CM Project Construction Action Log Summary DRAFT 5-28-08 by liamei12345


EN04011                                                                          Meeting Date:              6/4/2008
RP4 Expansion to 14 MGD                                                          Date Updated:              6/4/2008
Taisei T&K                                                                       Manager:                 Scott Jonson
Darrell Keller
Contract Start Date:                                                                                  2/19/2008
                                                                                 Project Completion Date:
Project Logs:          How Many:              In Progress          E   C   I Overdue:        E    C   I Completed:       Date Updated:
Submittal                          3                          3X
RFI                              283                          0                                                   283
RFD - CE                         203                         22            X
Memo                               3                                       X                                         3

Project Schedule:         Date Received:                                                  On schedule:□ Delay:□
Contractor Two Week Look-Ahead:            Turblex Blower. Chlorine Contact Basin. Influent Pump Station.
Oder Control smoke test 5/28/08. Oxidation Ditch #1 (flight pumps). Oxidation Ditch #2 (SAT). Installing
Aeration Panels completion of installation. Sludge Building Chemical Room (Sat). Aqua Tertiary Filters
CE193, CE194, CE196 and Training on Fiber Optic. Installing Street Lighting.

Major Problems:

Field Work:
Current Activities:           Working on 6th street Landscaping. Oder Control Building @ IPS. Lighting and
site cleanup Installing Aeration Panels in ditch #3. Nikkiso completed leak repairs.

Next Week Activities:

Major Problems:                Nikkiso Pumps need pressure switches and gages that will withstand the
chemicals that are being used. Turblex blower needs programming changes. PROUSAS Programmers sick
and will not be onsite all of this week and will not return onsite till 5/27/08.
Change Orders               How Many:         Total to Write:     # in Review:               Completed:                  # Outstanding:
                                        116                 108                         21                         22                 21
Pay Estimate (Current):   Date          Ending Date   Due to Agency: 20th                        Date Received:                5/21/2008
               380,624.00     5/21/2008     5/31/2008 Due to Proj Mgr: 25th                      Due to Dpty Manager: 1st
                                                                  Sent to CM-B:                  Due to CM Manager: 5th

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