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									                                    Federal Register / Vol. 66, No. 150 / Friday, August 3, 2001 / Notices                                              40727

     CA; PeerLogic, Inc., San Francisco, CA;                 Pleasanton, CA;, Aliso                      Telcordia Technologies, Piscataway, NJ; Inc., Fountain Valley,                   Viejo, CA; 3Com Corporation, Holmdel,                 Tequinox, A Div. of Mincom Limited,
     CA; PlaceWare, Inc., Mountain View,                     NJ; AboveNet Communications, Inc.,                    Stames Corner QL, Australia; Vscource,
     CA; Pointivity, Inc., San Diego, CA;                    San Jose, CA; Aegis Consulting, LLC,                  Ventura, CA; Workscape, Inc., Natick,
     Portal Software, Inc., Cupertino, CA;                   McLean, VA; Agilera (formerly CIBER                   MA; Wyzdom Solutions, Inc., San
     PSINet Consulting Solutions,                            Enterprise Outsourcing), Columbia, SC;                Francisco, CA; X-Collaboration Software
     Alpharetta, GA; Push, Santa Barbara,                    Allaire Corporation, Cambridge, MA;                   Corporation, Boston, MA;
     CA; QSP Inc., Raleigh, NC; Quad                         Apeldorn’s Communication &                  , Charlotte, NC;
     Research, Irvine, CA; Quest Software,                   Information Tech GmbH, Bad Homburg,                   Apptus, Inc., Reston, VA;
     Irvine, CA; Quintessent                                 Germany; Appliant, Inc., Seattle, WA;                 b2bsolutionsonline, Billingham,
     Communications, Inc., Redmond, WA;                      Arqana Technologies Inc., Mississauga,                Teeside, United Kingdom; Convergence,
     Rackspace Managed Hosting, San                          Ontario, Canada Aventail Corp, Seattle,               Inc., Tampa, FL; Eltrax Systems Inc.,
     Antonio, TX; Raymond James &                            WA; Avnet, Tempe, AZ; BCA it Ltd., S.                 Atlanta, GA; Foreshock, Inc., Irvine, CA;
     Associates, St. Petersburg, FL; REL–TEK                 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Blue Sky              IT Support Center, Inc., Dothan, AL;
     Systems & Design, Inc., Rockville, MD;                  Technology Services, Delray Beach, FL;                Korea Digital Line, Seoul, Republic of
     Resonate, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA;                          Cable & Wireless, Vienna, VA;                         Korea; L.I.M.S. (USA) Inc., Hollywood,
     Response Networks, Inc., Alexandria,                    ChoicePoint Tipton, PA; Clarus                        FL;, Fort Washington,
     VA; RHYTHMS NetConnections,                             Corporation, Suwanee, GA; Concentric                  PA; NBNTech Inc., Lanham, MD;
     Englewood, CO; Science Aplications                      Network, San Jose, CA; Concord                        Network Integration Solutions, Inc.,
     International Corp., San Diego, CA;                     Communications, Inc., Marlboro, MA;                   Seattle, WA; New Millennium Games,
     Securant Technologies, San Francisco,                   Conference Plus, Inc., Schaumberg, IL;                Reno, NV; Telcel Celular, C.A/T-Net,
     CA; Semeru Solutions, New York, NY;                     Data General, Westboro, MA; Data                      Los Palos Grandes, Caracas, Venezuela;
     SevenMountains Software, Inc., San                      Return Corporation, Irving, TX; eALITY,               Telstra Corporation, Melbourne,
     Mateo, CA; ShopTok, San Francisco,                      Inc., Foster City, CA; ebaseOne Corp.,                Victoria, Australia; and Veracicom,
     CA; Shoreline Communications,                           Houston, TX; Eggrock Partners, LLC,                   Seattle, WA have been dropped as
     Sunnyvale, CA; Sideware Systems Inc.,                   Concrod, MA; ELF Technologies, Inc.,                  parties to this venture.
                                                                                                                      No other changes have been made in
     North Vancouver, British Columbia,                      Issaquah, WA; Eltrax Systems Inc. (New
                                                                                                                   either the membership or planned
     Canada; SITA, Valbonne, France;                         Name Verso Technologies), Atlanta, GA;
                                                                                                                   activity of the group research project.
     SmartSynch, Inc., Jackson, MS; Softrax                  Envive Corporation, Mountain View,
                                                                                                                   Membership in this group research
     Corporation, Canton, MA; Solect                         CA; EPiCON, Inc., Chelmsford, MA;
                                                                                                                   project remains open, and Application
     Technology Group, Toronto, Ontario,                     Evalis AG, Koln, Germany; FirstSense,
                                                                                                                   Service Provider Industry Consortium,
     Canada; Spacedisk, Inc., Londonderry,                   Burlington, MA; GTE, Irving, TX;
                                                                                                                   Inc. intends to file additional written
     NH; Spirian Technologies, Inc., Chicago,                HotOffice Technologies, Inc., Boca
                                                                                                                   notification disclosing all changes in
     IL; SS & C Technologies, Windsor, CT;                   Raton, FL; Imagcom, Arlington Heights,
     Stratech Systems Limited, The Synergy,                  IL; InfoStream ASA, Oslo, Norway; IT                     On July 28, 1999, Application Service
     Singapore, Singapore; SunGard                           Support Center, Inc., Dothan, AL;                     Provider Industry Consortium, Inc. filed
     Computer Services Inc., Wayne, PA;                      ITNET, Birmingham, United Kingdom;                    its original notification pursuant to
     Switch & Data Facilities Company LLC,                   Jato Communications, Denver, CO;                      section 6(a) of the Act. The Department
     Tampa, FL; Symantec Corporation,                        JustOn, Palo Alto, CA;                                of Justice published a notice in the
     Cupertino, CA; Syntacom IT-Services           , Charlotte, NC;                   Federal Register pursuant to section
     Inc., Waltham, MA; TabWare Software,                    Logix Communications Corp.,                           6(b) of the Act on March 21, 2000 (65
     Greenville, SC; Technology Solutions                    Oklahoma City, OK; Managed Object                     FR 15174).
     Company, Chicago, IL; TeleCore, Inc.,                   Solutions, Inc., McLean, VA; Mentergy,                   The last notification was filed with
     Newport Beach, CA; Teleglobe                            Troy, NY; MUA Pty Ltd., Artarmon,                     the Department on February 2, 2001. A
     Communications, Reston, VA; Teleias,                    NSW, Australia; Multrix Group, N.V.,                  notice was published in the Federal
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada; TeleVideo,                    Amsterdam, The Netherlands; National                  Register pursuant to section 6(b) of the
     Inc., San Jose, CA; Texar (formerly                     Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA;                       Act on March 20, 2001 (66 FR 15757).
     Texar Software Corporation), Ottawa,                    NaviSite, Inc., Andover, MA; Netier
     Ontario, Canada; The TriZetto Group,                    Techologies, Inc., Carrollton, TX;                    Constance K. Robinson,
     Newport Beach, CA; The viaLink                          Netigy, San Jose, CA; Network                         Director of Operations, Antitrust Division.
     Company, Edmond, OK, Tie Solutions,                     Computing Devices, Mountain View,                     [FR Doc. 01–19395 Filed 8–2–01; 8:45 am]
     Inc., Newton, MA; Top Layer Networks,                   CA; NorthPoint Communications, San                    BILLING CODE 4410–11–M
     Westboro, MA; TriStrata, Inc., Redwood                  Francisco, CA; PBM Corp., Cleveland,
     Shores, CA; TRW, Reston, VA; US West                    OH; Pilot Network Services, Inc.,
     Denver, CO; Universal, Marlton, NJ;                     Alameda, CA; Pivotal Corporation,                     DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE
     Velocity Computer Solutions, Burnaby,                   Kirkland, WA; PreferSoft Solutions,
     British Columbia, Canada;                               Inc., Scotts Valley, CA; Princeton                    Antitrust Division, Denver, CO; VeriCenter,                    Financial Systems, Princeton, NJ;
                                                                                                                   Notice Pursuant to the National
     Inc., Stafford, TX; Verso Technologies,                 Professional Advantage, North Sydney,
                                                                                                                   Cooperative Research and Production
     Atlanta, GA; Vertical Networks,                         NSW, Australia; SAGA Software, Inc.,
                                                                                                                   Act of 1993; DVD Copy Control
     Synnvale, CA; Voyant Technologies,                      Reston, VA; SalesLogix Corporation,
                                                                                                                   Association (‘‘DVD CCA’’)
     Westminster, CO; WebPLAN, Kanata,                       Scottsdale, AZ; Sequent Computer
     Ontario, Canada; WinStar, New York,                     Systems, Beaverton, OR; Sharp                            Notice is hereby given that, on April
     NY; WYSE Technology, Inc., San Jose,                    Electronics Corp., Mahwah, NJ;                        11, 2001, pursuant to Section 6(a) of the
     CA; XcelleNet, Alpharetta, GA; Xeno                     Softblox, Inc., Atlanta, GA; Solution 6               National Cooperative Research and
     Group, San Francisco, CA; XOR, Inc.,                    Pty Ltd., Sydney, NSW, Australia;                     Production Act of 1993, 15 U.S.C. 4301
     Boulder, CO;, Vancouver,                      StorageNetworks, Inc., Waltham, MA;                   et seq. (‘‘the Act’’), DVD Copy Control
     British Columbia, Canada;,                   Surebridge, Inc., Lexington, MA;                      Association (‘‘DVD CCA’’) has filed

VerDate 11<MAY>2000   21:37 Aug 02, 2001   Jkt 194001   PO 00000   Frm 00058   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\03AUN1.SGM   pfrm07   PsN: 03AUN1
     40728                          Federal Register / Vol. 66, No. 150 / Friday, August 3, 2001 / Notices

     written notifications simultaneously                    Associates, Inc., Cushing, OK; E&S                    Leadtek Research Inc., Taipei Hsien,
     with the Attorney General and the                       Electronics Co., Ltd., Seoul, Republic of             Taiwan; LG Electronics, Inc., Seoul,
     Federal Trade Commission disclosing                     Korea; Eastman Kodak Company,                         Republic of Korea; Linux Technology
     (1) the identities of the parties and (2)               Rochester, NY; Eclipse Data                           Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan; Lite-On
     the nature and objectives of the venture.               Technologie, Pleasanton, CA; Ecom Inc.,               Technology Corp., Taipei, Taiwan; LSI
     The notifications were filed for the                    Tokyo, Japan; Edge Electronics, Inc.,                 Logic Corporation, Milpitas, CA; LSI
     purpose of invoking the Act’s provisions                Ronkonkoma, NY; Electric Switch                       Systems, Inc., Kawasai Kanagawa,
     limiting the recovery of antitrust                      Limited, London, United Kingdom; EMI                  Japan; LuxSonor Semiconductors, Inc.,
     plaintiffs to actual damages under                      Group PLC, London, United Kingdom;                    Fremont, CA; Makidol Electronics Co.,
     specified circumstances. Pursuant to                    Epson Direct Corporation, Nagano-Ken,                 Ltd., Longhua, Shenzhen, People’s
     Section 6(b) of the Act, the identities of              Japan; Escient Technologies, LLC,                     Republic of China; Margi Systems, Inc.,
     the parties are Acer Laboratories Inc.,                 Indianapolis, IN; E-Smart Electronics                 Fremont, CA; Matsushita Electric
     Taipei, Taiwan; Advanced Media                          Ltd., Kowloon, Hong Kong-China;                       Industrial Co., Ltd. Osaka, Japan;
     Corporation, Tokushima, Japan; Afreey                   Esonic Technology Corp., Taipei,                      Maxwell Productions LLC, Scottsdale,
     Inc., Taipei, Taiwan; Ahead Software                    Taiwan; ESS Technology, Inc.,                         AZ; MbyN Inc., Kyungki-do, Republic of
     GmbH, Karlsbad, German; Alco                            Freemont, CA; Etronics Corporation,                   Korea; Media Dimensions, Inc., Austin,
     Electronics, Ltd., Quarry Bay, Hong                     Incheon, Republic of Korea; First                     TX; Media Tek Inc., Hsin-Chu City,
     Kong-China; Alcorn McBride Inc.,                        International Computer, Inc., Taipei                  Taiwan; Megamedia Corporation,
     Orlando, FL; Alpine Electronics; Inc.,                  Hsien, Taiwan; Fly Ring Digital                       Keelung, Taiwan; Memory-Tech
     Fukushima-Ken, Japan; Americ Disc                       Technology Ltd., Northpoint, Hong-                    Corporation, Ibaragi-ken, Japan;
     Inc., Salida, CA; AMLogic Inc., San Jose,               Kong-China; FM Com Corp., Seoul,                      Meridian Audio Limited, Huntingdon,
     CA; Amoisonic Electronics Co., Ltd.,                    Republic of Korea; Friendly CD-Tek                    Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom;
     Xiamen, People’s Republic of China;                     Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan; FujiFilm                 Metatec International Corporation,
     Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA;                    Microdevices Co., Ltd., Miyagi, Japan;                Dublin, OH; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
     Argosy Research Inc., Hsinchu, Taiwan,                  Fujitsu Limited, Kawasaki, Japan; Funai               Studios Inc., Santa Monica, CA; MGI
     ATI Technologies Inc., Thornhill,                       Electric Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan; Future              Software Corporation, Richmond Hill,
     Ontario, Canada; ATL Electronics (M)                    Media Productions, Inc., Valencia, CA;                Ontario, Canada; Microservice
     Sdn, Kedah, Malaysia; Bang & Olufsen                    Gema O.D.S.A., Barcelona, Spain;                      Technologia Digital S/A, Sao Paulo,
     A/S, Struer, Denmark; Beautiful                         Goldteck International Inc., Taipei,                  Brazil; Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Tokyo,
     Enterprise Co., Ltd., Kowloon, Hong                     Taiwan; Great China Technology Inc.,                  Japan; Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd., Tokyo,
     Kong-China; Bestdisc Technology                         Taipei Hsien, Taiwan; Guangdong                       Japan; Motorola, Inc., Austin, TX;
     Corporation, Kee-Lung, Taiwan; Bien                     Nintaus Electronics Co., Ltd.,                        Mustek Systems Inc., Hsin-Chu, Taiwan;
     Technology Corporation, Taipei,                         Guandong, People’s Republic of China;                 Nakamichi Corporation, Tokyo, Japan;
     Taiwan; BMG Storage Media, Gutersloh,                   GVG Digital Technology Holdings (HK)                  National Semiconductor Corp.
     Germany; C-Cube Semiconductor II Inc.,                  Limited, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong-                     (Mediamatics), Santa Clara, CA; NEC
     Milpitas, CA; CDA Datentrager                           China; Gynco Electronics (HK) Ltd.,                   USA, Inc., New York, NY; New Japan
     Albrechts GmbH, Albrechts, Germany;                     Kowloon, Hong Kong China; Harman                      Radio Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan; Ngai Lik
     Chaintech Computer Co., Ltd., Taipei                    International Industries Inc. (Madrigal               Electronics Co., Ltd., Kowloon, Hong
     Hsien, Taiwan; Changzhou Shinco                         Audio), Northridge, CA; Hermosa                       Kong-China; NHK Technical Services
     Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhou                 Cysware Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan; Hewlett-                Inc., Tokyo, Japan; Nimbus CD
     Jiangsu, People’s Republic of China;                    Packard Company, Cupertino, CA;                       International, Inc. dba Technicolor,
     Changzhou ZingQui Electric Co., Ltd.,                   Highlead Technology, Inc., Taipei                     Ruckersville, VA; Nippon Columbia Co.,
     Changzhou Jiangsu, People’s Republic                    Hsien, Taiwan; Hirel Company, Tokyo,                  Ltd., Tokyo, Japan; Novac Co., Ltd.,
     of China; Cinet AS, Oslo, Norway;                       Japan; Hisaki Sekkei Inc., Fukushima,                 Tokyo, Japan; Oak Technology, Inc.,
     Cinram International, Inc., Toronto,                    Japan; Hitachi Ltd., Tokyo, Japan; Hua                Sunnyvale, CA; Onkyo Corporation,
     Ontario, Canada; Cirrus Logic, Inc.,                    Du Shi Teng Wei Electronic Factory,                   Osaka, Japan; OPT Corporation, Nagano-
     Freemont, CA; Clarion Co., Ltd., Tokyo-                 Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong-China; Iavix                   ken, Japan; Orient Power Multimedia
     To, Japan; C-Media Electronics Inc.,                    Technology Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan;                 Ltd., Kowloon, Hong Kong-China; Orion
     Taipei, Taiwan; Compal Electronics,                     Imagica Corporation, Tokyo, Japan;                    Electric Co., Ltd., Fukui, Japan; Pan-
     Inc., Taipei, Taiwan; Compaq Computer                   Infineon Technologies Corporation, San                International Industrial Corp., Hsinchu
     Corporation, Houston, TX; Computer &                    Jose, CA; Infodisc Technology Co., Ltd.,              City, Taiwan; Pioneer Corporation,
     Entertainment, Inc., Taipe, Taiwan;                     Taipei, Taiwan; Intel Corporation,                    Tokyo, Japan; PitsExpert Technology
     Condor CD S.L., Calatayud (Zaragoza),                   Hillsboro, OR; InterMagic Corporation,                Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan; Pony Canyon
     Spain; Creative Technology Ltd.,                        Seoul, Republic of Korea; InterVideo,                 Enterprise Inc., Tokyo, Japan; PT
     Singapore, Singapore; Crest National,                   Inc., Fremont, CA; Inventec                           Hartono Istana Technologi, Kudus,
     Hollywood, CA; CyberLink Corporation,                   Corporation, Taipei, Taiwan; Iomega                   Indonesia; QNX Software Systems Ltd.,
     Taipei Hsien, Taiwan; Daesung Eltec                     Corporation, Roy, UT; Jaton Computer                  Kanata, Ontario, Canada; Quanta
     Co., Ltd., Seoul, Republic of Korea;                    Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand; Jeong                   Computer Inc., Tao Yuan Shieh,
     Daewood Electronics Co., Ltd., Kyonggi                  Moon Information Co., Ltd., Kyeongki-                 Taiwan, Ravisent Technologies,
     Do, Republic of Korea; Daikin                           Do, Republic of Korea; Jeu Hang                       Malvern, PA; Ray Corporation, Tokyo,
     Industries, Tokyo, Japan; Dell Computer                 Technology Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan;                 Japan; Ricoh Company Ltd., Yokohama-
     Corporation, Round Rock, TX; Deluxe                     Jointech (HK) Limited, Kwun Tong,                     shi, Japan; Ryosan Company, Limited,
     Video Services, Inc., Northbrook, IL;                   Hong Kong-China; KDG France, St.                      Tokyo, Japan; Sampo Corporation,
     Desay A&V Science and Technology                        Michael sur Meurthe, France; Kenden                   Taipei Hsien, Taiwan; Samsung
     Co., Ltd., Guangdong, People’s Republic                 Corporation, Tokyo, Japan; Kenwood                    Electronics Co. Ltd., Kyungki-Do,
     of China; Disctronics Manufacturing                     Corporation, Tokyo, Japan; Konka                      Republic of Korea; Sanyo Electric Co.,
     (UK) Limited, Southwater, West Sussex,                  Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Special                     Ltd. Osaka, Japan; Sanyo Laser
     United Kingdom; Doug Carson &                           Zone, People’s Republic of China;                     Products, Inc., Richmond, IN; Sensory

VerDate 11<MAY>2000   21:37 Aug 02, 2001   Jkt 194001   PO 00000   Frm 00059   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\03AUN1.SGM   pfrm07   PsN: 03AUN1
                                    Federal Register / Vol. 66, No. 150 / Friday, August 3, 2001 / Notices                                              40729

     Science Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ;                    Chai, Hong Kong-China; Viva Magnetics                 project remains open, and Southwest
     Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan;                        Limited, Aberdeen, Hong Kong-China;                   Research Institute: Fuel Filtration
     Shenzhen Sangda Baodian Co., Ltd.,                      Warner Bros, Burbank, CA; WEA                         Cooperative R&D Program—Phase III
     Shenzhen, Guangdong, People’s                           Manufacturing Inc., Olyphant, PA;                     intends to file additional written
     Republic of China; Shenzhen WED                         Winbond Electronics Corp., Hsinchu,                   notification disclosing all changes in
     Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen,                        Taiwan; Yamaha Corporation,                           membership.
     Guangdong, People’s Republic of China;                  Hamamatsu, Japan; Yuan High-Tech                         On March 1, 1999, Southwest
     Shiba-Tech Co., Ltd., Kowloon, Hong                     Development Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan;                Research Institute: Fuel Filtration
     Kong-China; Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.,                   Zen Research N.V., Curacao,                           Cooperative R&D Program—Phase III file
     Nagano-ken, Japan; Shinwa Industries                    Netherlands Antilles; and Zoran                       its original notification pursuant to
     (China) Ltd., Guangdon, People’s                        Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.                         Section 6(a) of the Act. The Department
     Republic of China; Sigma Designs, Inc.,                   The nature and objectives of the                    of Justice a notice in the Federal
     Milpitas, CA; Sasken Communication                      venture are to provide an encryption                  Register pursuant to Section 6(b) of the
     Technologies Limited, Bangalore, India;                 technology designed to prevent                        Act on May 26, 1999 (64 FR 28521). A
     SKC Co., Ltd., Kyonggi-do, Republic of                  unlawful or unauthorized copying by                   correction notice was published in the
     Korea; Skyworth (Group) Co., Ltd.,                      encrypting digital files that can be                  Federal Register on July 11, 2000 (65 FR
     Quarry Bay, Hong Kong-China; Silicon                    decrypted only on licensed equipment.                 42727). The last notification was filed
     Magic Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA;                       DVD CCA also intends to research,                     with the Department on July 30, 1999.
     Singhale Development Limited,                           evaluate, adopt and license related                   A notice was published in the Federal
                                                             technologies designed to protect CSS                  Register on March 2, 2001 (66 FR
     Aberdeen, Hong Kong-China; Societe
                                                             against unauthorized or unlawful                      13083).
     Nouvelle Areacem (S.N.A.), Tourouvre,
                                                             copying and to prevent the
     France; Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan;                                                                       Constance K. Robinson,
                                                             unauthorized or unlawful copying and
     Southern Star Duplitek Pty. Ltd.,                                                                             Director of Operations, Antitrust Division.
                                                             to prevent the unauthorized playback of
     Alexandria, NSW, Australia; Spruce
                                                             DVD discs. DVD CCA licenses Content                   [FR Doc. 01–19393 Filed 8–2–01; 8:45 am]
     Technologies, Inc., San Jose, CA; Stream
                                                             Scramble System (‘‘CSS’’) technology to               BILLING CODE 4410–11–M
     Machine Company, Milpitas, CA; Sun
                                                             participants at various levels in the
     Microsystems Inc., Palo Alto, CA;
                                                             Digital Versatile Disk (‘‘DVD’’) industry.
     Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd., Hsin-
     Chu, Taiwan; Sunchronicity Mastering                    Constance K. Robinson,                                DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
     Services LLC, Salt Lake City, UT; Tae                   Director of Operations, Antitrust Division.
     Kwang Industrial Co., Ltd., Gyonggi-Do,                                                                       Office of the Secretary
                                                             [FR Doc. 01–19392 Filed 8–2–01; 8:45 am]
     Republic of Korea; TAG McLaren Audio                    BILLING CODE 4410–11–M                                Presidential Task Force on
     Limited, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire,                                                                          Employment of Adults With Disabilities
     United Kingdom; Takaya Corporation,                                                                           (PTFEAD) Youth Advisory Committee;
     Okayama, Japan; Tatung Co., Taipei,                     DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE                                 Notice of Establishment and Request
     Taiwan; TBS Service, Inc., Tokyo,                                                                             for Nominations
     Japan; TEAC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan;                  Antitrust Division
     Shanghai Thakral Electronics Industrial                                                                         Establishment of advisory board: This
     Corporation Limited, Shanghai, People’s                 Notice Pursuant to the National                       notice is published in accordance with
     Republic of China; Texas Instruments                    Cooperative Research and Production                   the provisions of the Federal Advisory
     Japan Limited, Tokyo, Japan; The Video                  Act of 1993; Southwest Research                       Committee Act (Pub. L. 92–463), and
     Duplicating Co. Ltd., Wembley,                          Institute: Fuel Filtration Cooperative                advises of the establishment of the
     Middlesex, United Kingdom; Thomas                       R&D Program; Phase III                                PTFEAD Youth Advisory Committee.
     Multimedia S.A., Boulogne Billancourt,                     Notice is hereby given that, on June 8,            The Secretary of the Department of
     France; Time Group Ltd, Burnley,                        2001, pursuant to Section 6(a) of the                 Labor (DOL), acting in her capacity as
     Lancashire, United Kingdom; Tohei                       National Cooperatiave Research and                    chair of the PTFEAD, has determined
     Industrial Co., Ltd., Fukushima-ken,                    Production Act of 1993, 15 U.S.C. 4301                that the establishment of the Advisory
     Japan; Tonic Electronics Limited,                       et seq. (‘‘the Act’’), Southwest Research             Committee is in the public interest. In
     Kowloon, Hong Kong-China; Toolex                        Institute: Fuel Filtration Cooperative                addition, the creation of the Advisory
     International N.V., Eindhoven, The                      R&D Program—Phase III has filed                       Committee is mandated pursuant to
     Netherlands; Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.,                 written notifications simultaneously                  Executive Order 13078 as amended by
     Tokyo, Japan; Toshiba Corporation,                      with the Attorney General and the                     Executive Order 13172 (October 25,
     Tokyo, Japan; TriMedia Technologies,                    Federal Trade Commission disclosing                   2000).
     Inc., Milpitas, CA; Twentieth Century                   changes in its area of planned activity                 Purpose of advisory board: The
     Fox Film Corporation, Beverly Hills,                    and membership status. The                            Presidential Task Force on Employment
     CA; Unidisc Technology Co., Ltd.,                       notifications were filed for the purpose              of Adults with Disabilities was created
     Taipei Hsien, Taiwan; Universal                         of extending the Act’s provisions                     in 1998 pursuant to Executive Order
     Manufacturing & Logistics GmbH,                         limiting the recovery of antitrust                    13078. Its overall purpose is to develop
     Langenhagen, Germany; Universal City                    plaintiffs to actual damages under                    a coordinated national strategy to ensure
     Studios, Inc., Universal City, CA; U-                   specified circumstances. Specifically,                that people with disabilities are
     Tech Media Corp., Tau-Yuan Shien,                       the period of performance has been                    employed at a rate as close as possible
     Taiwan; Vestel Elektro nik VE Sanayi Ti                 extended to December 31, 2001; and                    to that of the general adult population.
     car et A.S., Manisa, Turkey; VIA                        Fleetguard, Inc., Cookeville, TN is no                The committee’s purpose is to provide,
     Technologies, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan;                     longer a party to this venture.                       through the Task Force, advice and
     Victor Company of Japan, Limited,                          No other changes have been made in                 recommendations to the Secretary of
     Yokohama, Japan; Videolar S/A,                          either the membership or planned                      Labor and her designees (including the
     Alphaville-Barueri, Brazil; Vision Tech                 activity of the group research project.               Office of the 21st Century Workforce
     International Holdings Limited, Wan                     Membership in this group research                     and the Office of Disability Employment

VerDate 11<MAY>2000   21:37 Aug 02, 2001   Jkt 194001   PO 00000   Frm 00060   Fmt 4703   Sfmt 4703   E:\FR\FM\03AUN1.SGM   pfrm07   PsN: 03AUN1

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