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					Minutes of HAP Meeting – 18/03/2009 at the Consortium for
Learning, Hessle

                   Luke Jackson (LJ) – Corus, Lucy Atkinson (LA) – Hull ITEC and
Present:           Dave Thompson (DT) – CfL

1.      Apologies – Paula Kitchen (HYA Training) & Victoria Mercer
        (Hull ITEC)

2.      Minute of Last Meeting – Confirmed as a true record

3.      Matters Arising –

        LA NUS Discount Follow up – LA stated that Beth from NUS
        wasn’t at the last NLP Meeting, however LA to take forward to LA
        next NLP Meeting on the 20/03/09.

        February Newsletter – DT stated that the newsletter had been
        circulated to WBL Providers and stake holders.

        WIKI – LA stated she had investigated WIKI however it scans the DT
        net to see if the information is plagiarism. DT states he will write a
        new piece to be uploaded onto WIKI.

4.      BECTA Research Questions – DT stated that Wing Yin Chan
        (BECTA and NUS) had been in touch and has offered to feature
        HAP her latest Blog and Newsletter article for BECTA. DT ran
        though the questions set by Wing, which will be feedback. DT
        also stated that Wing would chase up HAP NUS discount query
        with her NUS colleagues.

5.      Ofsted – Learner Seminar – LJ gave an overview of the latest
        Ofsted Learner Seminar on the 18/02/2009. Ofsted are still very
        keen to involve more Apprentices during and before inspection.
        DT added that he met with Kath Townsley (Ofsted) in Manchester
        on the 10/03/2009 to discuss setting up a forum to gather
        Apprentice feedback on providers during and before inspection.
        DT added that Ofsted would be sending through a letter of thanks
        to the panel.
        Gary Rae Meeting – Overview - On the 11/02/2009 DT met with
6.      Gary Rae and Coin Forrest to discuss HAP being involved in LSC
        Apprenticeship marketing. Gary confirmed that all future
        publications issued by LSC regarding Apprenticeship locally

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        would be passed through the panel first. Gary also mentioned the
        Sheffield Skills Event and invited HAP to partake in this year’s
        event (subject to funding). Gary also applauded CfL for attending
        last years event, stating we was the only stand that actually
        brought its own Apprentice case study, which had been stipulated
        before the event. DT also enquired could Gary help CfL and HAP
        promote the Advanced Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony,
        Gary stated that he would investigate with the Hull Daily Mail
        doing a supplement to promote Apprenticeships around the same
        day as the ceremony. DT advised Gary he would inform him as
        soon as the date was arranged for this year’s event. Gary added
        he would also promote the event in the LSC newsletter. Gary also
        invited HAP to the COLas Award in Harrogate on the 21 May’09.

7.      LSIS Star Awards – DT explained the LSIS Star Awards and
        stated he had nominated HAP for an Award. DT also mentioned
        the LSIS 14-19 Learner Panel, which didn’t state Apprentices! LA LA
        to feedback to LSIS at NLP on the 20/03/2009

        Apprenticeship Awards – DT stated that himself, LA and VM
8.      had applied for the Awards.
        Student Discount Books – DT stated he has established a link
9.      with Student Discount Books.com this site offers students
        discount from high street stores to food chains. DT recently had a
        conversation with Shirley Page at Student Discount Book who
        stated that she was more than happy to extend the discount to
        Apprentices within the sub-region. However the only problem is
        that Apprentices would need to prove they are an Apprentice.
        Shirley stated that Colleges that aren’t affiliated with NUS receive
        the discount and to do this student just produce some form of
        Student ID, DT stated that Apprentices don’t have any ID cards
        proving they are an Apprentice. Shirley stated that these could be
        easily created via another website at a cost of £1 per Apprentice
        – which colleges normally charge the student for the card. LJ and
        LA both stated this was a great idea and something to investigate
        further. LJ stated that this is exactly what HAP requires to boost
        numbers on the panel and forum as this offers an incentive. LA
        stated that studentbean.co.uk is also an interesting website that
        should be investigated further.

10.     HAP Awareness Workshops – DT gave an overview of the HAP
        Awareness Workshop and all members agreed this workshop
        would hopefully get more Apprentices involved in the panel and
        forum. DT states that the workshops will commence from the 1st
        week in April however only one provider is booked into date.
        Prospect Training, Myton Street, Hull on the 14/04/2009 at
11.     NLP / RLP Update – DT gave a brief overview of the RLP, DT
        added that RLP can developed a action plan for this year.

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        Including a meeting with Connexion lead for Yorkshire and
        Humber. LA gave overview of the latest developments on the
        NLP including the NAS Steering Group.

12.     Planning for LSC National Office Visit – DT stated that the
        HAP and RLP have been invited to attend the National LSC
        Office in Coventry on the 20/03/2009. The agenda includes an
        overview of NAS by National Apprenticeship Director Helen
        France, Learner Involvement Strategy by Neil Shaw and Skills
        Accounts. DT stated that no members where available to attend
        as VM, PK and LJ had given apologies. LA stated she was in
        Birmingham for an NLP Meeting and would attend the morning
13.     Membership Pack – DT stated that he was in the middle of
        developing a membership pack to show the roles and
        responsibilities for all members, including Chair, Vice-Chair,
        Facilitator and normal members. DT circulated a draft copy to
        members, LA and LJ agreed this pack would give HAP more
14.     AOB – n/a

The next HAP Meeting will be on Thursday 14/05/2009 at CfL – from 4:30pm to 7:30pm –
however HAP members will be needed for the HAP Awareness Workshop in early

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