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starters soups salads


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									          starters                                                        homemade hot spinach dip
                                                          A Red’s signature item! Made fresh and served with
fish fingers                                              tortilla chips. $6.99
Bite size pieces of deep fried haddock served with
tartar sauce. $7.99
                                                          “Chetek Dam” good cheese curds
                                                          Hand cut jumbo cheddar cheese curds.
                                                          A Red’s original. $7.99
Crispy drummies and paddles—you choose the                loaded nachos
sauce! Buffalo, BBQ, homemade Jack Daniels, or            Tortilla chips layered with lettuce, onion, tomato, olives,
spice it up with jerk or cajun seasonings. $8.99          jalapenos, green peppers, cheese and your choice of
                                                          chicken or beef. $10.99
onion rings
Golden brown big rings of onion. $5.99                    quesadillas
                                                          Beef or chicken served with sour cream and salsa.
potato peels                                              $7.99
Deep fried potato peels with cheese sauce. $3.99
                                                          chain of lakes combo platter
portabella mushroom fries                                 Cheese curds, mini hash browns, chicken wings, onion
                                                          rings, broccoli bites, and garlic bread. No substitutions
Mushroom caps cut into strips then beer battered          please. $13.95
and deep fried. Served with creole mayo. $7.99
                                                          chips and salsa
garlic bread                                              Tortilla chips served with fresh salsa. $3.99
Served with a side of marinara. $6.99

soup of the day                                                        soups
Made fresh daily! Cup—$2.50 Bowl—$3.50
soup and salad bar            $6.99
                                                          classic chicken caesar salad
                                                          Romaine lettuce, tossed with Caesar dressing,
soup and salad combo                                      parmesan cheese, croutons, and topped with grilled
Red’s house salad & a cup of homemade soup. $5.99         chicken breast. $7.99

buffalo chicken salad                                     taco salad
Iceberg lettuce, bleu cheese crumbles, shredded          Lettuce, tomato, black olives, onions, shredded cheese,
cheese, tomatoes, crispy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce green peppers, and your choice of chicken or beef.
served with ranch dressing. $8.99                        Served in a tortilla shell with sour cream and salsa on the
                                                         side. $9.99
   All salads served with choice of ranch, Italian, bleu
    cheese, French, thousand island, honey mustard,                   house salad
              Caesar, and balsamic vinegar.              Crisp lettuce, shredded cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers
   All soups and salads are served with a breadstick.    and croutons. $4.99
                                                           Add Chicken $3.00 Add Grilled Sirloin $4.00

                                      Dining Room is completely Non-Smoking
                                      Our Entire Menu is also available in the Bar Area

                                                           bleu moo burger
                burgers                                    Topped with bleu cheese, garlic butter and sautéed
                                                           mushrooms. $8.99
bulldog burger
Classic hamburger topped with American cheese.             California burger
$8.45                                                      Topped with lettuce, onion, and tomato. $8.99

morning side mushroom burger                                           burger
Topped with swiss cheese and mushrooms $8.99               Topped with cheddar cheese and bacon and seasoned
                                                           with Red’s spice. $8.99
bacon cheddar burger
Bacon, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions and BBQ              the big RED burger
sauce on the side $8.99                                    Not for the light eater. Two half pound burgers, loaded
                                                           with toppings. $13.99

buffalo chicken sandwich
                                                           classic grilled chicken
Grilled or deep fried. $8.50
                                                           Grilled chicken breast topped with lettuce and tomato.
chicken club                                               $6.99
Grilled chicken breast topped with cheddar cheese,
bacon, lettuce, and tomato. $8.99                          stout grilled cheese
                                                           Blend of swiss and cheddar cheeses, tomato and bacon
pepper jack chicken                                        on texas toast. $6.99
Deep fried chicken breast topped with pepper jack
cheese and sautéed onions. $8.50                           ultimate blt
                                                           Three slices of toasted bread layered with bacon, lettuce,
long bridge                                                tomato, and mayo on texas toast. $6.99
Slow roasted prime rib sandwich with swiss cheese,
grilled onions, and served with au jus. $10.99
                                                           bleu cheese chicken
Add green peppers and mushrooms for $1.00                  Grilled chicken breast, topped with bacon, tomato, let-
                                                           tuce, and topped with bleu cheese. $8.99
beer battered walleye
Deep fried filet of walleye topped with lettuce and
                                                                       beef and cheddar
tomato. $10.50                                             Prime beef topped with cheddar cheese and bacon on a
                                                           toasted Kaiser roll. $8.99
          signature pork tenderloin
Hand pounded, deep fried, and dipped in jack daniels       cajun grilled chicken
glaze. $8.50                                               Grilled chicken breast with Cajun seasonings, pepper
                                                           jack cheese and sautéed onions. $7.99
steak sandwich
Tender ribeye grilled with your choice of toppings. $7.49 turkey bacon swiss
Choose your style:                                        Layers of turkey and swiss topped with bacon, lettuce,
Reds: cheddar cheese, bacon, mushrooms and onions. and tomato. $7.99
Bleu Moo: mushrooms, herb butter, and bleu cheese.
Classic: Sautéed mushrooms and onions.                    echo bay fish sandwich
                                                           Served with lettuce, cheese, tomato, and tartar. $8.50

 All burgers and sandwiches are served with a pickle & choice of side: french fries, Red’s potato peels, or mini hash
          browns. Substitute cheese curds, onion rings, side salad, or broccoli bites for an additional $ 2.50
                            Add a side of creamy coleslaw or pasta salad for only $ .50
         classic entrees
 walleye                                                                                              pastas
Filet of Canadian walleye — you choose deep fried                                                        chicken alfredo
or broiled. $17.99                                                             Fettuccini tossed with alfredo sauce and
Make it cajun or lemon pepper style for an only $1.                        topped with a grilled chicken breast. $12.99

sirloin                                                                                              spinach tortellini
Grilled to perfection — choose your size.                                     Spinach and cheese stuffed and tossed in
8 ounce cut — $12.99 12 ounce cut—$14.99                                            alfredo sauce or red sauce. $11.99
Bleu moo style: Topped with bleu cheese, mushrooms,
and a herb butter sauce for an additional $2.00                                                           seafood alfredo
                                                                                      Creamy alfredo sauce and fettuccini
shrimp dinner                                                                           with shrimp and scallops. $15.99
Tiger shrimp prepared to your liking—deep fried or
broiled. Served with melted butter. $17.99                                                wild mushroom ravioli
                                                                                            Tossed in creamy alfredo sauce
ribeye                                                                                               or red sauce. $13.99
Hand cut ten ounce ribeye prepared to your liking.
$13.99                                                                            All pasta entrees are accompanied with
Bleu moo style: Topped with bleu cheese, mushrooms,                                           soup, salad & breadsticks. .
and a herb butter sauce for an additional $2.00

fish dinner
Two pieces of haddock — deep fried or broiled. $9.99
chicken dinner
Save the wings for the birds. This dinner comes with a     chicken strip basket
juicy, breast, thigh, and leg. $10.99                      Hand Breaded chicken breast tenderloins. The best
                                                           chicken strip around! $8.99
BBQ ribs
Smothered in bbq sauce and cooked to absolute              shrimp basket
tenderness. Half Rack — $13.99 Full Rack — $16.99          Deep fried popcorn shrimp served with cocktail sauce.
steak and shrimp
8oz sirloin and three tiger shrimp. $17.99                 fish and chips
                                                           Two pieces of deep fried haddock served with tartar
scallops                                                   sauce. $7.99
Prepared to your liking: Deep fried, broiled or pan
seared. $18.99                                             wing basket
                                                           Deep fried wings — choose your flavor: BBQ, buffalo,
prime rib                                                  Cajun, jerk, jack daniels or krakatoan. $7.99
Slow roasted all day and served with Au Jus. Available
on Saturday nights only.                                        All baskets are served with a side of coleslaw and
12oz Queen Cut $15.99 16oz King Cut $18.99                          choice of: French fries, Red’s potato peels,
                                                                               or mini hash browns.
 All classic entrees are accompanied with soup & salad,
                                                               The Wisconsin Department of Public Health advises that eating raw or
  breadsticks and a choice of side: French fries, mini     undercooked meat, poultry, eggs, or seafood poses a health risk to everyone,
   hash browns, Red’s potato peels, homemade garlic          but especially to the elderly, young children under the age of 4, pregnant
    mashed potatoes, fettuccini alfredo, baked potato,      woman, and other highly susceptible individuals with compromised immune
                                                          systems. Thorough cooking of such animal foods reduces the risk of illness. For
        au gratin potatoes, or seasonal vegetable.            further information contact your physician or public health department.
               Signature Pizzas

               12” Thin Crust Cheese Pizza $10.95

               14” Thin Crust Cheese Pizza $12.95

                       Additional Toppings $1.00
                    Pepperoni, Sausage, Canadian Bacon,
                   Mushrooms, Green Olives, Black Olives,
                  Green Peppers, Chicken, Onions, Pineapple

                               chicken italian pizza
               Large pizza topped with creamy alfredo sauce, grilled chicken,
                    green peppers, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.

                                    hawaiian pizza
                  Large pizza topped with Canadian bacon and pineapple.

                                     garbage pizza
                     Large pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, onion,
                               mushrooms and green peppers.

                                 veggie lovers pizza
                Large pizza topped with green peppers, onion, black olives,
                              green olives, and mushrooms.

                                  meat lovers pizza
         Large pizza topped with Canadian bacon, Italian sausage and pepperoni.

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