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					                                                                                        Sept, 2007                                              FT-660-I v4
                                TELDAT SECURITY
                                                                                                                   mIP UD
                                    IP & WIRELESS ALARM
                                                                                                       IP COMMUNICATOR FOR
                                   COMMUNICATION MODULES
                                                                                                      BURGLAR ALARM PANELS

The mIP UD is a simple communications device that allows the
transmission of alarms generated by a conventional control panel
through any kind of IP network (ADSL, cable, Internet…), at the
same time that it keeps the standard telephone line as a back-up
Designed to work with most of the already installed control panels,
the mIP UD allows for a faster and more economic alarm
transmission, improving response times, decreasing costs and
offering value added features such as the supervised line
functionality that allows the central station to detect if any of the
alarm panels go off-line. At the central station side, Telsec has
designed an IP receiver, the VisorALARM, that will integrate                                   Figure 1: Upload-
seamlessly into conventional central station architectures.                                    Download board

   Panel compatibility: Allows any Contact-ID alarm panel to
   transmit alarms over IP networks.
   Fast alarm transmission: (less than 1 second transmission time)
   for better response times to burglar alarms.
   Works over any type of IP network, both intranets and over the
   Does not require a public IP address and uses a DHCP client for
   automatic IP address configuration.
   Support for dual destination IP address for high redundancy
   configurations: All signals will be sent to a secondary address
   should the primary become unavailable.
   User programmable TCP/UDP port for flexibility and compatibility
   with firewalls and other network security components.
   Telephone line backup: Keeps the telephone line, if connected to
   the mIP UD, as a backup option when the internet connection
   becomes unavailable.
                                                                                                                                          Figure 2: mIP UD
   Saves the cost of an 800 number to receive alarms.
   Transmission is done through a flat rate internet connection that is
   shared with other devices.                                                             I N S TALLATION
   Encryption (512 bit AES algorithm): All alarm and line                                 Four configuration methods available:
   supervision data sent to the receiver is encrypted using a 512 bit                           1. Through a telephone set, using the key pad
   AES encryption algorithm.                                                                    2. Using a console terminal and a hyperterminal application
                                                                                                3. Through a telnet session
   Low power consumption: Uses less than 200mA while in idle                                    4. Through a Windows based application mIP Configurator
   state and 240mA when transmitting and alarm.                                              Registration process with the IP receiver at the monitoring
   Wall mount enclosure available: The mIP UD can be installed                               station allows for automatic configuration of most parameters.
   inside the alarm panel or inside its own wall mount enclosure.                            For most installations, the only required parameters are:
   Upload/Download capabilities: Allows central station operators           - Receiver IP address
   to manage the remote alarm panels over IP using the VisorALARM           - UDP port to use to communicate with the receiver
   receiver to manage all the connections, protocols and additional         - Account identification number (CID)
   features. You will be able to program, upgrade, download or              - Installer password: to register the mIP UD with the
   perform any operation. Teldat actually supports panels like Vista,
                                                                             VisorALARM receiver at the central station side
   Paradox, Networks, etc.                                            (NOTE: See the mIP UD manual for instructions on UL installations)

 This document is not intended to be used for installation purposes. We try to
 keep our product information up-to-date and accurate. We cannot cover all spe-
 cific applications or anticipate all requirements. All specifications are subject to
 change without notice. For more information, contact Teldat Security. Phone:
 (3005) 372-3480 FAX: (305) 513-5209
               TELDAT SECURITY                  1111 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1100
                                                                                                                     in Spain       *Pending 2Q2007
                 www.teldatsecurity.com            Miami, FL 33131 - U.S.A

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      mIP UD INSTALLATION CHECK LIST                                       SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE
          Burglar panel compatible with Contact-ID format.                     The mIP UD is connected to an internet router.
          At least 250mA of electrical power available on the power            The telephone line, instead of going directly to the panel, is
          supply to use for the mIP UD unit (500mA recommended).               now connected to the mIP UD (and from the mIP UD it is
          Ethernet network connector (10/100 Mbps).                            then connected to the panel).
          DHCP server present on the local network or an available             The mIP UD monitors the status of the Internet connection
          IP address to be used with the mIP UD.                               with the receiver and decides which network to use to
          UDP port to use with for the mIP UD communication with               transmit the alarms received from the panel.
          the monitoring station (default port: 80).                           At the central station side, a conventional receiver will still
          Destination IP addresses of the VisorALARM receivers where           be used to receive alarms transmitted through the
          the mIP UD will be sending alarms and other events.                  telephone line. If the Internet connection is available, the
          Panel account ID number (CID).                                       alarms will be sent to a VisorALARM receiver at the
          Installer password (provided by the monitoring station               monitoring station.
          managing the VisorALARM IP receiver).                                The mIP UD keeps constant communication with the panel
                                                                               to implement a real time line supervision functionality.

 mIP UD technical specifications summary
POWER                                          LAN PORT                                           CERTIFICATES AND APPROVALS*
• Norminal voltage: 10 VDC to 24 VDC           • Connector: RJ45 female                           BURGLAR
• Max current:                                 • Speed: 10 Mbps                                   • UL1023: Household Burglar Alarm System-
                                               • Protocols: UDP, IP, ARP, DHCP, AES,              Units
            Idle   Alarm   Transient     UD
                                               TELNET, ETHERNET BLUEBOK                           • UL1076: Proprietary Burglar Alarm Units
A 12Vdc   160mA    180mA    400mA      330mA
                                                                                                  and Systems
A 24Vdc    90mA    104mA    200mA      160mA   INPUTS AND OUTPUTS
                                                                                                  • UL1610: Central Station Burglar Alarm
                                               • Output 1: 500 mA. Dry Contact N.O. or N.C.
                                               2A Max.
                                                                                                  • ULC C1023-1974: Household Burglar
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT                          • Output 2: 500 mA. WatchDog
                                                                                                  Alarm System-Units
• LxWxH: 5.5 x 3.62 x 1.42 inches              • Inputs: 2
                                                                                                  • ULC/ORD=C1076-M1986: Proprietary
• Weight: 150 gr / 3 ounces                                                                       Burglar Alarm Units and Systems
                                               • Asynchronous: 9600 bps, 8 bits, without          • CAN/ULC S304-M88: Central and
                                               parity, 1 stop bit                                 Monitoring Station Burglar Alarm Units
• Environmental temperature: 32º to 120º F     • Password protected
• Relative humidity: Maximum 95%               • Telephone: Connection through TO-AP
                                               using a telephone key pad
                                               • TELNET: Password protected

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