Document Sample Powered By Docstoc has started to gain a lot of attention over the last few months as more and more individuals join.
The site is incredibly easy to join and within a few minutes you can begin shrinking your links, posting
them on your blog or social networks, and start making easy money.

It’s so easy to make money that people don’t believe it’s true. That’s why exists, to
monitor, inform, and reassure those that are interested in

It only takes about 5 minutes to sign up, confirm, and activate your account. Afterwards, it takes about 5
seconds to covert you URL links into an URL link. Then you post the links anywhere you
want, just as long as you don’t spam.

Check out our step by step guide on How Works

Pay Rate has a solid Pay Rate average of $4 – $10 per 1000 clicks. This ultimately depends on which
country the clicker hails from. Your account page will monitor all of your statistics and give you a real-time
total earned, views, and where the clickers live. also gives a daily Pay Rate scale update for each country in your members section. However,, will monitor these rates and you can check back and track along. Just go to our Payout
Rate section.

Pay Out

Currently, allows you to withdraw your earned money after you have reached $5. That’s so little
compared to other sites. currently pays through Pay Pal and Alert Pay.

Referral Program

Another great feature of is it’s Referral Program. The site offers 20% of the earnings for anyone
that you refer. And this lasts “FOR LIFE”!! automatically gives you a referral ID under the referral
tab in your account page. It’s right up at the top and you can’t miss it.

Advertise on also allows you the option to advertise your website, services, or products through their company.
When you sign up, you have the option to be a “Link Shrinker” or an “Advertiser”.

Current advertising rates are listed at $50 per 10,000 ad impressions.


As of right now, we have not experienced any problems with nor do we anticipate any. Just make
sure you don’t SPAM your links.

We give this site a 10/10 due to it’s ease of use and easy of making money.

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