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                                  POSITION DESCRIPTION


Position Title:                     Manager, Planning

Reports to:                         Director, Planning and Delivery

Location:                           State Office, 35 Bridge Street, Sydney

Directorate:                        Asset Management

Date:                               August 2010


Lead the development of business plans, strategic projects and initiatives that
assist the Asset Management Directorate to determine, meet and monitor its
strategic planning priorities in the regions.

Develop comprehensive plans and programs, both short and long-term for the
development, growth and revitalisation of NSW DET facilities that support and
enhance the value of the educational programs.

Provide high level strategic advice and recommendations on all aspects of the
planning process to meet governmental statutory planning legislation.


                                   Director Planning
                                           & Delivery

                        Manager                                 Manager
                          Planning                               Delivery

Manager, Planning                                                                               Page 1

The Department of Education and Training is an innovative organisation
focused on provision of service to the community through the delivery of
quality education and training.

It is the role of senior staff in the Department to lead the development of an
organisational culture which is focused on the work of staff in schools and
TAFE Institutes. Senior staff serve and support students, staff and the
community; promote the development of key relationships and values; and
work collaboratively with interest groups. They also value team work, problem
solving and strategic issues management; and promote the significant role of
education and training for the social and economic future of NSW.

More than 1.5 million students (in schools, TAFE and ACE) in NSW benefit
from the services of the Department of Education and Training. To achieve
this, the Department has a recurrent budget of over eleven billion dollars and
a workforce of over 96,000 FTE. Its size and capacity for coordination provide
opportunities to integrate the provision of education and training in ways that
had not been possible traditionally.

The challenges and opportunities facing the Department are immediate and
significant. Success depends on providing quality support to teachers in
schools, TAFE Institutes, communities and industries; ensuring that high
quality learning and teaching are everyone’s central focus; providing students
with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values for productive and
rewarding lives; and providing vocational education and training of the highest
quality. This ongoing focus is needed to meet the needs and aspirations of the
community and industry, and to implement government initiatives in the
provision of educational technology.

The Department of Education and Training will meet these challenges and
opportunities by strengthening its focus on support for teaching and learning;
leading the growth of the market position of public schools; ensuring
accountability to the Government and community; and implementing an ethos
of customer service throughout the Department. The Department is committed
to promoting public schools and TAFE and the teachers who work in them;
and creating harmonious and productive relations with the teaching profession
(and those who represent its members), the community and industry.

Rapidly changing information and communications technology provides
further opportunities for the Department of Education and Training to apply
and adapt work practices to e-business, online curriculum, flexible delivery of
services and products, and strategic use of executive information to inform
corporate and educational decisions.

Provision of high quality public education and training requires the concerted
effort of every senior officer of the Department. These efforts require close
alignment of policy and support through the Department’s directorates and
portfolios with the needs of schools and TAFE Institutes.

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The staffing environment of the Department of Education and Training is
diverse and complex. Staff are employed under a number of Acts of
Parliament, with the majority being covered by the Teaching Service Act 1980
and the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 2002 (this includes
staff employed under Chapter 1A of the Public Sector Employment and
Management Act 2002 in the Department of Education and Training, or the
TAFE Commission Division, to enable the TAFE Commission to exercise its
functions). Every senior officer of the Department will ensure that all staff,
regardless of the awards governing their employment, are committed to the
corporate priorities.

The Deputy Director–General, Finance and Infrastructure manages the critical
corporate services functions undertaken by the Asset Management
Directorate; Finance and Administration Directorate; Information Technology;
and the Procurement task group.

Asset Management Directorate manages the property assets of the
Department through the construction and maintenance of schools and TAFE
campuses to a standard which supports learning and teaching.


Relationship                    Dimension
Service Provider                Deliver on promises to the educational community.
Advisor                         Position holder provides fearless advice based on
                                research and expert analysis to the leadership of
                                TAFE and Schools on Capital projects and on
                                consultation methodology.
Leader                          Position holder provides leadership to own work
                                team and leads multi disciplinary projects within
                                Asset Management and across DET portfolios as
                                Leading the cultural development of the newly
                                formed work group
Manager of                      With contractors and service providers
Supervisor and                  To work unit, and projects under the position holders
supporter                       leadership.
Mentor                          On request from other staff in Asset Management.

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Immediate Team


              12 Regional
                                                           Statutory Planner
           Assets Planners


In consultation with the Director, Planning and Delivery and within the
framework of the Department’s corporate mission, central agency
requirements and statutory obligations, the Manager, Planning is responsible
for leading the development of business plans, strategic projects and
initiatives that assist the Asset Management Directorate in determining,
meeting and monitoring its strategic planning priorities in the regions.

The Manager, Planning provides leadership and direction in key aspects of
the Asset Management Directorate.


Asset Management is accountable to deliver a range of products and services
within defined timeframes in a commercial environment with limited resources.

It must:

      Develop and Implement the Department’s Asset Management strategies.

      Plan and manage the NSW DET construction, major works and strategic
       projects program to meet the Government’s statutory legislation and

      Manage the NSW DET regional planning processes in consultation with
       regional directors.

      Coordinate and advise Regional Asset Management Units in capital and
       infrastructure project and program management, and associated

Manager, Planning                                                                               Page 4
      Develop, implement and maintain facilities standards and frameworks.

      Provide a range of corporate business systems to the Department for the
       management of Assets.

      Manage the ongoing implementation of government policies, and
       develop and implement the DET Asset Management Strategy including
       statutory requirements for the development and implementation of
       Departmental major and minor capital works projects.


Staffing                               Budget
Reporting directly: 13                 Management of
Reporting indirectly: 0                Strategic Planning for
Total: 13                              $27B asset base with
                                       $575m capital and
As required:                           $420m recurrent
Specialists                            programs.
                                       Operating: $2m.


      Initiate and drive the development of planning policies to enable Asset
       management Directorate to make the best use of appropriate industry,
       community and government partnerships and funding and support
       strategies to further its objectives.
      Determine characteristics of asset base: location, configuration,
      Conduct comparison between characteristics and educational
       requirements of all assets.
      Model scenarios to best meet educational requirements and lifecycle
       standards employing lifecycle cost planning.
      Develop operational plans, business plans, and services plans and
       programs to meet the maintenance, major works, minor works, disposals
       and acquisition of assets.
      Plan, set and monitor priorities to address emerging issues for asset
       management and future planning initiatives.
      Establish work programs; planning and setting priorities; developing and
       implementing appropriate communication systems.
      Develop options for alternative long-term funding strategies.
      Oversee the directorate’s budget, including coordinating budget
       allocation and monitoring, ensuring effective financial management
       systems are in place and that there is compliance with financial
       management protocols.
      Monitor expenditure and provide advice to senior management regarding
       financial performance against plans and priorities.

Manager, Planning                                                                               Page 5
      Facilitate the development of appropriate processes and strategies in the
       early stages of capital planning to respond to DET reforms and
      Facilitate strategic planning through monitoring, reporting and
       recommending on plans and performance indicators; coordinating
       section contributions to business plans, reports, results and service
       plans and planning cycles.
      Provide high level strategic advice to Departmental Senior Officers and
       Minister on matters relating to services and capital planning.
      Develop suitable performance measures for the directorates work,
       measure and report on actual performance against these measures.
      Evaluate results and recommend policies, procedures, and action to
       achieve program goals.
      Develop and maintain cooperative and productive working relationships
       with key internal and external stakeholders to achieve strategic approach
       to all requests and the responsive provision of strategic advice and
      Lead and manage a team of professional planning staff to provide high
       quality planning services to the Asset Management Directorate.
      Contribute to continuous improvement in records management and the
       achievement of full compliance with State records legislative
       requirements, by promoting corporate records management policies,
       plans, procedures and practices, and developing and delivering effective
       local strategies for their implementation.
      Contribute to the development of an organisational culture which is
       focused on the work of staff in schools, colleges and other education and
       training facilities; exists to deliver services to and support students, staff
       and the community; promotes the development of key relationships and
       values and works collaboratively with interest groups; values team work,
       problem solving and strategic issues management; and promotes the
       significant role of education and training in the social and economic
       future of NSW.
      Demonstrate commitment to core NSW public sector values of cultural
       diversity, equity and ethical practice, and a healthy, safe and fair
       workplace; and lead staff in implementing these values.

Manager, Planning                                                                               Page 6

      Successful experience in the management of complex and significant
       funding programs, budgetary procedures, processes and protocols.

      Successful experience in effective leadership and management,
       strategic planning, performance reporting and financial management.

      Ability to develop and implement systems based on expert knowledge of
       best practice Government, asset and planning processes.

      Excellent analytical skills and demonstrated ability in strategic thinking,
       together with the ability to be innovative and creative within the
       constraints of Government policy.

      Successful experience in working with diverse stakeholders and
       providing processes for effective communication and issue

      High level written and oral communication skills, including demonstrated
       negotiation, liaison and influencing skills, and successful experience in
       management of multidisciplinary professional teams.

      Tertiary qualifications or equivalent experience in asset management,
       project management, business management or other related fields.

      Capacity to lead staff in implementing the Department’s Aboriginal
       education and training policies and to ensure quality outcomes for
       Aboriginal people.

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