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                <p>Just for a little educational experiment, I want to go
through an analysis and comparison of two very differently priced in
ceiling speakers. The first one is the so-called budget friendly Boston
Acoustics DSi255 and the second one is the Polk Audio LC80fx. The first
can be had for around $100, while you'll probably have to pay closer to
$900 for the Polks.<br>
For those of you who aren't so well-versed in the subtle (but major)
distinctions between different components and aspects of ceiling
speakers, this should tell you a lot, and hopefully inform your purchase
if that is what you want to do. I am not trying to pick a side,
necessarily. I'm just trying to illustrate how there could be a price
discrepancy of oh about 800% between the low-end and the high-end in this
sub-sector of the ceiling-based audio field.<br>
First let's look at the Boston Acoustics offering. This one is rather
cheap, I'd say. I mean who would think you could get anything from that
stalwart of Boston, MA, sonic engineering for $99. Not me. I was
surprised to see this deal when I first spotted it.<br>
The BA DSi255 has a 5 &frac14;" woofer and a &frac34;" dome tweeter for
your ears to hear sweet, sweet music through. Like many ceiling speakers
they run flush to the rest of the ceiling, a feature I personally like. I
prefer it over the ones that kind of stick out like an upside down semi-
globe, but maybe that's just me. Anyway.. These speakers are designed to
disperse sound through as wide an area as possible. Most people who use
them are using them in places like an office or a hallway. In other
words, because they're not ultra amazing sonically, people tend to
relegate them to background music status. Now, the thing is, these
speakers really aren't bad at all. Like many things in life, don't just
assume they're bad because the price is lower than some of their
competitors. Remember: a lot of pricing is just based on what the company
thinks they can get away with by making you think they're so amazing
through their advertising.      <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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Now let's have a look at our buddies on the other side of the spectrum.
The Polk Audio LC80fx ceiling speakers are not just normal speakers. They
are actually specifically built for surround sound, an entirely different
animal. So that is why upon closer inspection in many of these cases, the
prices seem so wildly divergent. But still, we ought to have a closer
look at the actual quality of this offering from Polk.<br>
Not only do these speakers serve up surround sound, they also have an
advanced tweeter lodged in each one of them. These also have many if not
all of the same features that our previous example had, as you would
expect: things like the flat in-line with the ceiling, etc. But these
high-end ceiling speakers also can be switched into two different modes:
a diffused mode which basically spreads sound out over the whole room, or
a pinpoint mode which will make different sounds come from much different
places in your whole setup. Obviously you don't want to get these if
you're not planning on implementing them in a bigger overall surround
sound system galore.<br>
In conclusion, I'd just say that much of the time you have to wade
through some technical jargon to find out what's really inside (and
outside) of various ceiling speakers. You also must have a real clear
vision of how you're going to be setting these things up.</p>

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