DS Phineas _ Ferb - Action Game by liamei12345


                                                     Phineas and Ferb
                                                       Action Game

Product                 Phineas and Ferb Action Game (2in1)

Support character       August 2011: First Animated Disney Channel Original Movie

Concept                 Happy Families Game (2in1):
                        * Assano Game
                        * Happy Families Game

Target group            Kids: 8-12 years old boys

Packaging           1 Tuckbox
                    2 Tuckbox on blister
                    3 Tuckbox in display

Languages           1 NE/SE version: EN, NL, DE, FR, ES, PT, IT (English on front)
                    2 SC/EE version: EN, SV, DA, NO, FI, IS, PL, HU (English on front)

SKUs                    SKU                           Item number              Ean number               Decks/display     Decks/carton
                    1   NE/SE   Tucbox                         54.11068.75194.3               1             207
                    2   NE/SE   Tucbox on blister               54.11068.75195.0               1              12
                    3   NE/SE   Tuckbox in display                   54.11068.75196.7              12              72
                    1   SC/EE   Tuckbox                        54.11068.75197.4               1             207
                    2   SC/EE   Tuckbox on blister               54.11068.75198.1               1              12
                    3   SC/EE   Tuckbox in display                   54.11068.75199.8              12              72

Card size               62x100 mm

Cardboard               Monojet 300

Number of cards         32 cards

Gamerules               Leaflet: EN, NL, DE, FR, ES, PT, IT, SV, DA, NO, FI, IS, PL, HU

Pre-calculation         SKU                           Calculation number
(10.000 decks)      1 Tucbox                          PKBU1010137
                    2 Tucbox on blister               PKBU1010138
                    3 Tuckbox in display              PKBU1010139

Launch date             January 2010

                                                                                                           Last update:      11/25/2010
                                            Game Rules
                                         Phineas and Ferb
                                        Action Game (2in1)

The object of this game is to get rid of all your cards as soon as possible. First shuffle the cards and then deal 5
cards to each player. Put the remaining cards in a pile face-down, turn the top card over and place it next to the
               pile. This card will be the first card of the face-up pile. Any player can start the game.
The player whose turn it is must play a card with the same colour, number or symbol as the face-up pile. When
    a card with a symbol is played, the action related to that symbol must be performed. Then the next player
 continues. When no card can be played, the player must take the top card from the face-down pile. If that card
                        matches it can be played, if not the turn moves on to the next player.
Continue clock-wise until a player has only one card left. Before playing the last card, the player needs to shout
   “Tink!” in order to be the winner of the game. If the player forgets to do so and the other players notice the
                         player must take 2 cards from the face-down pile and continue play.

   Action Cards

   Symbol 1      If you play this card, you get an additional turn.

   Symbol 2      If you play this card, then the next player has to draw an additional card.

   Symbol 3      If you play this card, you can exchange all of your cards with a player of your choice.

   Symbol 4      If you play this card, the direction of play changes.

                 If you play this card, all the other players have to draw 2 cards. This card may be played on
   Symbol 5
                 any card.

                              Phineas and Ferb
                                Action Game

Tuckbox       D4116

Blistercard   D131

Blistercup    3C46919

Display       D3138

Leaflet       3R03415

              N31582 (NE/SE version)
Archive Nr.
              N31583 (SC/EE version)

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