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					                                                                                  International Business

                                 Department of International Business
Semester 2                       Required                 Credits                    Elective                   Credits
             Service Education (II)                         0
             Physical education (II)                        0
             Constitutionalism and Rule of Law              2
             Chinese Literature and Thought(II)             3
             Practical English(II)                          3
             Introduction to International business         2
             Economics(II)                                  3
             Accounting(II)                                 3
             Essentials of Civil Law(II)                    2
             Statistics(I)                                  3
             Business Law (II)                              2       Financial Market                              3
             Physical Education (IV)                        0       Data Analysis and Processing                  3

             History of Civilization and Development        2       International Business Etiquette              2

Sophomore Practice of International Trade (II)              2       Macroeconomics                                3

             English-listening and speaking Lab(II)         1       Basic Business Korean(II)                     2
             Marketing Management                           3       Entrepreneurial Management                    3
             Business Conversion in English (II)            1
             Law of Int'l Trade(II)                         2       Seminar (I)                                   2
             International Trade Theory and Policy (II)     3       Investment                                    3
                                                                    Information Application of International
             Business Letter Writing (II)                   2                                                     3
                                                                    Development and Management of
                                                                    Intellectual Property Rights
                                                                    International Entry Strategies                3
                                                                    Economics Forecasting and Analysis            3
                                                                    Basic Business Japanese(II)                   2
                                                                    International Finance Management              3
                                                                    E-marking                                     3
             Int'l Finance(II)                              2       Competitive of Nations                        3
                                                                    International Tourism Market                  3
                                                                    Practical Training of International Trade     2
                                                                    Business English Reading                      2
                                                                    Global Supply Chain Management                3
                                                                    Forum of Chinese Economy                      3
                                                                    The introduction of Stock Options             3
                                                                    International Service Management              2
                                                                       International Business

A25114         Economics (II)
3hours, 3credits
Economists have studied market for over 200 years, several important points have found by economists.
In this class, we will introduce these important principles. For example, utility、opportunity cost、
profit、public goods、market power and so on.
Throughout that students will understand all the principle of economics.

A25116        Accounting (II)
3 hours, 3 credits
The general objective of this course is to provide the student with an understanding of the preparation
and understanding of corporate financial reporting. This course introduces concepts of accounting as
related to the double entry process of recording data in various journals, posting to general and
subsidiary ledgers, the preparation of worksheets, and periodic financial statements. The course also
includes topics related to receivables, cash and cash controls, plant assets, and corporate accounting.

A25120          Essentials of Civil Law (II)
2 hours, 2 credits
This course is divided into five parts. Part one serves as an introduction to general principles of the
civil law. Part two is designed to give students an understanding of the relationship between creditors
and debtors, special emphasis to be placed on the laws of contracts and remedies as well as contract
classification. Part three is devoted to the property. Methods of acquiring title to both real and personal
property are discussed and transactions involving the sale of real estate are presented. Part four, on
family law(domestic relationship), deals with divorce and the related custody, support, and property
issues. Then, the final part discussed wills (estate & succession)and related issues as intestate statutory
shares and will classification.

A25128        Statistics (I))
3 hours, 3 credits
This course is the second part of a series of two semester elementary statistics courses. Based on our
knowledge about probability distributions, we will continue to discuss statistical inference. Topics
include estimation, test of hypothesis, analysis of variance, and regression. Both statistical theories and
computational techniques are addressed in this course. In addition to classroom lectures, computer
workshops are scheduled to help students master their data analysis skills using statistical software
packages, such as Minitab, and Microsoft Excel.

A25133 Introduction to International business
2 hours, 2 credits
This course is aimed to analyze how the enterprises become the multinational enterprises, and carry out
the international management in the global world, and to understand the problems which they meet.
                                                                     International Business

A25220        Business Law(II)
2 hours, 2 credits
This course is divided into four areas: corporation law, commercial paper, maritime law and insurance
law. The primary goal of this course is to provide students with business major an interesting
introduction to business law. Corporation law will be introduced in the first semester. Business
corporations are formed for a business purpose, that is, to engage in a business for the purpose of
making a profit that can be distributed to the owners of the corporation. Four major forms of business
corporations exist: limited company, unlimited company, limited partnership company and company
limited by shares. The legal framework relating to the formation, operation, and dissolution of a
business will be presented. Negotiable instrument consists of check, draft and note. Maritime law
comprises admiralty law, transportation contract and international trade regulations; Insurance law
covers insurance as to people (especially emphasis on national health insurance) and property.

A25238        Practice of International Trade (II)
2 hours, 2 credits
In the second semester, the course focuses on the principle of Letter of Credit, the reading and
comprehension of L/C , introduction of transportation and transport documents, insurance and
insurance documents, and the other shipping documents that may incur in the trade procedure. The
procedure of importation will be introduced as well.

A25245         Business English Conversation & Reading (II)
2 hours, 1 credits
(1) This course is using Computer-aid class material to help students open their mouth bravely and
     pronounce correctly.
(2) Using weekly basis computer-aid class material (post on blackboard system in campus computer).
     The courses design to which can help student learn pronunciation correctly at home without using
     precious class hour.

A25260       Marketing Management (I)
3 hours, 3 credits
The objective of this introductory marketing course is to provide a thorough understanding of
marketing and its role in the organization. It will offer insight into the way in which consumer wants
and needs are transformed into a firm’s strategies and tactics, and prepare students for the marketing
challenges of the 21st century presented by rapid globalization and technology advances. Topics are
included: Basic Concepts of Marketing, Marketing Environment, Marketing Information and
Marketing Research, Consumer Markets and Consumer Behavior, Segmentation, Target Markets, and
Positioning, Basic Concepts of Product and Product Attributes, New Product Development and Product
Life Cycle, Marketing Management for Services, Pricing, Marketing Channel Management, Retailing,
Wholesaling, and Physical Distribution, Basic Concepts of Promotion, Advertising and Sales
Promotion, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing, and Public Relations, Marketing Implementation and
Control, and Marketing Ethics. Scoring:Home Work(30%)             、Midterm Examination (25%)   、Final
Examination(35%)     、Attendance(10%). Course Web Site:

Marketing Management introduces a basic marketing concept mainly and analyzes importance of the
marketing. I introduce the corporate strategy on how the producer of the market understands the hope
of the customer, needs and how it decides the aim of company in the market of the company, with the
new product.
In marketing management course, I update the contents of the class to my HP before I teach it. Thus the
student can prepare the content of the class beforehand.
                                                                     International Business
A25222           Data processing
3 hours, 3 credits
(1) This course is using application software to achieve the goal of processing data without writing
(2) Using application software to solve data processing problem(s) is one of many ways in computer
     application but, is the most important way to encourage students to approach problem solving, not
     to reject it.

Pre-requirement courses: Introduction of Computer and Information system

A25230         Financial Market
3 hours, 3 credits
The syllabus is as follows:Introduction to Financial Market、Financial Intermediary Institutions、The
Applications of Financial Instruments、Monetary Market、Stock Market、Bond Market、Foreign
Exchange Market、Bank Deposit and Loan Market、
Derivative Financial Market and Finance Risk Management.
This course is conducted by lecture and discussion. Students will learn about various financial concepts
and the real-world application.

A25224        Macroeconomics
3 hours, 3 credits
This course provides students a pedagogical exposition of basic macro economic theory, and it also
provides some illustrate examples that draw on practical problems to illustrate important concepts.
The topics of the course are introduced including The Classical Approach to Aggregate Demand and
Supply, Saving and Investment, The Modern Aggregate Demand and Supply, The IS-LM Model.
                                                                     International Business

A25320         Law of Int'l Trade (II)
2 hours, 2 credits
Business today is truly internationalized and liberalized as well as globalized. Students with business
major have to have a basic understanding of legal system other than their own. The goal of this course
is to provide students from the legal aspect of what they need to know if they what to successfully
conduct business internationally. The international laws and regulations relating to the following
subjects will be discussed:
Procedure of import and export, UN Sales Convention & International Contract, INCOTERMS-2000,
Transnational contract traps and management, the discrepancy of Letter of Credit: UCP (600), Bill of
Negotiation, WTO Import relief in European and the USA, International negotiations, International
trade law , import relief mechanisms and anti-dumping measures, Intellectual Property Right US patent
litigation and offensive and defensive strategies, the economic law of the People’s Republic of China,
Arbitration and Litigation.

A25374         International Trade Theory and Policy (II)
3 hours, 3 credits
This course is the second part of a series of two semester courses in international trade and policy.
Topics are included: Tariffs / Effective Rate of Protection, Non-Tariff Barriers,
Arguments for Protection, Developing Countries, Subsidies, and regional trade agreements.
Prerequisites:The score of International Trade Theory and Policy (I) should meet the requirement of 40
points (and above). Scoring:Home Work(30%)           、Midterm Examination (25%)   、Final Examination
(35%)    、Attendance(10%)

This course is the second part of a series of two semester courses in international trade and policy. In
the beginning of the course, we discuss recent trade theory subjects, such as economic growth and
International trade, and international factor movement. Later in the course, topics are devoted to trade
policy. We first discuss the various instruments of trade policy. We then explore the impacts of the
instruments. The discussions continue on arguments for protection, and the issues on strategic
approaches to trade policy intervention. We further study on subjects of political economy, and
economic Integration. The course ends at a discussion on the developing countries.

A25379        Business Letter Writing (II)
2 hours, 2 credits
Required , teaching in English
Continued Business English Writing deepens into the practice of writing business related texts, which
include documentary letters and more special company correspondence, such as letter of credit,
shipping documents or general business communication. Students may thereby become familiar with
company-customer relationships and the documentation of foreign trade processes, which today is
strongly required especially for activities in international trade business.

A25381          Seminar(I)
2 hours, 2 credits
1. This is a group (2 to 5 students) study course, and each group will be instructed by one advisor.
2. A special topic (theoretical or practical subject) will be done in 2 consecutive
   semester. It includes: Proposal writing and presentation (in 1st semester), and Final report writing
and presentation (in 2nd semester)
3. Prerequisite courses: none.
                                                                      International Business
A25533        Investment
3 hours, 3 credits
The syllabus is as follows:Foundations of Investments、Introduction to Stock Market、 Stock Price
Indexes、Rate of Returns and Risk、Stock Portfolio、Efficient Market Hypothesis、Fundamental
Analysis、Technical Analysis.
This course is conducted by lecture and discussion. Students will learn about various concepts of
investment and the real-world application.

A25389         Information Application of International Economy
3 hours, 3 credits
This course provides students with an application of the intelligence system which must be learned on
the last semester.

A25459 Development and Management of Intellectual Property Rights
2 hours, 2 credits
Intellectual property management has become intertwined with global economic growth, while dealing
with politics, economics and effects on globalization. The Trips Agreement of WTO regulates many
rules and regulations for trade negotiations, contentions, rationales and economic or cultural effects of
global intellectual propitiation. Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) provides rules of convenience and
harmony for international patent classification. The characterization of intellectual property rights is
essential to promote multi-business enterprise’s niche. This course is divided into the following areas:
domain name, trade name, trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, and integrated circuit.

A25369        International Entry Strategies
3 hours, 3 credits
Through this course, students will learn about how the company managers to pursue international
market opportunities, and why they want to do so. Students also can realize how importance for the
decision making in the global market.

A2537100         Economics Forecasting and Analysis
3 hours, 3 credits
This course provides students with an introduction to the study of statistical concepts and methods. The
techniques are introduced through examples, showing how statistics has helped solve and forecast
major problems in economics and business. The topics of the course are introduced including
Probability, Sampling Distribution and Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, Correlation and Regression,
Time-Series and its application. Students should learn not only as a text for a course on statistical
techniques but also as supplementary learning in such courses as economics and business.

A25330       Basic Business Japanese(II)
2 hours, 2 credits
This course is aimed to develop Japanese language as students’ second language capability to deal with
their competence. Students also can learn about the Japanese culture and business etiquette through this
                                                                     International Business
A25262        International Finance Management
3 hours, 3 credits
The syllabus is as follows:Foundations of International of Financial Management、The Market for
Foreign Exchange、   International Parity Relationships and Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates、Futures
and Options on Foreign Exchange、Currency and Interest Rate Swaps、Management of Economic
Exposure、Management of Transaction Exposure、Management of Translation Exposure、Multinational
Cash Management、International Capital Budgeting.
This course is conducted by lecture and discussion. Students will learn about various concepts of
international financial management and the real-world application.

A25485      E-marketing
3 hours, 3 credits
This course introduces the concepts, vocabulary, and practices associated with e-marketing. Topics
include study of Internet users behaviors, 4Ps on internet, Marketing knowledge management,
customer relation management, and policies and legal issues. The goal of this introductory course is to
provide students with a broad overview of all aspects of e-marketing so that they may determine areas
of specialization and establish a solid basis for further learning.
                                                                       International Business

A 25432        Int'l Finance(II)
2 hours, 2 credits
This course provides students with an introduction to the study of open macroeconomics theory. The
topics of the course are introduced including The Balance of Payments: The IS-LM-BP Model,
Economic Policy with Fixed and Floating Exchange Rates, The Price Level, Real Output and
Economic Policymaking. Furthermore, the famous propositions of Fleming and Mundell will be
introduced in this course.

A25382         Competitive of Nations
3 hours, 3 credits
This course provides students to report on the competitiveness of nations, in comparison with Taiwan.
There are four segments, including economic performance, government efficiency, business efficiency
and infrastructure, based on "The World Competitiveness Yearbook" published by The IMD World
Competitiveness Center.

A25386         International Tourism Markets
3 hours, 3 credits
Elective , teaching in English
The course introduces into the field of diversified international tourism markets, which today take a
leading position in the national revenues of most countries. The learning about instruments and
organizations of tourism business, customer markets, behavior and demands, is paralleled by the
knowledge about the major tourist destinations and their relating geographical, historical and cultural
backgrounds. These cover the most targeted and strongly differing countries and regions in Europe, the
Americas, the Asia-Pacific and Africa. The profound knowledge of tourism and relating markets opens
the way for a variety of job possibilities in the service sector.

A25454        Practical Training of International Trade
2hours, 2 credits
This course focuses on practical training of international trade. The students are required to practice the
following trade procedure, including calculating the prices and the measurements of the merchandises
traded, making quotation, purchase order, proforma invoice, shipping order, invoice, packing list, bill
of exchange, and other documents that a buyer may require.

A25460       Business English Reading
2hours, 2 credits
ach week will choose one or two business articles covering finance (including international finance),
commercial, trading, manufacturing, corporate integrations, and logistics. Students will be given
assignment for the following week's reading and are expected to prepare for the classes.

A25414      Forum of Chinese Economy
3hours, 3 credits
This course provides students with an insight into the economy in China. Every student is assigned to
read and report one master thesis, which has been done by some postgraduate student in Taiwan. This
forum may cover various fields, including economy, society, and polity.
                                                                      International Business
A25489     The introduction of Stock Options
3hours, 3 credits
Stock Option is one of derivatives investment instruments. Only a few people understand its true
meaning of stock options. Nowadays, option strategies can influence normal market movement. So,
knowing option strategies become an important subject to business school students.

Options are financial instruments that convey the right, but not the obligation, to engage in a future
transaction on some underlying security

A2553700       International Service Management
2 hours, 2 credits
This course provides a framework of service activities that integrate marketing, operations, and human
behaviors as central to effective service management. In addition, the combination of text, short cases,
and readings make this course suitable for helping each student become a good service manager.

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