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Evaluations 2004 by liamei12345


									Evaluations completed during 2004
Note: The present document is to be read in conjunction with document DP/2005/2 5. It tabulates
every evaluation conducted by UNDP and its associated funds and programmes during 2004,
organized by indicator, type, agency, region and title.
A.       Centrally managed evaluations
(a)      UNDP

Asia-Pacific       Assessment of micro-macro linkages in poverty alleviation: South Asia

Asia-Pacific       Country evaluation: China

LAC                Country evaluation: Jamaica

Africa             Country evaluation: Mozambique

(b)      UNCDF

Africa             Uganda district development project: Pilot phase II

                   Support to decentralized planning and financing in the provinces of Nampula and Cabo
Africa             Malawi decentralized governance programme

Africa             Programme Sahel Bukinabé

Africa             MicroStart II: Transformation of the microfinance sector in Yemen

(c)      UNIFEM

Global             Organizational assessment: UNIFEM Past, present and future

Cross-regional     From global to local: A convention monitoring and implementation project

(d)      UNV

Global             GIPA comparative analysis

Asia-Pacific       Mongolia country review

(e)      GEF

Global             GEF biodiversity programme study

Global             GEF climate change programme study

Global             GEF international waters programme study
(f)      Multilateral Fund
                     Final evaluation on Halon Banking projects for countries with low volumes of installed
Cross-regional       Desk study and on methyl-bromide projects

B.       Decentralized global and regional evaluations

(a)      UNDP

Arab States          Evaluation report on ICT for development in the Arab region ICTDAR – rab/02/003

Arab States          Evaluation report on regional programme on governance in the Arab region
Arab States
                     Evaluation of the center of Arab women for training and research

Arab States          Quality assessment of primary and middle education in mathematics and science
                     Mid-term evaluation of the second regional cooperation framework for Europe and the
Europe and the CIS   Commonwealth of Independent States

(b)      UNIFEM

Asia-Pacific         Promotion of women’s human rights through the elimination of violence against women

Europe and the CIS   Gender and economic justice in European accession and integration

Asia-Pacific         Strengthening the network of home-based workers

Europe and the CIS   Southeastern European women’s legal initiative

(c)      UNV
                     Red de Voluntarios de las Naciones Unidas por los derechos de la niñez y de la adolescencia en
                     Centroamérica y la República Dominicana

(d)      GEF

Global               Ballast Water Control and Management Measures in Developing Countries

Arab States          Regional- Implementation of the SAP for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
                     Strengthening the implementation capacities for nutrient reduction and transboundary
Europe and the CIS
                     cooperation in the Danube River Basin
LAC                  TVE electronic media

C.       Decentralized outcome evaluations

(a)      UNDP
                                       Increased access of the poor to finance system (formal, informal and
Africa               BEN
Africa               CAM               Évaluation prospective du programme national de gouvernance du Cameroun

                                 Analysis of the microfinance sector. Elements of the national structure of
Africa               TOG
                                 Institutional capacity built to plan and implement multi-sector strategies to
Africa               ZIM         limit the spread of HIV/AIDS/AIDS and mitigate its social and economic
                                 Global environment concerns and commitments integrated in national
Asia-Pacific         BHU
                                 development planning and policy
                                 Outcome evaluation for enhanced rural non-farm employment and
Asia-Pacific         IND
                                 productivity and income
                                 Increased capacity to formulate a comprehensive and integrated set of
                                 policies and legal framework for environmentally sustainable development in
Asia-Pacific         INS
                                 the context of regional autonomy, with emphasis on good environmental
Asia-Pacific         IRN         Outcome evaluation of Environment
                                 Implementation of the Rule of Law in Lao PDR, 1997-2003 – lessons and
Asia-Pacific         LAO
Asia-Pacific         NEP         Energy, environment and disaster management
                                 Poor communities exercise their right to self-organization and to build
Asia-Pacific         NEP
Asia-Pacific         NEP         Responsiveness of national and local politics and plans to gender issues
                                 Increased access of the poor to improved housing, finance, markets,
Asia-Pacific         SRI
                                 technology and information
Asia-Pacific         VIE         Capacity building for disaster reduction

Arab States          LEB         UNDP support to governance reform in Lebanon
                                 Financial and human resources mobilized and allocated in support of
Arab States          LIB
                                 decentralization and local governments in rural and urban areas
                                 Improved work skills and new economic opportunities, especially for young
Arab States          LIB
                                 entrants to the work force and women
                                 Global environment concerns and commitments integrated in national
Europe and the CIS   ALB
                                 development planning and policy
                                 Transparency and accountability of government functions to civil society and
Europe and the CIS   AZE
                                 development increased
Europe and the CIS   KAZ         Final evaluation of Semipalatinsk programme outcomes

Europe and the CIS   KOS         Early warning report performance – user’s evaluation
                                 Comprehensive evaluation of the UNDP’s returns programme in Kosovo
Europe and the CIS   KOS         including the ‘Government to Assistance’ project and the rapid returns
                                 facility project
                                 External evaluation of the poverty reduction programme (1998-2004) and
Europe and the CIS   KYR
                                 recommendations for the 2005-2010 cycle
Europe and the CIS   LAT         Environment and energy outcome evaluation in Latvia.
                                 Report of the outcome evaluation mission on capacity building for poverty
Europe and the CIS   MOL
Europe and the CIS   RUS         Policy development and human rights awareness

Europe and the CIS   SER & MON   Programme evaluation – municipal improvement and recovery programme

Europe and the CIS   SER & MON   Improvement in efficiency of and access to justice (2000-2003)
                                 Programme evaluation: Programme on institutional development and public
Europe and the CIS   SER & MON
                                 administration reform (Former Capacity Building Fund) 2003-2004

Europe and the CIS   TAJ       Finance for the poor people in the rural areas of the Republic of Tajikistan
                               Sustainable disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants
Europe and the CIS   TAJ
                               and conversion of military assets to civilian use
Europe and the CIS   UKR       Promotion of peer education on healthy lifestyle for young people in Ukraine

LAC                  BOL       Evaluación de resultados del área de medio ambiente

LAC                  ECU       Strengthening of management capacity of local governments
                               Strengthened national capacity for implementing comprehensive actions
LAC                  NIC
                               based on democratic principles and practices and the respect of human rights.
                               Outcome Evaluation: Strengthened national mechanisms for peaceful
LAC                  VEN
                               arbitration of dispute
                               Outcome Evaluation: Increased public debate on sustainable human
LAC                  VEN

D.       Decentralized project evaluations

(a)      UNDP
                             Rapport d’évaluation du projet d’appui à la sécurité alimentaire et gestion de
Africa               BDI
Africa               BDI     Rapport d’évaluation du projet d’appui aux communautés

Africa               BDI     Rapport d’évaluation du projet de gouvernance économique

Africa               BDI     Rapport d’évaluation du projet de planification locale

Africa               BDI     Rapport d’évaluation du projet de genre

Africa               BDI     Projet de gouvernance démocratique

Africa               BDI     Rapport d’évaluation du projet AP-SIDA
                             Evaluation of the South-to-South teacher capacity building programme on
Africa               BOT
                             HIV/AIDS Presentation
Africa               BKF     Projet d’appui au programme sahel burkinabé
                             Appui a la réduction de la pauvreté des jeunes défavorisés ou marginalisés dans
Africa               BKF
                             le Houet et le Tuy Burkina Faso
Africa               CAM     Support to gender project

Africa               CAM     Gender mainstreaming in Cameroon

Africa               CAM     Support to micro-schemes project

Africa               CVI     Review of the human rights programme

Africa               DRC     Projet de renforcement des stratégies communautaires

Africa               DRC     Rapport d’évaluation du projet Apnurc
                             Mid-term evaluation report of the biodiversity conservation of the Lake
Africa               GHA
                             Bosumtwe watershed
Africa               GHA     Mid-term evaluation of the environmental resource management project

                     Leadership Development Program (LDP) – Ghana country assessment of the
Africa         GHA
                     LDP training and outcomes
                     Terminal evaluation - capacity building of microfinance institutions- project
Africa         GHA
                     closeout evaluation
                     Mid-term evaluation – Conserving mountain biodiversity in Southern Lesotho –
Africa         LES
                     Energy and Environment Unit
Africa         MAL   Exchanging weapons for development in Mali,

Africa         NIG   Projet pilote de collecte d’armes illicites et d’appui au développement

Africa         SAF   GIPA workplace model - review and adaptation
                     Enhancing an integrated response to HIV/AIDS and poverty to reduce the
Africa         SAF   impact on human development in Kwa Zulu Natal, the Eastern Cape and the
                     Northern Province
                     Terminal evaluation – Assessment on sustainability and pertinence (of the
Africa         SAF
                     SEHD programme, outcome and expected outputs)
                     Sustainable human development facility for programme development and
Africa         SAF
                     management in South Africa, for the period July 2001-October 2004
Africa         SAM   On the Structural Adjustment Facility

Africa         SAM   Evaluation of the NBSAP project and add-on phase

Africa         SAM   South Pacific biodiversity conservation programme
                     Terminal evaluation for the ‘Strengthening Government Capacity for Reforms’
Africa         ZIM
                     UNDP terminal evaluation of Empretec Zimbabwe for the project period 2001-
Africa         ZIM
Africa         ZIM   Terminal evaluation for the technical support to indigenization project

Asia-Pacific   AFG   ICT capacity development project:

Asia-Pacific   AFG   Support to human right project

Asia-Pacific   AFG   Independent evaluation of national area-based development programme

Asia-Pacific   BGD   Formulation/evaluation project – second phase

Asia-Pacific   BGD   Formulation/capacity building of socially disadvantaged women and children

Asia-Pacific   BGD   Evaluation and formulation for sustainable human development
                     Formulation for project ‘Strengthening of the Election Commission for
Asia-Pacific   BGD
                     Improvement of the Electoral Process’
Asia-Pacific   CMB   Phnom Penh Urban poverty reduction project

Asia-Pacific   CMB   Poverty monitoring and analyses

Asia-Pacific   CMB   Partnership for gender equity

Asia-Pacific   CMB   Partnership for local governance: Support to the SEILA programme

Asia-Pacific   CMB   Strengthening economic and financial management
                     Management of the Cardamom mountains protected forest and wildlife
Asia-Pacific   CMB

                     Greater involvement of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS (GIPA)
Asia-Pacific   CMB
                     in Cambodia
                     Optimizing development of small hydroelectric resources in hilly regions of
Asia-Pacific   IND
Asia-Pacific   IND   Small grants facility for water sector.
                     UNDP/GEF project for preparation of India’s initial national communication to
Asia-Pacific   IND
                     the UNFCCC
Asia-Pacific   IND   Education – Janashala programme
                     Promotion of alternative livelihoods for the poor in the biosphere of gulf of
Asia-Pacific   IND
Asia-Pacific   IND   People’s science for rural development

Asia-Pacific   IND   Final evaluation of academy for development sciences
                     Sub-programme on promoting sustainable livelihoods in South Bihar by
Asia-Pacific   IND
                     organizing women for self-employment
                     People’s empowerment at the grass-roots level Lokshakti, Raigarh district,
Asia-Pacific   IND
Asia-Pacific   IND   Peoples’ empowerment for sustainable development

Asia-Pacific   IND   Terminal evaluation: Strengthening livelihoods for women’s empowerment

Asia-Pacific   IND   Community-led evaluation of CBPPI programme in India
                     The Royal Netherlands Embassy of Indonesia assessment of the UNDP
Asia-Pacific   INS
                     North Maluku and Maluku recovery programme
Asia-Pacific   INS   United Nations Development Programme election 2004 support programme

Asia-Pacific   IRN   Project evaluation for the United Nations joint project in Sistan/Baluchistan

Asia-Pacific   IRN   Mid-term evaluation of the Asiatic Cheetah project

Asia-Pacific   LAO   Rural development, northern Xayaboury

Asia-Pacific   LAO   Gender resource information and development project – mid-term evaluation

Asia-Pacific   LAO   Gender resources information and development centre

Asia-Pacific   LAO   Integrated solid waste management
                     Strengthening the process of signing, ratifying, implementing and monitoring
Asia-Pacific   LAO
                     international legal instruments in Lao PDR
Asia-Pacific   LAO   National biodiversity strategy and action plan

Asia-Pacific   MAL   Biomass-based power generation and cogeneration in the OP industry

Asia-Pacific   MYA   Microfinance – Mid-term project technical evaluation
                     ‘Beyond Trafficking’ – a joint initiative in the Millennium against trafficking in
Asia-Pacific   NEP
                     girls and women
Asia-Pacific   PAK   NWFP – Essential institutional reforms operationalization programme

Asia-Pacific   PAK   Evaluation mission report – Area development programme Baluchistan

Asia-Pacific   PAK   Support to devolution reforms in Baluchistan

Asia-Pacific   PAK   Women’s political participation project

Asia-Pacific   PNG   Support to national HIV/AIDS prevention

Asia-Pacific   PHI   Microfinance sector strengthening project
                     Strengthening institutional mechanisms for the convergence of poverty
Asia-Pacific   PHI
                     alleviation efforts
Asia-Pacific   PHI   Multi-donor programme in Mindanao III

Asia-Pacific   PHI   Regional programme on tropical forestry
                     Promotion of Agenda 21, sustainable human development in Qomolongma
Asia-Pacific   PRC
                     nature preserve
                     Seabuckthorn development in China (rehabilitate desertified land and promote
Asia-Pacific   PRC
                     social and economic development)
Asia-Pacific   SAM   Structural adjustment facility

Asia-Pacific   SRI   Ruk coastal project (mid-term evaluation)

Asia-Pacific   SRI   Assessment of the TCDC programme in Sri Lanka
                     Implementation of the public administration reform master programme for the
Asia-Pacific   VIE
                     2001-2010 period, and recommendations for future implementation
Asia-Pacific   VIE   Impact evaluation of environmental education in Viet Nam
                     Mid-term evaluation of small grants programme for operations to promote
Asia-Pacific   VIE
                     tropical forests implementation in Vietnam and other countries
                     Mid-term evaluation – In-situ conservation of native landraces (pigs) and their
Asia-Pacific   VIE
                     wild relatives in Vietnam (agro-biodiversity)
                     Creating protected areas for resource conservation using landscape ecology
Asia-Pacific   VIE
                     Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Economy for economic
Arab States    EGY
Arab States    EGY   Comprehensive development for the city of Luxor
                     Strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Foreign Trade for economic
Arab States    EGY
Arab States    EGY   Business enterprise support tools: External review

Arab States    EGY   ICT trust fund considerations for present and possible future projects

Arab States    EGY   Expanded job opportunities across the country

Arab States    EGY   ICT trust fund considerations for present and possible future projects

Arab States    JOR   Knowledge stations financial sustainability assessment

Arab States    RBS   Final evaluation of Red Sea project

Arab States    SOM   Evaluation on the UNDP DDR pilot project

Arab States    SOM   Evaluation of the rule of law and security programme

                           Evaluation of the Somalia watching brief (a project cost-shared by UNDP and
Arab States          SOM
                           the World Bank
                           Support to national programme to combat poverty and the activities of the
Arab States          SYR
                           agency for combating unemployment
                           Final evaluation of phase i of the date palm research and development
Arab States          UAE
Arab States          YEM   Implementation of ASYCUDA in Yemen, phase II

Europe and the CIS   ALB   Support to the Institute for Public Administration in Albania
                           From exchanging weapons for development to security sector reform in
Europe and the CIS   ALB
Europe and the CIS   BUL   External assessment of the JOBS project, strategy and support for 2004-2005

Europe and the CIS   BUL   Social assistance against new employment – Mid term evaluation

Europe and the CIS   BUL   Sustainable development of rural areas – Mid-term evaluation

Europe and the CIS   CRO   Evaluation of the preparation phase of the regional operational programme

Europe and the CIS   KOS   Value-based leadership project
                           Kosovo police service institutional capacity building project report and
Europe and the CIS   KOS
Europe and the CIS   KOS   Kosovo capacity building facility: Mid-term project progress assessment

Europe and the CIS   KYR   Local self-governance programme

Europe and the CIS   KYR   SIDA evaluation of gender project implemented by Sprangbradan

Europe and the CIS   LAT   Intervention to prevent HIV/AIDS/STI spread in the national armed forces.

Europe and the CIS   LAT   Coordinated support to young people’s health and development in Latvia
                           Coordinated support to young people’s health and development in Latvia:
Europe and the CIS   LAT
                           Strengthening capacity and support for integration of life-skills education
                           Coordinated support to young people’s health and development in Latvia:
Europe and the CIS   LAT
                           Support to improvement of youth-friendly health service provision
Europe and the CIS   LAT   Public awareness and promotion campaign for Latvian citizenship
                           Promotion of social integration: Support to the implementation of the national
Europe and the CIS   LAT
                           programme for Latvian language training
Europe and the CIS   LAT   Fostering rural development: Linking education with business
                           Support to the judiciary in Latvia, a Ministry of Justice and UNDP Latvia
Europe and the CIS   LAT
Europe and the CIS   LIT   External evaluation report on UNDP juvenile justice programme

Europe and the CIS   LIT   ‘Wanted: Women in Business’
                           Support to local governments and public administration 2001-2004, final
Europe and the CIS   POL
                           evaluation of the umbrella project
                           Strengthening the institutional capacity of the presidential administration of
Europe and the CIS   ROM
                           Development and implementation of the lake Peipsi/Chudskoe basin
Europe and the CIS   RUS
                           management programme, mid-term evaluation

                     SER &   Capacity-building fund-Ministry of Labour and Employment project, final
Europe and the CIS
                     MON     evaluation
                     SER &
Europe and the CIS           Capacity building fund programme, final evaluation
                     SER &
Europe and the CIS           ‘Beautiful Serbia’, mid-term strategic review
                             ‘Innovation Springboard: Leveraging Information and Communication
Europe and the CIS   UKR
                             Technologies for Ukraine’s Prosperity’
Europe and the CIS   UKR     Crimea integration and development programme, report on mid-term evaluation
                             Climate change mitigation in Ukraine through energy efficiency in municipal
Europe and the CIS   UKR
                             district, terminal evaluation
Europe and the CIS   UZB     NGO capacity building for provision of access to justice by the poor
                             Aid coordination and management component exit and transition strategy:
Europe and the CIS   UZB
                             development support services programme
Europe and the CIS   UZB     Development support services programme

LAC                  ARG     El diálogo argentino

LAC                  ARG     Programa auditoría ciudadana de las prácticas democráticas

LAC                  ARG     Proyecto de modernización de la Provincia de Córdoba
                             Municipios de Tomave, Puna y Chaqui del Departamento de Potosí, evaluación
LAC                  BOL
LAC                  BRA     Implementation of TCDC programmes and projects

LAC                  BRA     Mid-term project progress evaluation
                             Informe sobre el seminario de evaluación de avance y revisión de la
LAC                  COS
                             planificación del proyecto
                             Informe de evaluación externa del proyecto UNIFEM/PNUD/PDL – Cuba,
LAC                  CUB
                             Nov-Dic. 2003
LAC                  ECU     Programa de alimentación escolar

LAC                  ELS     Assessing and reviewing the impact of small arms
                             Promoción y protección de los derechos humanos en El Salvador, Oficina del
LAC                  ELS
                             Alto Comisionado de los Derechos Humanos – Informe final:
                             Assessing and reviewing the impact of small arms projects on arms availability
LAC                  ELS
                             and poverty
LAC                  ELS     VIH o TB, Fondo Global, Evaluación semestral

LAC                  GUA     Bilingual education in the Departments of Huehuetenango and San Marcos
                             Institutional strengthening of the presidential secretariat for the advancement of
LAC                  GUA
                             Sistematización de la experiencia veedurías comunitarias en el Magdalena
LAC                  URU
                             Finca campesina de clima frio agroecológica con cultivos de mora como
LAC                  URU
                             producto líder en la subregión de Vélez

(b)      UNIFEM

                                  Engendering peacebuilding and mediation processes in BDI, performance
Africa           BDI

(c)      UNV

Africa         SUR            UNV/UNAIDS support to GIPA in Suriname
                              Projet d’appui à la réduction de la pauvreté des jeunes défavorisés ou marginalisés
Africa         BKF
                              dans le Houet et le Tuy, Burkina Faso
Africa         GAM            UNV support to decentralization and local empowerment initiatives of the Gambia

Africa         GHA            Volunteer support to municipal revenue generation and management, Ghana
               FIJ, TON &
Asia-Pacific                  Strengthening voluntary efforts and civil society organizations in the Pacific
                              To examine the relevance, performance (effectiveness and efficiency) and success
Asia-Pacific   MAL            (impact and sustainability) of the project and make recommendations for future
Asia-Pacific   TAN            UNV support to informal construction workers in Dar es Salaam

Asia-Pacific   CAM            Cambodia GIPA

Europe & CIS   ALB            UNV Support to Local 2 programme in Albania

(d)      GEF
                            Best environmental practice in the hosting of the World Summit on Sustainable
Africa               SOA
Africa               SEN    Biological diversity conversation through participatory rehabilitation

Africa               ERI    Conservation management of Eritrea’s coastal marine and island biodiversity

Africa               TAN    Development of Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park, Zanzibar Island

Africa               SEN    Integrated ecosystem management of four representative landscapes of Senegal

Africa               MDG    Madagascar environment programme support

Africa               BKF    Optimization of biodiversity in game ranching systems

Africa               TAN    Reducing biodiversity loss at cross-border sites in East Africa

Africa               MLW    Sustainable biodiversity action project

Asia-Pacific         IND    Coal-bed methane capture and commercial utilization

Asia-Pacific         PHI    Samar Island biodiversity project

Asia-Pacific         CHI    Capacity building for the rapid commercialization of renewable energy
                            Community -based marine biodiversity conservation and management of the Bohol
Asia-Pacific         PHI
                            Islands marine triangle
Asia-Pacific         DPRK   Conservation of biodiversity at Mt. Myonghan in the DPRK

Asia-Pacific         PHI   Conservation of the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park

Asia-Pacific         SRI   Conservation of the unique biodiversity in Southwest Sri Lanka
                           Implementation of strategic action programme of the Pacific Small Island Developing
Asia-Pacific         SAM
Asia-Pacific         CHI   Improving lighting energy efficiency in China

Asia-Pacific         BHU   Integrated management of Jigme Dorji National Park

Asia-Pacific         PAK   Mountain areas conservancy project

Asia-Pacific         PHI   Sustainable management of Mount Isarogs territories

Arab States          YEM   Conservation and sustainable use of the biodiversity of Socotra archipelago

Arab States          REG   Conservation of wetlands and coastal ecosystems in the Mediterranean region

Arab States          TUN   Experimental validation of building codes and removal of barriers

Arab States          EGY   Lake Manzala engineered wetlands

Arab States          TUN   Plant genetic resources in date palm oases of the Maghreb
                           Demonstrating sustainable conservation of biodiversity in four protected areas in
Europe and the CIS   RUS
                           Russia’s Kamchatka Oblast (tranche 1)
                           Energy efficiency strategy to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions: energy efficiency
Europe and the CIS   BUL
                           demonstration zone in the city of Gabrovo
                           Establishment of Naratau-Kyzylkum biosphere reserve as a model for biodiversity
Europe and the CIS   UZB
Europe and the CIS   HUN   Capacity building for improving the quality of greenhouse gas inventories
                           Development and implementation of the Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe Basin management
Europe and the CIS   EST
Europe and the CIS   LAT   Economic and cost-effective use of wood waste for municipal heating systems

Europe and the CIS   HUN   Public sector energy efficiency programme

Europe and the CIS   SLO   Removing barriers to the increased use of biomass as an energy source
                           Priority actions to consolidate biodiversity protection in the Sabana-Camaguey
LAC                  CUB
LAC                  CHI   Barrier removal for rural electrification with renewable energies

LAC                  SUR   Conservation of globally significant forest ecosystems in Guayana (Suriname)

LAC                  REG   Environmental protection of the Rio de la Plata and its maritime front:

LAC                  BOL   Rural electrification with renewable energy



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