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					Never has it been so easy to have a math tutor at your side thanks to
math apps for the iPhone. Every day students struggle with math from
multiplication tables to fractions to algebra to university math. IPhone
offers a number of math apps that offer tutorials, quizzes, and of course
fun games. Here are just a few of the iPhone math apps that help any
student struggling at any level of math.      Brain Counts Kids Math:
Learn to Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide

  This kid's math app uses sound effects, animations, and music to keep
children engaged in the math problems at hand. The basic math app focuses
on addition and subtraction, while the advanced math app focuses on
multiplication and divisions.      NSC Partners LLC Kids Fraction Fun:
Learn Fractions, Percentages, Decimals       This math app is geared
towards children between grade 4 and 5 with activities around fractions,
decimals, and percentages. The cool graphics that are part of the
practice problems are engaging. The problems can be down at your leisure
or with a time and the children can keep track of their progress. So good
is this math app that some teachers are using it in the classroom.
Clay Cat Designs MathPad 4 Practice Word Problems       This math app
focuses on word problems that involve addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division. There are more than 70 word problems and
they can even be customized. You input the answer using the keypad. Since
there is no multiple answers the children cannot guess.       Kid Calc
Elementary Math Help with Flash Cards      This math app is actually four
apps all put together. It focuses on preschool and elementary students.
It uses cool graphics along with fun games to keep young children
engaged. There are animated flash cards, counting games, addition and
subtraction math drills, and an animated calculator.       Ben Spratling
Math Touch      If you are in a science class or an engineering student,
this is considered the best math app. It automatically converts units and
vector coordinate systems. It has an astronomical observation database
and an equation database.      Math Ref Free       Some math formulas are
hard to remember but Math Ref Free takes the guessing out of it, helping
you to understand about a particular formula and to find formulas. There
are also all kinds of tips to make understanding the formulas easier.
Free Graphing Calculator      The iPhone comes with different calculators
to help you with your calculations. The free graphing calculator is a
very powerful math app and it's also very flexible. There are some nice
science and quadratic features. This powerful math app is absolutely
free.      Math apps have really improved in recent years. The iPhone has
made it very convenient for students of all ages to access math apps.
Many of these applications are free, but even those that aren't on
average cost $1.99. You can't go wrong. Math is a subject many struggle
with. These math apps are like having your very own tutor, only a lot
more fun and a lot more engaging.      If you are looking for more
information, please visit the following website: Math apps. Related
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