the verbal battle by printing a variety
                 of them annually. Ralph Maisiello’s OCEAN DRAWING BOOK (Charlesbridge 2006) offers
                 as simpleminded an approach as possible for producing a mixed dozen sea creatures. The book
                 shows you, step by step, how to construct a line drawing of a sea horse, shark, clown fish, even
by Ken Marantz   a humpbacked whale; and then we learn how to add from a choice of colors. Danny could
                 probably follow these instructions successfully. Christopher Hart’s THE CARTOONIST’S
                 BIG BOOK OF DRAWING ANIMALS (Watson Guptill 2008) contains over 200 pages using a
                 similar method for drawing a wide range of animals. These creatures are more complex but we
                 are offered fewer steps. Instead, Hart supplies helpful written comments and pages of details like
                 Eye Expressions, The Bear’s Mouth, Knock-kneed Horse: Front View, etc. With practice and
                 some imagination the user of this book should have an extensive cast of characters to draw upon
                 for creating personal visual stories. For the more interested in the slap-dash adventures of heroes,
                 Hart offers SIMPLIFIED ANATOMY FOR THE COMIC BOOK ARTIST (Watson Guptill,
                 2007). The author explains that he will be teaching “simplified” anatomy which will result in
                 the “streamline look” he considers most appropriate for action stories - think Superman comics.
                 In the 160 pages he constantly refers to skeletal and muscular fundamentals that form the basis
                 of his well-fleshed male and female figures. Such costumes as they wear seem pasted on their
                 bulging hyperactive figures. Because of attention to anatomy and the large variety of poses, high
                 schoolers (and some precocious middle schoolers) might find this a generally useful resource.

                 Hart also produced MANGA MANIA: OCCULT AND HORROR (Watson Guptill 2007)
                 in recognition of one current illustration fad. Although there is some attention given to the
                 construction of the characters in these 140 pages, having the above SIMPLIFIED ANATOMY
                 as a reference should enhance the user’s efforts. Here in abundance are the characters who
                 people this dark world. First are pages of body parts emphasizing their differences from other
                 styles like shoujo, and then there are the actions and costumes and variations that make the
                 melodramas. Some settings and lots of properties like weapons may give users of this resource
                 a leg up in creating their own Gothic tales. Andy Smith’s DRAWING AMERICAN MANGA
                 SUPERHEROES (Watson Guptill 2007) points out differences between what he calls the
                 American and Manga figures and produces pages of basic body shapes to be assembled into
                 whole bodies in action. Again, pages are devoted to drawing eyes, lips, etc. Composing scenes,
                 drawing to fill a page, inking, etc. are all demonstrated. Thus this reference supplements Hart’s
                 above in providing information useful for complete drawings.

                 Finally, Shawn Martinbrough’ s HOW TO DRAW NOIR COMICS: The Art and Technique of
                 Visual Storytelling (Watson Guptill 2007) brings us to the culmination of the exercises stimulated
                 by the previous books. The author assumes that the reader “should already know how to draw”
                 because he will be demonstrating a specific style which depends on established skills. Chapter 1
                 (of 8) lays out the necessary tools and then moves on with Basics, Creating a Mood, Page Layout,
                 etc. all in black and white. You will have to visualize a script, give birth to characters, envision
                 action, incorporate text, etc. To make his case, the author includes a sort of graphic novel. This is
                 a fine reference for serious students as it demonstrates the demands that must be met for creating
                 in this art form.

Spring 2008                                                                                                      27
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