Computer Lab Rules (DOC download) by liamei12345



1. Students should have a positive attitude at all times and treat teacher and fellow classmates with respect--follow
    the "Golden Rule". Behavior, language, and dress must be appropriate as detailed in the student handbook.
2. Students are not allowed to play games on the computer--the computers are for educational purposes only.
3. Students are not allowed to change ANY computer settings or configurations.
4. Students are not allowed to download anything to their computer, including but not limited to music, games, or
    application programs.
5. Students are not allowed to use cell phones, IPODS, MP3s, headphones, CD players, etc. (per district policy).
6. Students are not allowed to use the computer to listen to music.
7. Students are not allowed to "surf" the internet without prior approval from the instructor. Any student caught on
    an inappropriate or blocked internet site will be IMMEDIATELY referred to the assistant principal's office.
8. Students must remain in their own seat at their own computer during the entire class period until the dismissal
    bell rings--no "hanging out" at the door waiting for the bell to ring.
9. Academic dishonesty will result in a grade of zero to all parties involved--to the student copying the work as well
    as to the student providing the work to be copied. All students involved will be IMMEDIATELY referred to the
    assistant principal's office.
10. Students should NEVER log on to a computer using another student's login. Students should protect their secure
    work space and My Documents folder in Windows XP by never sharing their login with other students.
11. It is the student's responsibility to log off his or her computer at the end of each class period so as to prevent
    the possibility of his/her files being tampered with by a student in the next class period. If it can be proven that
    a student purposely deleted files and/or folders belonging to another student, the student will receive a discipline
    referral to the principal's office for vandalism of computer files and/or folders.
12. If another student is logged in at your computer station when you enter the classroom, you should notify your
    teacher; then save and close any open files and log off the previous student; then logon with your username &
    password (remember The Golden Rule).
13. Students should NEVER attempt in any way to vandalize or tamper with the computer hardware or software. This
    will result in an immediate referral to an assistant principal.
14. Students should inform the instructor immediately upon entering the room if there is either a problem with the
    computer (mechanical issues or inappropriate text or graphics on the monitor) or if a textbook or other
    instructional material is missing from your work station. The student will then be relieved from any liability for
    the offense, which will then become the responsibility of the previous student.
15. Students are NEVER allowed to bring a flash drive or CD into the computer lab without prior approval from the
16. It is the student's responsibility to attend tutorials with the instructor in a timely manner in order to make up
    any missing work due to absences. Tutorials will be held every morning (except Thursday) from 6:50 to 7:15.
    Afternoon tutorials may be scheduled by appointment.
17. No candy, food, or drinks are allowed in the computer lab.
18. Students should develop the habit of saving their work often—at least every 10 minutes or so—in order to avoid
    loss of data in the event of a power surge or outage.
19. Students are responsible for the computer and materials assigned to them. All textbooks and materials assigned
    to each computer station should be placed neatly on top of each CPU at the end of each class period.
20. Each student is responsible for keeping his or her work area clean. All trash at your work station (including on the
    floor) should be disposed of properly before leaving the classroom.
21. Students will be allowed three restroom passes for each 9 week period.
22. The Class Rules/Computer Use/Internet Use Agreement (the last page of the class syllabus) signed by both
    student and parent/guardian is due at the end of the first week of student's enrollment in the class. Failure to
    return this signed agreement does NOT release the student from the responsibility of following the above
    classroom policies and guidelines.

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