Comparing Kumon Math to Ho Math and Chess by anamaulida


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                <p>Comparing Kumon Math to Ho Math and Chess</p>
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<p>Frank Ho</p>
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<p>Teacher and founder of Ho Math and Chess</p>
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<p>Many have asked me how Ho Math and Chess is different from Kumon Math.
Both Kumon Math and Ho Math and Chess use worksheets to teach math and
get children to work on progressive math worksheets. The biggest
difference is the way the worksheets are produced.</p>
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<p>Ho Math and Chess teaching idea stems from its founder’s Mr. Frank
Ho’s personal experience while teaching his son Andrew chess when
Andrew was 5 years old. This is very similar to Kumon math’s founder
Mr. Toru Kumon ’s experience in teaching his son math. Both Mr. Kumon
and Mr. Ho have gained insights by teaching their own child in creating
the franchise business in teaching math but in a very different approach
of creating worksheets. </p>

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<p>Ho Math and Chess was founded on the philosophy that math must be
taught in a fun and cool way. Because of this reason Ho Math and Chess
integrates game and math together and the game used at Ho Math and Chess
is the international chess – an universal language which many kids in
the world can play and enjoy while working on math.</p>
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<p>Mr. Ho discovered the language which links between chess and math and
thus patented his idea and created the world’s first math and chess
integrated workbooks for elementary students. Consequently, Mr. Ho also
created Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set so that children as young as 4
years old can learn chess with ease. Frank also created Frankho Chess
Mazes, which is very different from traditional mazes in such a way that
Frankho Chess Mazes improve children’s visualization ability and also
their analytical ability.</p>
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<p>The math worksheets at Ho Math and Chess integrate math and chess
using new and patented applied technology with innovative teaching idea.
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<p>For children who do not just want to work on pure math worksheets only
then Ho Math and Chess offers an alternative. Mr. Ho also created
mathematical chess puzzles, which resemble IQ puzzles so children can
have the opportunity to do brain fitness and improve their brain power at
the same time. Ho Math and Chess is taking the leading role of
integrating math, chess, puzzles, and brain fitness all into one
workbook. Ho Math and Chess worksheets are fun, entertaining, and
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<p>It is the teaching philosophy of having fun while learning math
differs Ho Math and Chess from Kumon math and all other math learning
centers in the world.</p>
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<p>More details, please visit </p>

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