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Housing information
Welcome Home,
Now that you’ve found the perfect college, let us help
answer some of your questions.

What will my major be? How many credit hours
should I take? Will I work, find a date, study abroad?
Will I really meet the best friends of my life in college?
Where will I live?

The residence halls at The University of South Dakota
are the answer to the question, “Where will I live?”
On-campus living is fun, safe, affordable and will
give you easy access to all the tools you need to
succeed at USD.

This guide will allow you the chance to find your
perfect home at USD. Life on your own is just around
the corner.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Go Yotes!

The University of South Dakota
414 East Clark Street
Vermillion, SD 57069-2390
Phone: 605-677-5666
Fax: 605-677-4260
Our Vision—
                      To be the best small, public flagship university in the nation
                                  built upon a liberal arts foundation.

In many ways, college is a new beginning; a chance to meet new         skills and become better equipped to adapt to people in different
people, build relationships and redefine yourself as a person.         living situations. You will have a greater appreciation for diversity,
It’s time for you to make your own decisions and be responsible        improve your decision-making and leadership skills, and develop
for the outcomes and consequences that come along with them.           stronger academic support networks.
It can be overwhelming and a little bit scary.
                                                                       Research indicates that students who live in residence halls are
We understand the pressures that come along with this newfound         more likely to graduate (and graduate sooner), attend professional
freedom in life and are here to help make the transition as            or graduate programs, have interaction with faculty and have
smooth as possible. College is a great time to learn, not only in      higher self-esteem and confidence than those students who live
the classroom, but also about life. A lot of that learning will take   off-campus. We promise to do our best to provide you with all the
place in your residence hall.                                          experiences that will develop your abilities — whether socially,
                                                                       academically, emotionally or culturally.
The average college student will spend twice as much time in
the residence halls as they will in the classroom. Our goal is to      In the following pages you will read about what USD has to
complement the things you learn in class with the things you           offer. We have a lot to offer you. And, if you take advantage of
do in your hall. During your time in the residence halls, you          it, you will leave our residence halls a better person than when
will have the opportunity to improve your communication and            you arrived.
relationship skills with peers, learn negotiation and confrontation

The South Dakota Board of Regents residence policy requires            EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
                                                                       The institutions under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents shall offer equal opportunities
that during the first two years after they have or would have          in employment and for access to and participation in educational, extension and other
graduated from high school, unmarried students enrolled in six         institutional services to all persons qualified by academic preparation, experience, and ability
                                                                       for the various levels of employment or academic program or other institutional service,
credit hours or more at any main campus must live on campus.           without discrimination based on race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship,
In some circumstances, such as students with dependent                 gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability. The Board reaffirms its commitment to
                                                                       the objective of affirmative action, equal opportunity and non-discrimination in accordance
children or those who live full-time with their parents, students      with state and federal law. Redress for alleged violations of those laws may be pursued at
may be exempted from their Regental obligation.                        law or through the procedure established by the provisions of 1:18 of this policy.
             Discover some Common Ground through the
                   First Year Experience (FYE)
First Year Experience is a match making process in which            Networks consist of 20 students sharing the same residence hall
students with similar interests form Networks. The students         within Richardson and Beede Halls. Richardson is entirely
in these Networks share the same residence hall, some of the        committed to First Year Experience students while Beede has
same classes and a common faculty mentor.                           three floors of FYE Networks. During the fall semester, FYE
                                                                    students share two or three classes with members of their
The Networks allow you the opportunity to interact more easily
                                                                    Network, including a first-year seminar. FYE students go to
with students of similar interest, as well as with faculty, while
                                                                    classes and live in the residence halls like everyone else; there
easing the transition from high school to university life. The
                                                                    is no extra work involved. The Networks will help you feel
more involved you are in campus culture, the more likely you are
                                                                    comfortable at The U from the start.
to succeed — both academically and socially. An FYE Network is
a great way for you to plug into campus life.
                                                                    FYE Benefits
                                                                    Joining the First Year Experience assures you many great things:

                                                                    • A room in Beede or Richardson Hall, located in the North
                                                                      Complex and dedicated to freshmen
                                                                    • A chance to socialize with other freshmen in different
                                                                      Networks in addition to those in your own community
                                                                    • A meaningful connection to your professors
                                                                    • A place in a fun seminar that, depending on your Network,
                                                                      will allow you to:

                                                                             • Explore professions in the health care field
                                                                             • Market your own business product
                                                                             • Develop your own fitness plan
Available Networks in 2010
                                                                             • Learn about Vermillion, USD and each other while
2011 Network offerings may change
                                                                               serving the community
• Art
                                                                    Because FYE gives you personal access to influential faculty at
• Business Time
                                                                    the beginning of your college career, it also gives you a leg up
• Mass Mania
                                                                    for future chances at scholarships and job recommendations.
• Fitness Freak
                                                                    And, a student involved in the First Year Experience typically
• Beyond the Beads: Native Life
                                                                    earns a significantly higher GPA than the average freshman.
• He Blinded Me with Science
• Poker
• Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader?
• Roommate Roulette
• U Serve
                                                                       Go to the website or call to save your
• So You Want to be a Doctor?                                          spot in one of our Networks before
• Health Professions                                                   they fill up:
…and more

Go to www.usd.edu/fye for more information and to register.
Also, make sure to indicate Beede or Richardson Hall and                            1-877-COYOTES
which FYE is your most preferred on your housing application.
Specialty Floors
The U offers specialty floors to meet the needs of students who prefer
different living options. From living on the Honors floor to sharing a hall
with other upperclassmen, there are numerous specialty floors to choose
from to fit your needs.

Honors Floor
For those students who are part of the Honors Program — highlights
include interaction with faculty members, academically focused discussions
and opportunities to attend programs and events together.

Apartment Housing
If you are looking for a change from a traditional residence hall setting,
there are two options to choose from. Coyote Village opened in the fall
of 2010, can host 546 students and offers state-of-the-art suites and
apartments. This building hosts coed apartments. McFadden Hall can
host 100 students in a four-bedroom apartment setting. All are coed
by apartment.

Quiet Lifestyle Floor
Students must be committed to actively participate in establishing a
24-hour quiet environment conducive to academic success. Those not
able to uphold a quiet lifestyle are discouraged from living here.

Quieter, Academically Focused Floors
These floors are located in Brookman or Coyote Village. This option
accommodates students who arrive on campus early or need to stay over
break periods because of their academic calendar or distance from home.
Additional charges may apply.
                                                                   We realize that living away from home for the first time isn’t
                                                                   always easy for students and it can be just as hard on parents as
                                                                   well. Your mind can be at ease knowing that each floor is staffed
                                                                   by two well-trained and responsive community advisors (CAs).
                                                                   A helping hand is always a few doors away. CAs are students
                                                                   who are hired and trained to identify, understand and respond
                                                                   to student transition issues. They are available to talk or refer
Getting Involved                                                   the student to another department that may better suit the
You’ll get as much out of your time at USD as you put into         situation.
it—academically and socially. Residence hall life provides you     Each residence hall is also staffed with a live-in hall director (HD).
with many opportunities to expand your horizons, be it in          The HDs are graduate students who are working on degrees in
the classroom or with the people on your floor. When you get       counseling, education or a related field and have previous
involved in social and academic organizations, you are enhancing   residence hall experience. They administer all operations of a
the already extraordinary education USD provides.                  residence hall, including supervising the front desk, responding
                                                                   to student conduct issues, advising student governments and
Ways to Get Involved                                               administering room changes. The HDs are supervised by an
• run for hall or student government                               assistant director, who is a master’s level professional with at
• organize hall events                                             least 3–5 years of residence life experience.
• participate in room-decorating contests                          All told, the ratio of staff to students on a floor is normally
• play mud volleyball                                              1:30 and rarely exceeds 1:37. As one of the largest student
• become a community advisor                                       employers on campus, the residence halls hire 50–60 students
                                                                   in various capacities.
• join or form a study group
• join a student organization
• participate in intramurals
…and many others
First Year Residence Halls

North Complex
The North Complex consists of four residence halls: Beede,
Mickelson, Richardson and Olson. All rooms within the complex
are double occupancy with coed and single-gender floors.
Coed floors are divided by a common area with lounges, laundry
and restrooms.

The residence halls within the North Complex offer freshmen a
great opportunity to get involved in academic and social groups,
learning communities and activities. The First Year Experience
(FYE) is housed in the complex along with Honors floors.

The North Complex halls are conveniently located near the
Fine Arts Center, the new Wellness Center, School of Education,
Muenster University Student Center and DakotaDome.

   Beede Hall – 279 students
   702 E. Cherry, Vermillion, SD 57069
   • Freshman Honors floor
   • Coed and single-gender floors
                                                         Common Features
                                                         • Air-conditioned

   Mickelson Hall – 285 students                         • Laundry room on each floor
    700 E. Cherry, Vermillion, SD 57069                  • Houses 71 students per floor

   • All coed floors                                     • Closets with built-in drawers, stationary
                                                           desks and moveable beds, which can be
                                                           lofted or bunked
   Olson Hall – 285 students                             • Window blinds
   800 N. Plum, Vermillion, SD 57069
                                                         • Basic cable, high-speed Internet,
   • All coed floors                                       wireless Internet
                                                         • Computer lab within complex
   Richardson Hall – 279 students                        • Extra long twin mattresses
   802 N. Plum, Vermillion, SD 57069
                                                         • Kitchenette on each floor
   • Coed and single-gender floors
Upper Class Residence Halls
Burgess and Norton                                              Julian Hall
416/400 N. Pine, Vermillion, SD 57069                           401 N. Dakota, Vermillion, SD 57069

The Burgess and Norton complex focuses on smaller student       Julian Hall also has a focus on smaller student communities.
communities, more so than your traditional residence hall,      It is conveniently located near the South Dakota Union,
giving you more chances for involvement. Sitting near Dakota,   Pardee Laboratory, Churchill-Haines, Akeley Science Center
Noteboom and East Halls, as well as the Delzell Education       and Beacom Hall.
Center and the Arts & Sciences Building, Burgess and Norton
                                                                Julian has coed floors by wing and also offers some double
are conveniently located.
                                                                rooms that are larger than regular rooms in the other halls
Burgess and Norton each houses up to 58 students per floor      on campus. Each room has cable TV and two high-speed
in single and double rooms. Floors are single-gender and        Internet connections. Students are allowed to bring their own
each is air-conditioned.                                        freestanding portable air-conditioning unit (110/115 volt only).

Features                                                        Features
• Coed by floor                                                 • Coed floors by wing
• Laundry room on each floor                                    • Fitness room in complex
• Air-conditioned                                               • Basement laundry
• Built-in closets and dressers, moveable beds                  • Built-in beds, closets; moveable dressers and desks
• Window blinds                                                 • Traditional double and larger double rooms
• Basic cable, high-speed Internet                              • Basic cable, high-speed Internet
• Computer lab within complex                                   • Computer lab within complex
• Extra long twin mattresses                                    • Regular twin mattresses
• Kitchenette on each floor                                     • Kitchenette in complex
Apartment-Style Living
McFadden Hall
808 North University, Vermillion, SD 57069

Students may want more privacy than the traditional living
situations. McFadden Hall offers that privacy, and at the same
time, affords you the convenience of living close to campus.

At McFadden Hall you get all the extras of living off-campus
without being nickeled and dimed along the way. You pay all
                                                                    • Single bedrooms with common area in the kitchen
your bills up front, leaving you free from worry throughout the
                                                                      and living room
semester. You get the choice of whether you want to purchase
                                                                    • Four-bedroom air-conditioned apartments
a full University meal plan or a reduced meal plan. Each kitchen
                                                                    • Moveable beds, dressers, bookcase, desk and desk chair in
comes complete with microwave, stove, refrigerator and
                                                                      each room
dishwasher. You also have the convenience of staying in your
                                                                    • Basic cable and high-speed Internet connection in
residence during break periods, at no additional cost, if             each bedroom
you choose.
                                                                    • Limited garage space at additional cost; parking
McFadden’s 25 four-person apartments allow you to be as social        permit not included in rental price
or as private as you want to be. Each individualized room is        • Microwave, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher
furnished and has the conveniences of cable TV and high-speed       • Reduced meal plan required
Internet. A communal kitchen and living room offers a great place   • Window blinds
for roommates to come together.                                     • Laundry rooms on second and third floors
The apartments can be coed or single gender. Parking garages are    • Extra long twin mattresses
available at an extra cost and laundry rooms are available on the   • Utilities included
second and third floors.
                                                                    • Close to Fine Arts, DakotaDome, Muenster University
                                                                      Center and new Wellness Center
Upper-Class, Non-Traditional Residence Halls

                      Private Living
                      Brookman Hall
                      317 N. Dakota, Vermillion, SD 57069

                      For some students, the name of the game is privacy. Brookman
                      Hall offers you the opportunity to live in your own room with the
                      luxury of not having to share a living space.

                      Another bonus to Brookman Hall is the quiet environment that
                      some students need to succeed. Only 33 residents per floor
                      provides for a peaceful, enjoyable living experience. Brookman
                      offers two single-gender floors and one coed floor.

                      Brookman Hall is open over breaks at no additional cost.

                       • Designated for upper-class, graduate, professional and
                         non-traditional students
                       • Single rooms
                       • Single gender and coed floors
                       • Quiet environment
                       • Air-conditioned
                       • Moveable beds, stationary closets and desks
                       • Basic cable and high-speed Internet connection in
                         each bedroom
                       • Computer lab and two kitchens in the complex
                       • Meal plan required for undergraduate students only
                       • Window blinds
                       • Laundry room in basement
                       • Extra long twin mattresses with loftable beds
                       • Near Akeley Science Center, Sanford School of Medicine,
                         Churchill-Haines, School of Law, Pardee Laboratory and
                         Beacom Hall
Suite/Apartment Living                                               Coyote Village Amenities
                                                                     • Single gender two-and four-bedroom options for students
Coyote Village (sophomore & above)                                   • Private bathrooms shared by no more than two students
901 Rose Street, Vermillion, SD 57069                                • Fully-furnished units
The U’s newest residence hall complex, Coyote Village, located       • Beds, dresser, desk and desk chair, couch
just south of the DakotaDome is a four-story, 175-unit complex       • Basic cable
that provides suite-style and apartment living for 546 students.     • Extra long twin mattresses
Not only does it offer privacy and the convenience of living on      • Air-conditioned
campus, it also has a convenience store, central laundry facility    • Reduced meal plan required for undergraduates
and a SMART room.                                                    • Wireless access throughout building
Coyote Village’s suites/apartments allow you to be as social or as   • TV
private as you want. While there is a communal kitchen and living
                                                                     Super Suites
room that offer a great place for roommates to come together,
                                                                     • Two bedrooms/one bathroom or four bedrooms/two bathrooms
you also have your own private bedroom and share a bathroom
                                                                     • Common living room
with one other resident. Although the suites/apartments are
single gender, the floors are coed. When you think about it, it’s    • Kitchenette with refrigerator (no stove/oven)
the nicest place to live in town.                                    Apartments
                                                                     • Two bedrooms/one bathroom or four bedrooms/two bathrooms
                                                                     • Common living room
                                                                     • Kitchenette with refrigerator (stove/oven)
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