Physician Compensation for Outside Professional Income

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					                             UW Department of Family Medicine
        Physician Compensation for Outside Professional Income
                                         Effective 7/1/07

                Approved by DFM Compensation Committee on May 9, 2007

This policy applies to physicians in the Department of Family Medicine, whose primary
employment is with the department.

Outline physician compensation for outside professional income.

The department has a physician compensation plan which has productivity benchmarks for
clinical time. Physicians receive credit for professional patient care income generated through
the UW Medical Foundation’s patient billing system. Professional income is also generated
outside of the patient billing system for medical director services, medical-legal expert witness
consultation, overnight call/supervision and other professional services.

The UWMF/UW Board of Regents agreement imposes the following regulation:

 A)    Each Medical School Faculty member of the clinical departments, as a condition of
       his/her University employment, will be required to contractually commit certain income
       to the Foundation. The professional income required to be included in Foundation
       receipts consists of all collected fees derived from the diagnosis and treatment of
       patients by the Faculty member. Professional income shall also include fees for court
       appearances, pretrial legal consultations, all other activities associated with medical-
       legal services and other services related to patient care or human health. In addition,
       professional services include consultation with respect to the operation, supervision and
       quality control in laboratories.

 B)    Professional income does not include honoraria, royalties, lecture fees, military pay, or
       payments for editing scientific publications. Income received for consultations of a
       purely scientific or educational nature which do not involve, directly or indirectly, the
       care of specific patients or consultations involving human health are excluded from
       professional income. Work for charitable organizations may also be exempted by
       agreement of the Foundation and the Dean. All such outside activities must conform to
       Medical School and UW-Madison rules and regulations governing the conduct of Faculty
       and academic staff employees. Because human health is a broad term, the Foundation
       Board of Directors or a designated subcommittee therof may grant exceptions as

The University requires faculty to file an annual report of reportable net compensation for
outside activities in their field. Faculty members are not required to report compensation from
the following:
      Compensation from activities not related to their academic or professional work at the
      Salary or other compensation from the UW-Madison and affiliated entities
      Payments under grant or gift agreements between the sponsor and the UW-Madison or
       UW Foundation
      Book royalties
      Income from editorial work
      Royalties from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
      Income from seminars, lectures, occasional teaching engagements, grant or project
       review panels, or study sections sponsored by universities, other public institutions or
       professional societies
      Honoraria under $5,000 for participating in surveys or focus groups

DFM Physician Compensation Plan Policy:
For activities that generate outside income not defined as professional, as described in item B in
the Background section, faculty members must perform the activity during personal time. This
may include leave time for which available paid time off balances are used. Faculty members
may receive income directly from Immediate Care or other departments of UW Health for work
done outside the scope of their family medicine appointment.
For activities that generate outside income defined as professional, as described in item A in the
Background section, the income must be turned over to the department. The effect of this
activity on the faculty member’s compensation will vary for different activities as follows:
   1       Medical directorships and daytime clinical care, supervision, or administration will be
           assigned a number of weekly half-days, and paid at the standard half-day rate under
           the department’s physician compensation plan.
   2       Night-time activities such as call, supervision, patient care, or administration that are
           not part of the faculty member’s job description and are not performed during normal
           working hours must be turned over the department. The income received, less
           UWMF assessments, will be paid to the faculty member generating the income. This
           will be in addition to compensation paid under the departments Physician
           Compensation Plan. One example of this is night and weekend call for a hospice.
   3       Medical-legal depositions and consultations will be paid separately from the
           department’s physician compensation plan. The income collected, net of UWMF
           assessments, will be paid to the faculty member.
Notification Requirements:
Activities must be approved in advance by the appropriate medical director. The faculty member
is to contact the department’s Director of Financial Services regarding contracts and billing
arrangements. Appropriate UW Health legal counsel must sign off on contracts before work

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