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					                               Paul M. Reagan, Ph.D., C.C.P.
                                      Senior Lecturer
                                               V I T A 2005

CONTACT INFORMATION      Department of Management, Wayne State University
                         5201 Cass Ave. 328 Prentis Building
                         Detroit MI 48202
                         office telephone: (313) 577 4515

 Ph.D.                   Ph.D. in Labor and Industrial Relations, Michigan State University. Cognate areas:
                         Personnel Management and Industrial Organizational Psychology. Completed:
                         December 1986. Dissertation title: "Factors Influencing the Perceived Importance of
                         Pay Reference Groups in a Unionized Hospital Setting".

 M.L.I.R                 Masters of Labor and Industrial Relations, Michigan State University, September 1982.

 M.S.                    Masters of Science with an emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Georgia
                         Institute of Technology, March 1981. Thesis title: "Physical Attractiveness and its
                         Effects on the Selection Interview".

 B.A.                    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, emphasis in Human Factors Design, New Mexico State
                         University, 1976.

 C.C.P.                  Certified Compensation Professional, WorldatWork (formerly the American
                         Compensation Association), 1991.

Wayne State University   Senior Lecturer, Spring 1999 to present
School of Business
Department of
                         Courses taught:

                                  MGT 7630 Organization Development
                                  MGT 7640 Human Resources Management
                                  MGT 7650 Strategic Human Resources Management
                                  MGT 7790 Compensation and Benefits Administration
                                  MGT 8015 Strategic Leadership

                         Two courses taught each semester. Two courses taught each Summer.
WorldatWork Academic     Certification Course Instructor, Spring 2001 to present:
Partnership / Central
Michigan University               T1 Total Rewards Management
                                  T12 Outsourcing to HR Service Providers
                                  T6 Mergers and Acquisitions: Benefits, Compensation and Other HR Issues
                                  C1 Regulatory Environments for Compensation Programs
                                  C2 Job Analysis, Design, Documentation and Evaluation
                                  C4 Base Pay Management
                                  C11 Performance Management – Strategy, Design and Implementation
                                  C12 Variable Pay – Incentives, Recognition, Rewards
                        Co founded the Academic Partnership with the WorldatWork in association with the College
                        of Extended Learning, Non degree Programs in 2001 to provide human resources
                        professionals improved access to Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) designation
                        by the WorldatWork (formerly the American Compensation Association).

Central Michigan        Part Time Faculty Member, Fall 1983 to Spring 1999:
College of Extended     Courses Taught (all courses in Master of Science in Administration degree program):
                                MGT 645 Wage & Salary Administration
                                MSA 649 Organization Development
                                MSA 620 Organizational Behavior and Administrative Effectiveness
                                MGT 647 Employee Selection and Appraisal
                                MGT 623 Collective Bargaining and Labor Law
                                MSA 610 Human Resources Administration

                        Taught four – five graduate (3 credit hour) courses annually.
Seminars / Conference   WorldatWork, Annual Conference. "Determinants of High Performance
Presentations           Organizations". Boston, April 2004.

                        International Public Personnel Management Association - Michigan Chapter: "A Fresh
                        Look at Public Sector Compensation". May 2003.

                        Institute for Organizational and Industrial Competitiveness. Moderator: "Turning
                        Around Troubled Businesses". Wayne State University. April 2003

                        American Society of Employers, Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Hospital
                        Association. Various dates recurring from 1994 to 2002. Topics:

                                Performance-Based Pay Systems
                                Designing Group & Team Incentive Plans
                                Designing Performance Appraisal Programs
                                Wage and Salary Programs

                        International Foundation of Employee Benefits, "Organizational Transformation and
                        Competencies". Annual Conference, March 1995, San Francisco.

Lecturer                Rewards Management, Michigan State University, School of Labor & Industrial
                        Relations, Winter 2004.

                        Performance Appraisal Session, Graduate Student Conference on Organizational
                        Behavior, Michigan State University. Reviewed submitted papers and moderated
                        session. July 1982.

                        "Potential Conflicts Between the Uniform Guidelines and the Selection of Personnel,"
                        Presentation to Master's-Level Equal Employment Law class, School of Labor and
                        Industrial Relations, Michigan State University, June 1981.

Research                Designing employee skill and job requirements to align with process-based forms of
                        organization. This work is a significant departure from traditional organizational
                        hierarchies and conventional career pathing notions.

                        National Survey of Strategic Executive Compensation In Health Care: Multi Facility
                        Systems and Large Hospitals.

                        The effectiveness of group / organization-wide incentive systems in health care
                        organizations; examination of reward program "fit" with a variety of quality management
Professional Development    Audited professional certification courses conducted by the WorldatWork:
                                   C1 Regulatory Environments for Compensation Programs
                                   C2 Job Analysis, Design, Documentation and Evaluation
                                   C4 Base Pay Management
                                   C11 Performance Management – Strategy, Design and Implementation
                                   C12 Variable Pay – Incentives, Recognition, Rewards
                                   T1 Total Rewards Management
                                   T6 Mergers and Acquisitions: Benefits, Compensation and Other HR Issues
                                   T12 Outsourcing to HR Service Providers

                            Attended training in the use of organization process mapping methods and software.
                            June 1999, Case-Wise Systems, Waltham Mass.

Publications and Paper      Reagan, P.M. Transform Organizations Using Programmed Competency
Presentations               Development. Journal of Compensation and Benefits, March / April, 1994, pp. 27-35.

                            Organizational Transformation Through Human Competency Development. Annual
                            Conference, International Foundation of Employee Benefits. Summer 1995.

                            The Employee Selection Process: Common Errors and Their Avoidance. Georgia
                            Psychological Association. Atlanta, Georgia. May 5, 1979.

Professional Associations   WorldatWork (formerly the American Compensation Association). Instructor and
                            Member, 1985 to present.

                            Michigan-Ontario Compensation Association. President, 1996 - 1997

                            Developed the Professional Education Series: Base Pay I; Base Pay II training
                            programs for compensation professionals offered by the Michigan Ontario
                            Compensation Association.

Teaching Interests          human resources strategy and management
                            organizational development and change
                            performance management and planning
                            compensation and incentive systems

CONSULTING                  Dorey, Reagan & Associates - Principal Oct. 1991 to Present. Example engagements

                                   Performance Management & Executive Coaching: Volkswagen USA, 2004.

                                   Designed salary management, career pathing (skill-based) and performance
                                   management systems: Lansing Board of Water & Light. June 1999 to present.

                                   Design and Implementation of Salary Management System; Loudoun County,
                                   Virginia Summer 2002.

                                   Redesigned the salary management system: City of Houston Texas. Summer
                                   1999 to present.

                                   Redesigned the salary management system: City of Solon, Ohio. Fall 1999.

                                   Designed the salary management system: SEMCO Energy. Summer 1998
                              Designed the executive compensation system and goal setting process: Port
                              Huron Hospital. Fall 1998.

                      Ernst & Young - Manager Compensation and Human Resources Consulting Sept. 1989
                      to Oct. 1991.

                      Coopers & Lybrand - Supervising Consultant Feb. 1989- Sept. 1989

                      Hoffmann Associates - Senior Consultant Dec. 1986 - Jan. 1989

                      (completion of Ph.D. 85-86)

                      Towers Perrin - Associate Sept. 1984 - Sept. 1985

Academic References   Dr. Daniel H. Kruger
                      Professor of Industrial Relations (retired)
                      School of Labor and Industrial Relations
                      Michigan State University
                      East Lansing, Michigan 48824
                      (517) 353-7231

                      Dr. Yitzhak Fried
                      Professor of Management
                      School of Business, Dept of Management
                      Wayne State University
                      5201Cass Ave, 328 Prentis Hall
                      Detroit, Michigan 48202-3930
                      (313) 577-4509

                      Dr. Thomas H. Patten, Jr.
                      Professor of Management
                      School of Business
                      California Polytechnic Institute
                      Pomona, California 91711
                      (714) 598-0447

                      Dr. William P. McDermott
                      Assistant Dean
                      Central Michigan University
                      College of Extended Learning
                      755 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 222
                      Troy, Michigan 48084
                      (248) 244-1220 ext. 203

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