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					Minutes of HAP Meeting – Thursday 16 September
Present:    Dave Thompson (DT) – CfL
            Lucy Atkinson (LA) – Hull Training
            Jade Woodfield (JW) – Hull Business Training Centre

1.      Apologies                                                                Action

        Luke Jackson (LJ) – North Lindsey
        Matthew Mackevych (MM) - HETA

2.      Minutes of last meeting

        Agreed as a true record.

3.      Panel Update

        DT updated the panel on the latest developments with the minimum
        contract values and other changes behind the senses. DT updated the
        members on other mechanisms including the final meeting of the
        Yorkshire and Humber Regional Learner Panel and the learner voice
        accreditation. DT added JW would be able to complete this remotely.

        LA stated she is looking at amending the HAP website again, in
        addition JW advised that she was working on updating the HAP poster
        as the HAP TxT number had been changed.

4.      Promoting HAP to Providers

        DT explained the main purpose of the meeting is to discuss how to
        promote HAP to Apprenticeship providers and the panel need to identify
        the benefits to providers.

        What are the benefits to Apprenticeship providers to be involved with
           Improves learner involvement strategy – helps providers improve
             their strategies
           Recognition for Learner Achievements – as many HAP members
             have achieved awards for learner involvement activities
           OFSTED a keen supporter of HAP
           Learners who feel involved in their learning will be more
             enthusiastic and will work harder / do better
           Can be involved in promotional activities and so help to recruit
             new Apprentices to providers
           Free Marketing to Apprentices, Employers, Family & Friends,
             even government / Adds value to name of provider

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               Increases pride in the learner within a provider – increases
                retention, participation, progression, achievement, motivation,
                self esteem confidence, debating skills for learners, group and
                individual attributes.
               Assists the Apprenticeship Provider with self improvement!
                Receiving feedback from learners and find out what works / what
                doesn’t – but this can only work if providers encourage
                apprentices to utilise the on-line forum and facebook “like” page.
               Improves Apprenticeship scheme overall
               Improves relationships between educators and peers
               Empowers learners

        DT circulated the “Voicing Concerns” article which was published in the
        NASUWT newsletter. DT explained this article was teachers voicing
        concerns about learner voice. DT stated it would be HAP to utilise this
        article to tease out some of the myths attached to learner voice.

            1. Student voice activities should not be a means by which the
               interests of specific groups of adults within the school are
               advanced inappropriately.

               HAP gives an impartial opinion with unbiased facilitation.
               HAP only have the best interests of the Apprentice as a priority
               Not a lobbying body / Not working for any one organisation
               Learners are the only group of people who actually know the real
                effect of policy changes or course changes – without their
                feedback the policy makers will never know the true effect.
               Involving learners gives them a start for life to be useful citizens
                in the future when working

            2. Policies and practices on student voice must consider
               effectively the capacity of pupils to participate in particular
               activities and the extent to which they can reasonably be
               held to account for the results of their actions.

               Again, without learner voice – how do you know the
                effectiveness of change?
               Stereotypes breed stereotypical people.
               HAP members are trained and taught how to give a valid opinion
                in an effective manner.
               HAP members are enthusiastic to help.
               HAP are not expecting to be the voice but instead give the
                Apprentice the opportunity to give input for consideration.

            3. Student voice activities and policies must be consistent
               with and support work to promote equality and diversity and
               tackle discrimination and prejudice

               HAP aim to reach all different Apprentices regardless to ability,
                occupational area, age, gender, religion etc. These are outlined

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                in the HAP Members Pack
               Give Apprentices a way to keep in touch and communicate and
                be consulted whilst being isolated in the workplace

            4. Approaches to student voice must be inclusive and give all
               pupils an opportunity to participate

               No one is turned away from HAP
               HAP offers multiple ways Apprentices can voice their opinions,
                from the physical panel, to facebook, to the virtual panel through
                the HAP website, HAP TxTs and many more

            5. Student voice activities must not compromise other
               fundamental rights of children and young people or the
               legitimate rights and responsibilities of teachers and head

               Learner Involvement improves relationships between learners
                and peers.
               If assessors aren’t developing Apprentices, misunderstanding
                job roles, responsibilities within an organisation then this needs
                feeding back. However it isn’t solely about Apprentices only
                feeding back negatives, it’s about feedback the positives, sharing
                good practices and methods.

            6. Student Voice activities must not add to teachers and head
               teachers workload or school-level bureaucratic burdens

               Learner voice decreases workload by making the changes right
                first time
               All Apprenticeship providers need to do is promote the panel and
                its services. Providers embedding learner voice into their signing
                up procedures can simply give the Apprentice the HAP Users
                Guide, HAP Awareness Workshops are still being ran, HAP
                facilitator will undertake this interactive session leaving teaching
                staff with any burdens.

        HAP members also discussed the different types of technologies the
        panel utilise. Members agreed that providers may not promote these
        technologies as they are “unknown” resources. HAP set out a number
        of key benefits of utilising such resources:

               Free marketing
               Easily accessible
               Keeping with the times
               Accessible source
               Reaches everyone one way or another
               Popularity
               Communication
               Share Photos, discussions, links

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               Easy to lean and to use
               Can help to promote learning providers
               Cheap and Viable
               Green
               To cut out feelings of isolation in the workplace and the majority
                of the Apprentices aren’t with large organisations with many
               Gives everyone an equal say

        HAP members finally discussed what we require Apprenticeship
        providers to do to ensure all Apprentices are fully aware of HAP and
        how they can have their say:

               Display our materials
               Word of mouth – via induction
               Signpost Apprentices to the website
               Ask us for our opinion
               Let us do Awareness Workshops
               Forward our e-mail to Apprentices
               Utilise HAP in Learner Involvement Strategies
               Encourage all Apprentices (regardless to ability)
               Put us in your newsletters / website

        DT stated these points will be drafted up into an e-mail to be circulated
        to all Apprenticeship Providers across the Humber sub-region, attached
        to this e-mail would be an interactive “flash” e-mail for Providers to
        forward onto all Apprentices. DT explained this would co-inside with the
        release of posters to providers in addition the release of the 24:7
        Magazine articles. DT added that HAP couldn’t afford to get the HAP
        Users Guide printed however this document would be circulated to
        providers and be available as a download from the HAP website once
        the draft had been approved.

        DT suggested all HAP members attend the Advanced Apprenticeship
        Graduation Ceremony to promote the benefits of learner voice and HAP
        directly to employers and Apprenticeship providers. HAP members
        agreed this was a fantastic idea and would raise the profile of the panel
        with achieving Apprentices who could spread the word to existing

5.      Any Other Business

        LA stated that HAP should have a night out to celebrate all the hard
        work they have done over the last three years, as both the Yorkshire
        and Humber Regional Learner Panel and the National Learner Panel’s
        have gone it’s would be great to celebrate the fact we are the only
        learner voice mechanism solely for Apprentices still in existence. DT
        agreed, and stated that we could all go out after the Advanced
        Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony. DT to circulate an e-mail to all
        HAP members new and old to invite them to the night out.

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Date and time of next meeting: 4th November 2010 – 5:30pm – 7pm

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