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					                                            the       TIMES                                                  weekly newsletter
Volume 23 Issue 3                                         In Him, For Him, Through Him—Alleluia!                                                September 16, 2010

                                                                    “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.... ”
                                                                                            Psalm 24:1a

                                    Welcome Back BBQ 2010                                             After School Classes: 
                                    We  are  very  much  looking  forward  to                         HOMEWORK HALL – A supervised 
                                    welcoming you all back to John Knox at                            homework time is available to all grades 5 – 8 students 
                                    our  Welcome  Back  to  School  BBQ  on                           upon  the  recommendation  of  their  teacher  in 
                                    Thursday, September 23. If you haven’t                            consultation  with  the  parent(s).  It  will  be  available 
                                    purchased  your  tickets  yet,  see  the                          Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:15 
     ~ Educating God’s Children ~

                                    attached poster and ticket form!                                  in  room  201  with  Mrs.  Braacx.  Students  will  be 
                                                                                                      required  to  have  a  form  from  their  teacher  that 
                                                                                                      outlines the requisite work.   
                                                         News  Flash!         We  want  to 
                                                      welcome Mrs. Yolande Noort to our                             Chess  Club  starts  October  18  for 
                                                      staff.  She will be working one day a                         grades  4‐6  and  is  free.    There  are  now 
                                                      week  in  the  area  of  Capital                              more students registered than our original 
                                                      Campaign and Fundraising.  You will                           limit of 10 students.   More parental help 
                                                      find  her  working  in  the                                   is needed. 
                                    Development Office!                                                
                                                                                                      KNITTING           –(Grade 4 and up) We 
                                    We need help!! We have a bulletin                                 are  excited  to  begin  an  afterschool 
                                    board that needs to be put up in the lobby.                       knitting  club.    With  this  full  hour 
                                    The problem is…..the wall is cement!  Can                         format  we  will  be  able  to  offer  more 
                                    anyone help us out?  See Anne Langille                            individual  instruction.      A    two  week 
                                    please.                                                           beginners’ class will start Wed Oct. 6, followed Oct 27 
                                                                                                      by  6  weeks  of  instruction  for  those  that  know  the 
                                                                                                      basics.    There  will  be  no  cost  for  the  beginners’  class.  
                                    Can  You  Help  Us  Out?  The small rocks on the                  The 6 week class will be $25 plus the cost of yarn and 
                                    playground proved to be quite a problem last year and             needles  for  the  chosen  project.  Registration  forms  in 
                                    we thought perhaps some of you could help us resolve              school lobby.                        Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Gifford 
                                    this.  If you arrive at school a few minutes early or don't 
                                    mind staying later, would you please grab a broom and 
                                    sweep the rocks off of the sidewalk?  This is definitely a 
                                                                                                                 Classical  Guitar  Lessons:                   Laszlo 
                                                                                                                 Polgari is a professional Spanish guitarist and 
                                    case  of  "many  hands  make  light  work"  and  your  help 
                                                                                                                 guitar  teacher  whose  children  are  now 
                                    would  be  greatly  appreciated  in  this  area. 
                                                                                                                 attending  our  school!  Laszlo  has  been 
                                    Each  morning,  the  primary  students  are 
                                                                                                                 teaching professionally for 28 years, and has 
                                    let  in  15  minutes 
                                                                                                                 performed for audiences around the world—
                                    later       than     the 
                                                                                                                 including  Hungary,  Europe,  Japan,  and  the 
                                    intermediates.      We 
                                                                                                                 Caribbean.  Over  the  years  he  has  taught 
                                    are  looking  for 
                                                                                                      hundreds  of  children  in  Hungary  and  in  Canada.  Mr. 
                                    volunteers  to  sign  up  for    morning 
                                                                                                      Polgari  has  kindly  agreed  to  offer  opportunities  for 
                                    supervision on the playground side. We  only  need  one 
                                                                                                      JKCS  students  to  learn  classical  guitar  after  school  at 
                                    more  person!      If  you  can  help  out,  please  see  Anne 
                                                                                                      John  Knox  on  Wednesday  and  Friday  afternoons 
                                    Langille.    Supervision  runs  from  8:25  until  8:40  each 
                                                                                                      between  3‐5pm.  Cost  is  $15.  per  half/hour.  If  you  are 
                                                                                                      interested  in  classical/Spanish  guitar  lessons, 
                                    New  Parent  Orientation:    If you were unable                   registration  forms  are  available  from  the    bulletin 
                                                                                                      board  in  the  foyer.    If  you  have any  questions,  please 
                                    to attend the Orientation yesterday, please drop by the 
                                                                                                      contact Laszlo at lespolmusic@gmail.com or by phone 
                                    office to pick up the handout from the meeting! 
                                                                                                      at 778.866.5704.  
PAGE 2                                                                                   T HE T IME S W EEK LY NE WS LE TTE R                 V OLU ME 2 1    ISSU E 3
 The School Newsletter (“Times”)                                                                                               Worldwide  Winterfest 
The Times will be issued every Thursday. As was the case                                                                       2010! Historically, Winterfest 
last  year,  we  will  send  any  hard  copies  of  the  weekly 
                                                                                                                                at  John  Knox  Christian  School 
newsletter  and  other  items  home  with  the  youngest 
                                                                                      was an eagerly anticipated family event with carnival games for the 
sibling in the family. We encourage all families to help us 
                                                                                      children,  baking,  craft,  and  plant  sales,  and  a  variety  of  food  for 
save  money  by  having  the  newsletter  emailed  home 
                                                                                      purchase.  Not  only  was  it  one  of  the  biggest  community  building 
instead of getting  hard copies.  For the next few weeks we will email 
                                                                                      events at the school,  it was also John Knox’s largest fundraiser of 
and  send  hard  copies  home  until  we  have  organized  our  new                   the year at one time. Due to the rebuilding at JKCS, for the past 2 
emailing  lists.      We  ask  that  all  new  parents    (families)  inform  the     years we have not had Winterfest, and we’ve implemented a much 
office  of  their  email  address  by  sending  an  e‐mail  to 
                                                                                      more  successful  fundraiser:  the  Auction.  But  we’ve  had  many 
admin@johnknoxbc.org    (subject  line:  Email  Address  for  weekly 
                                                                                      people  tell  us  they’re  itching  to  have  this  community  event  back. 
newsletter) as soon as possible. Any families who have had a change 
                                                                                      We’re more than happy to bring it back, with a more multi‐cultural 
in  their  email  address  please  inform  the  office  as  well.      Those 
                                                                                      twist—but we can only do it with a lot of help from you. If you are 
families preferring hard copies of the newsletter are asked to advise 
                                                                                      interested  in seeing  this event come  back we invite you to come 
office staff so that arrangements can be made to provide the copy to 
                                                                                      to  a  short  meeting  with  Brittany  Groen  and  Yolande  Noort  on 
the youngest sibling.  Extra hard copies will continue to be available 
                                                                                      Wednesday  morning,  September  22  at  9:00  am  to  see  if  we  can 
the  school  office.  Submissions  to  the  Newsletter  must  be  sent  to            make it happen. 
Anne  Ferguson  for  approval  by  Tuesday  3:00  pm  of  each  week.  No 
Exceptions!  PLEASE  REMEMBER  TO  CHECK  OUR  WEBSITE  for  John                                              “Progressive  Fundraising”                  is a great 
Knox News and information!  Our weekly letter will be posted there                                            way  to  support  the  school  with  your  regular 
as well!                                                                                                      everyday  purchases.    It’s  easy,  convenient, 
                                                                                                              and doesn’t cost us a penny extra!  Since we 
                                                                                                              launched  the  program  last  year,  this 
School  Telephone  Directory—Our                                                      fundraiser  has  raised  over  $2300!    All  you  have  to  do  is  pre‐plan 
office staff is working on a new school directory 
                                                                                      your  groceries  and  other  purchases,  order  the  gift  cards  for  the 
for  this  school  year.    This  directory  is  prepared 
                                                                                      stores  you  normally  shop  at,  pay  at  exactly  the  value  of  the  gift 
for  parents  of  the  school,  providing  them  with                                 cards, and you’re already raising money for the school!  For more 
easy  access  to  contacting  each  other.    This                                    info  make  sure  you  check  out  the  FAQ  page  provided  on  page  4.  
directory  is  not  to  be  used  for  commercial                                     The  school  is  looking  forward  to  another  year  of  great  support!  
purposes.  If you do not wish your name or your 
                                                                                      The next order form is due on Thursday, September 23, 2010. 
child’s  name  included  in  the  directory,  please 
contact May or Gloria to let them know.  Thank you! 
                                                                                      Ready, Set, Go! The Race is On! Competitive and exhilarating 
                                                                                      are  the  two  words  we  would  use  to  describe  the  friendly 
                                  NEW WEBSITE!                                        competition that took place on September 9 when we, the grade 8 
                                                                                      class,  participated  in  “The  Amazing  Race”,  John  Knox  style.    The 
                                   We  are  pleased  to  announce  that  we 
                                   have  a  newly  updated  website!  In  a           Amazing  Race  was  an  outstanding  team  building  event  that 
                                   time when the first thing you do to find           required  students  to  solve  riddles,  plan  strategies  and  work 
out  about  anything  at  all  is  to  “google  it”,  it  is  important  that  our    cooperatively  together  while  racing  against  the clock  to  complete 
website is up‐to‐date, and presents a positive and faithful picture of                seven  challenging  tasks.  From  the  “Vay  Vay”  Boutique  to  a  very 
what John Knox is all about. Thank you to Carver alumnus Sarah Gin                    large  and  quiet graveyard,  the  four  competing  teams  were  taxied 
who  gave  of  her  time  (and  some  serious  talent!)  to  design  and              around  New  West,  Burnaby,  and  Coquitlam  by volunteer  parents, 
implement the new look. Check it out at www.johnknoxbc.org. If you                    who  report  that  they  too  had  an  awesome  and  exciting  day.  The 
have  feedback,  (suggestions?  Comments?)  please  email                             activities  were  wrapped  up  with  a  BBQ  at  Dave  and  Brittany 
development@johnknoxbc.org. Happy surfing!                                            Groen’s house and a Frisbee game at Leaf Park. The grade 8s thank 
                                                                                      the  organizers  and  the  drivers  who  spent  hours  planning  and 
                                                                                      executing this truly awesome event. We had a blast!! 
Parking/Drop  Off/Pickup  Students:  This  is  a  friendly                             
reminder to all parents that it is very important to drive very  slowly 
                           on  our  property.    Please  do  not  drive  faster 
                           than 5 km.  Also, please follow parking rules 
                           on the premises.  Remember to respect our 
                           school  neighbours.    Do  not  park  in  front  of 
                           the  store  on  12th  Avenue.    They  wish  to 
                           keep  that  parking  available  for  their 
                           customers.    Please  do  not  park  on  anyone’s 
                           grass.    As  you  may  have  noticed,  there  is 
                           newly  planted  grass  in  front  of  many  of  the 
                           homes on 13th Avenue.  Please ensure your 
children  do  not  walk  on  this  newly  planted  grass.    As  you  may  be 
aware, our neighbours were some of the people the City of Burnaby 
contacted  regarding  the  construction  of  our  new  building.    Please 
help us to keep a positive relationship with our school neighbours by 
courteous and respective behavior.
PAGE 3                                                      T HE T IME S W EEK LY NE WS LE TTE R                                     V OLU ME 2 3   ISSU E 3

                                          Singing  Child?    Vivo  Choir  may  be  a  good  Fit.  Do you have a child who loves to sing? 
                                      Vivo  Children’s  Choir  is  starting  up  again  for  the  current  year.  Vivo  meets  Wednesdays  starting 
                                      September 15 from 4 – 5:30PM at Olivet Baptist Church at 613 Queens Ave. in New Westminster. The 
                                      choir  offers  three  levels  of  musical  training  for  children  from  Grade  2  and  up.  The  season  runs  from 
September  through  April  and  new  members  are  accepted  in  either  September  or  January.  Check  out  www.vivochildrenschoir.ca  or  email 
vivochoir@yahoo.ca for more details. You may also contact new John Knox parent, Barb Simpson at 778‐896‐8748. 

                                                      Calendar for 2010/2011 School Year 
                                             23 Thursday             Back to School BBQ 5:30—8:00 pm 
                                             06 Wednesday            K classes to Laity Pumkin Patch 
                                             07 Thursday             Teachers’ Convention—no school 
                                             08 Friday               Teachers’ Convention—no school 
                                             11 Monday               Thanksgiving Day—no school 
                                             18 Monday               Individual Pictures—Retakes 
                                             11 Thursday             Remembrance Day—no school 
                                             12 Friday               Professional Day—no school 
                                             19 Friday               Report Cards go home 
                                                                     Grade 7/8 Day at Carver! 
                                             30 Tuesday              Parent/Teacher Conferences 1:00—8:00 pm 
                                                                     Students dismissed at noon 
                                             9 Thursday              JKCS Christmas Concert! 
                                             17 Friday               Last day of school before Christmas Break 
                                             January 2011 
                                             04 Tuesday              First day of school after Christmas Break 
                                             4 Friday                Auction! 
                                             25 Friday               Professional Day—no school 
                                                 Spring Break—March 19, 2011—April 3, 
                                             22 Friday               Good Friday—no school 
                                             25 Monday               Easter Monday—no school 
                                             23 Monday               Victoria Day—no school 
                                             24 Friday               Last day of school—Half Day 

                                              JOHN KNOX CHRISTIAN SCHOOL

                                               8260 13th Avenue • Burnaby • BC • V3N 2G5
               OFFICE EMAIL: admin@johnknoxbc.org • DEVELOPMENT EMAIL: development@johnknoxbc.org
                       PHONE: 604.522.1410 • FAX: 604.522.4606 • WEBSITE: www.johnknoxbc.org
                              FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)
                              We are excited to start our second year of fundraising program
                              that will help our school raise money simply by making our usual,
                              everyday purchases and will not cost you one additional penny!

The fundraising program is operated through an organization called “Progressive Fundraising”
that has been helping non-profit organizations raise money for many years. Here are some
FAQs that will help explain how this will work.

How Does It work?

Progressive Fundraising purchases gift cards from large retail stores in bulk, enabling them to
get a good discount from these stores. The majority of that discount is then passed on to non-
profit organizations like schools, churches, day cares, sports organizations, clubs and charities.

These gift cards are available for us to purchase at their face value, with no additional fees, just
as they will cost us if we were to buy them directly from the stores. The school benefits from
the discount (as mentioned above) that Progressive Fundraising receives from the stores.

Who Are Some of the Participating Retailers?
Currently, there are over 90 participating retailers to choose from. Just to list a few, they

• T & T Supermarket       • Safeway                 • Market Place IGA        • Choices Market
• Superstore              • London Drugs            • M&M Meat Shops          • Shoppers
•   Sears                 •   Hbc                   •   Gap/Old Navy          • Winners
•   Home Depot            •   Rona                  •   Home Hardware         • Canadian Tire
•   Best Buy              •   Future Shop           •   Chapters              • Staples
•   Keg                   •   White Spot            •   Cactus Club           • Sport Chek
•   Chevron               •   Esso                  •   Petro Canada          • Shell

How Much Can We Expect to Raise?

The percentage of what we can raise varies from retailer to retailer and ranges from 2% to 15%
(as noted on the form). Last year we were able to raise over $2,300.

How Do I Participate?

Order forms can be found on the school website and from the school lobby. Parents are asked
to return the completed form with payment by the due date. Orders will be taken on a monthly
basis, so make sure you plan ahead. You will be contacted by email or phone when the gift
cards arrive, approximately 7-10 days from the due date. The next order is due on Thursday,
Sept. 23, 2010.
Be sure to check out our school website for more info.
                                                            SUPPORTER ORDER FORM
     NAME OF STUDENT: _______________________               PHONE NUMBER:   ___________________________                    DATE:    _____________________
     ADDRESS: _______________________________               POSTAL CODE:    ___________________________                    EMAIL:   _____________________
     NAME OF PARENT: __ ______________________              GRADE/CLASS:    ___________________________                    FAX:     _____________________

     MERCHANT(FEE)                 CERTIFICATES             TOTAL                  MERCHANT(FEE)                           CERTIFICATES           TOTAL
     Department Stores:                                                            Grocery Stores:
(DB) Sears                  2.0%           x       $25.00                   (DB) Loblaws(Shop Easy,                3.0%             x    $25.00
                                           x       $50.00                   Extra Foods, Superstore,Lucky                           x    $50.00
                                           x      $100.00 $ __________      Dollar,No Frills,Canadian Wholesale)                    x   $100.00
(DB) Hbc (The Bay,          3.0%           x       $10.00                                                                           x   $250.00   $ __________
Zellers, Home Outfitters)                  x       $25.00                   (DB) Safeway                           3.0%             x    $50.00
                                           x       $50.00                                                                           x   $100.00
                                           x      $100.00 $ __________                                                              x   $250.00   $ __________
(DB) London Drugs           2.0%           x       $25.00                   (DB) Stong's                           6.0%             x    $50.00
                                           x       $50.00                                                                           x   $100.00
                                           x      $100.00 $ __________                                                              x   $500.00   $ __________
    Fuel:                                                                   (DB) T&T Supermarkets                  2.0%             x    $20.00
(C) Chevron                 2.0%           x       $10.00                                                                           x    $50.00   $ __________
                                           x       $25.00   $ __________           Specialty Stores:
(DB) Esso                   2.0%           x       $25.00                   (DB)   Aldo                            7.0%             x    $25.00   $ __________
                                           x       $50.00                   (DB)   American Eagle                  5.0%             x    $25.00   $ __________
                                           x      $100.00   $ __________    (DB)   Best Buy                        2.0%             x    $25.00   $ __________
(DB) Petro-Canada           2.0%           x       $25.00                   (DB)   Canadian Tire                   3.0%             x    $25.00
                                           x       $50.00                                                                           x    $50.00
                                           x      $100.00   $ __________                                                            x   $100.00   $ __________
(NC) Shell                  2.0%           x       $20.00   $ __________    (DB) Chapters/Indigo/Coles             10.0%            x    $20.00   $ __________
     Home Improvement:                                                      (DB) Coast Mountain Sports              4.0%            x    $25.00   $ __________
(DB) Home Depot             2.0%           x       $25.00                   (DB) Esquires Coffee                   10.0%            x    $10.00
                                           x       $50.00                                                                           x    $25.00   $ __________
                                           x      $100.00                   (DB) Future Shop                       2.0%             x    $25.00
                                           x      $250.00 $ __________                                                              x    $50.00   $ __________
(DB) Home Hardware          3.0%           x       $25.00                   (DB) La Senza                          7.0%             x    $25.00   $ __________
                                           x       $50.00                   (DB) M&M Meat Shops                    3.0%             x    $10.00
                                           x      $100.00 $ __________                                                              x    $25.00   $ __________
(DB) Rona                   3.0%           x       $25.00                   (DB) Mark's Work                       7.0%             x    $25.00
                                           x       $50.00                        Wearhouse                                          x    $50.00
                                           x      $100.00 $ __________                                                              x   $100.00   $ __________
     Grocery Stores:                                                        (DB) Options (Gap, Old Navy,           7.0%             x    $25.00   $ __________
(DB) Choices Market         7.0%           x       $20.00                        Banana Republic)
                                           x      $100.00                   (DB) Payless Shoe Source               7.0%             x     $25.00 $ __________
                                           x      $250.00 $ __________      (DB) Shoppers Drug Mart                3.0%             x     $25.00
(DB) MarketPlace IGA        5.0%           x       $50.00 $ __________                                                              x     $50.00 $ __________
     **Reloadable**                                                         (DB) Sport Chek                        4.0%             x     $25.00 $ __________
(C) Killarney Market        3.0%          x        $25.00 $ __________
(C ) Fairway Market         5.0% ________ x        $25.00 $ __________
     MERCHANT(FEE)                    CERTIFICATES             TOTAL               MERCHANT(FEE)                                CERTIFICATES         TOTAL
     Specialty Stores:                                                             Entertainment:
(DB) Staples                  3.0%            x       $25.00                  (DB) Blockbuster                           7.0%            x     $10.00
                                              x       $50.00                                                                             x     $20.00 $ __________
                                              x      $100.00                  (DB) Cineplex Odeon                  5.0%                  x     $10.00 $ __________
                                              x      $250.00   $ __________        (Famous Players,Galaxy,SilverCity,
(DB) Starbucks                5.0%            x       $10.00                       Colossus,Paramount)
                                              x       $25.00   $ __________   (DB) Rogers Video                    7.0%                  x     $10.00
(C) The Body Shop             5.0%            x       $25.00   $ __________                                                              x     $20.00 $ __________
(DB) Toys 'R' Us              2.0%            x       $10.00
                                              x       $25.00   $ __________        Hotel & Accommodation:
(DB) Winners                  7.0%            x       $25.00                  (NC) Whistler Village Inn &        10.0%                   x    $50.00
                                              x       $50.00   $ __________        Suites***                                             x   $100.00 $ __________
     Restaurants:                                                                  Spas
(DB) Boathouse Restaurants    7.0%            x       $25.00                  (DB) Absolute Spa                   7.0%                   x    $50.00
                                              x       $50.00   $ __________        www.absolutespa.com                                   x   $100.00 $ __________
(DB) Burger King                              x       $10.00   $ __________   (DB) pHresh / Mbody Spa            10.0%                   x    $50.00
(DB) Cactus Club              7.0%            x       $25.00                       www.phreshspa.com                                     x   $100.00 $ __________
                                              x       $50.00   $ __________        www.mbodyspa.com
(DB) Domino's                 8.0%            x       $10.00                  (DB) Spa Utopia                     7.0%                   x    $50.00
                                              x       $25.00   $ __________        www.spautopia.ca                                      x   $100.00 $ __________
(DB) Darden Restaurants                                                       (DB) WaySpa                        10.0%                   x    $50.00
     Olive Garden             7.0%            x       $25.00   $ __________        (over 450 spas across Canada)                         x   $100.00 $ __________
     Red Lobster              7.0%            x       $25.00   $ __________        www.wayspa.com
(DB) Earls                    7.0%            x       $25.00
                                              x       $50.00   $ __________   GRAND TOTAL:                                                           $
(DB) Keg                      7.0%            x       $25.00
                                              x       $50.00   $ __________   DB:     Declining Balance Shopping Card
(DB) Kelsey's Multi-Brand      3.0%           x       $25.00                  C:      Change Back Shopping Certificate
(Milestone's, Kelsey's, Swiss                 x       $50.00   $ __________   NC:     No Change Back Shopping Certificate
Chalet, Montanna's,
Harvey's)                                                                     PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHEQUES TO JOHN KNOX CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
(DB) Moxie's                  10.0%           x       $25.00   $ __________
(DB) Old Spaghetti Factory     5.0%           x       $20.00                  CANNOT PAY OFF ACCOUNT WITH CARDS OR CERTIFICATES
                                              x       $25.00   $ __________
(DB) Pizza Pizza             15.0%            x       $10.00                  PAYMENT INFORMATION:                             Cheque # ____________
                                              x       $25.00   $ __________
(DB) Prime Restaurant        7.0%             x       $25.00   $ __________   Total Order: $ ________________
(Eastside Mario's, Casey's,
RD's BBQ Blues,Pat&Mario's,BierMarkt)                                                Cash
(DB) Red Robin               7.0%          x          $25.00   $ __________           Thanks for your support!
(DB) Sammy J. Peppers       10.0% ________ x          $25.00   $ __________
(DB) Subway                  5.0%          x          $10.00                  *****   Whistler Village Inns & Suites
                                           x          $25.00                          For further information:
                                           x          $50.00   $ __________           1-800-663-6418 or
(DB) Wendy's Restaurant      3.0%          x          $10.00   $ __________           visit their website at www.whistlervillageinn.ca
(DB) White Spot              7.0%          x          $10.00
                                           x          $25.00   $ __________
(C) Triple O's               7.0%          x          $10.00   $ __________
 We need your help for the BBQ! If you are willing to help out, please check a box to the left
               and circle a time on the right, and we’ll contact you for help.

            BBQing                                    4:00-5:30     5:30-7:00

            Bouncy Castle Supervisor                  6:00-6:30     6:30-7:30      7:30-8:00

            Parking/Traffic Attendants                5:00-6:-00

            Cotton Candy Machine Operator             6:00-6:30     6:30-7:30      7:30-8:00

            Cleanup After                             8:00-9:00

  Name of Volunteer ____________________________________

                              BBQ TICKET ORDER FORM

Family Name:                                                            Ph#:

Children and

Adult Ticket(s):           $5 each x __________ (qty required)          Total Adult Ticket: $ __________

Child Ticket(s):         $2.50 each x __________ (10 and under)         Total Child Ticket: $ __________

                            Cheque or Cash Enclosed for Total of $ ___________
               (Please make cheques payable to John Knox Christian School, Memo: BBQ Tickets)

            WELCOME BACK TO
                           SCHOOL                      BBQ
                                            for John Knox Christian School

               Sept. 23

                                      We Look Forward to Seeing You...
                                      Where: Home Sweet Home: 8260 13th Avenue
                                     When: Thursday, September 23, 2010, 5:30 - 8:00 PM
                                         Why: To Welcome You Back to John Knox!
         Back Home!!                       Cost: $5/Adult $2.50/Child Under 10
       8260 13th Avenue
         Burnaby, BC                 What to Expect: Great Food, Fun Activities for
     Phone: 604.522.1410             the Kids, Fellowship with other Families, and a Warm
      Fax: 604.523.9646                              Welcome back to JKCS!
E-mail: development@johnknoxbc.org

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