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                                           HOLOCAUST SCAVENGER HUNT
   1. I am known as the Third Reich. I have another name that is more commonly used. I used extensive
      ________________ to spread my goals and ideals.
          a. What is my other name?
           b. Give an example for the word you provided in the blank.
   2. At first, my job was just to bodyguard Hitler and other Nazi leaders. My power grew and my job expanded to
      perform much larger responsibilities.
           a. Who am I?
           b. What was I in charge of?
   3. I am a political movement that places its highest priority on nation and race. I have a leader who has total
      control of the country and its citizens, and he is only concerned with the country’s expansion. That is, my leader
      wants more land and more power. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The military does whatever
      the leader asks. It will silence and kill anyone who stands in the way of power.
          a. What am I?
           b. Who was my leader?
   4. The SS is in charge of me. I help them with certain responsibilities.
          a. Who am I?
           b.   What do I do?
   5. Part of my name means “prejudice against” or “hatred towards.” The other part of my name is another word for
      Judaism and the Jewish people. Before WWII, people who identified with me would spread lies about the Jews.
      They would say that Jews ate Christian babies for ritual purposes.
      (Ironically, I would lead the genocide of the Jewish people)
      I became powerful in political parties. My highest power came when Hitler, the leader of the Nazis, used me to
      write a book.
          a. What am I?
           b. What is the name of the book Hitler wrote? What is it about?
   6. Ellie Wiesel began studying my principles at the age of twelve, the step before manhood in the Jewish belief. I
      am a way of studying the Torah (Jewish Bible). Jewish people believe that I help to explain the mystical
      relationship between the Creator and his creation.
           a. What is my name? (You might have to Google me.)
   7. I am a collection of writings and discussions on Jewish beliefs.
          a. What am I?
   8. I come from the Greek word ὁλόκαυστος [holókaustos]: hólos, "whole" and kaustós, "burnt".
          a. What is my name?
           b. Why am I called this? What do I represent?
           c. What is my other name? (You might have to Google me.)
   9. Who is Johanna (Hanne) Hirsch? What did she experience?
   10. How would the Nazis classify the concentration camp prisoners? (Draw the following on the back of the paper)
          a. What about a Jewish political prisoner from Germany?
           b. What would your symbol look like if you were a Jew from Poland?

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