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Using Social Media Platforms as Marketing Tools

          Specialty Marketing Report


                  November 8, 2009
                          Social Media Marketing Strategy Report: DeepNines Technologies                                                                                

                                                  Social Media Marketing

This strategy is designed to leverage the visitor traffic from more popular venues. You also increase visibility in search
engine indexing with this strategy as the two primary benefits. It is not rocket science, just cost effective solutions for
marketing based on new social media platforms and free user accounts.

                                                                           1- Visit established sites and create an account
                                                                 with your company name and brand. This prevents other
                                                                 competitors from capitalizing on your brand.           i.e.:
                                                        - the username 'deepnines' has already
                                                                 been acquired by another member, as such the user
                                                                 'deepnines' is associated with video music clips. Your
                                                                 account is now known as "deepninesITSolutions".

                                                                           2- Use these sites as a publishing platform for
                                                                 demos, presentations, and other multi media approaches
                                                                 designed to educate your B2B buyers. An example of a
                                                                 successful approach is seen at Slideshare
                                                                 is a business platform being used by companies much like
                   Here is how it works:
                                                                            3-   Social Media marketing, when handled
                                                                 appropriately and as a portion within an overall marketing
                                                                 campaign, can be a cost effective approach to raising your
                                                                 company visibility and brand. And, again, when properly
                                                                 implemented, it can save advertising dollars while obtaining
                                                                 the same results. For instance, your
                                                                 account 'DeepNines' can host ppt, pps, type presentations.
                                                                 Plus, you can upload product information for potential
                                                                 buyers to download. Obviously, it is based on getting your
                                                                 message in front of your audience and providing a jump
                                                                 point to your company via URL. When interested parties
                                                                 arrive on your SlideShare presentation, they may either opt
                                                                 to download collaterals already published within the user
                                                                 account or jump off to visit your actual site.

                                                                 Savings over display advertising space at a single site,
                                                       , alone is equivalent to $2,000! Additionally,
                                                                 the ability to publish data sheets and other product
                                                                 information increases the value of using this type of user
                                                                 account and social media marketing strategy.

                                                                 Maintenance. In order to derive greater benefit from this
                                                                 strategy and your new user accounts, you need to maintain
                                                                 the web spaces. This simply means to continually, or
                                                                 perhaps randomly, add new information in the form of
                                                                 video clips and product sheets.

                     Looking Forward:                            Services within the social media platform are typically free
                                                                 for users at the present time. As the SMM services and
                                                                 publishing platforms evolve so might the free features.
                                                                 However, at the present time, they are a unique and cost
                                                                 effective strategy designed to reach a wider audience and
                                                                 aimed to target those B2B buyers within that segment in a
                                                                 manner that is inviting and spikes interest in your company.

                DeepNines User Accounts                          Table 2 (See Next Page)

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                          Social Media Marketing Strategy Report: DeepNines Technologies                                                                                  

 Social Media Site                 User ID                    PW                  Link Acquisitions



         Twitter has 19 followers for DeepNines since account created.
         YouTube link is already ranked #17 on for the keyword search query ‘deepnines’
         DeepNines has saved $2000 in display advertising with user account.
         Additional content should be added regularly to these user accounts. can provide monthly
          contractual service designed to maintain these on behalf of DeepNines.
         You may be interested in other advertising programs featured at these social media services. We can discuss
          these options later after we determine which provide the most exposure for DeepNines.

New Link Acquisitions and Link Counts:

It is difficult to count newly acquired links until sufficient time has been allowed for the URLs to circulate the Internet.
There is a way to dramatically enhance the speed of link circulation, we can discuss this later. At the moment, however,
based on these five user accounts, there are likely 15-20 or so new links for, excluding

     If we include the current 19 Twitter followers for DeepNines, the link count increases to a minimum of 40+.
     Obviously, this is one of the most obvious benefits of using a social media service platform…new links and increased
     brand visibility online.


Update to user account:

One day later        Presentation – 17 views - DeepNines

Five .pdf documents uploaded

One hour later     Total Docs – 21 views -DeepNines

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